15 HR Training Courses

15 HR Training Courses

           The success of your organization depends on how well you manage your company assets. Workers are the most important asset your company got. Managing the workforce is not an easy task. You must have Human Resources that are dedicated to your job.

You also must compensate workers well and allow them to grow. As an HR manager, you must have strong leadership skills besides doing other operations. Training programs provide the information your HR personnel needs to advance their career.

But before you choose any training program for your managers, you should consider their duties and your organization’s needs. Not all training courses are suitable for your senior workers. In this post, I highlight some available courses for your HR personnel.  

HR Training Courses

  1. People Analytics Course 

You can train on a specific topic like analyzing workers. A people analytics course assists you to build effective strategies. It teaches you how to identify challenges facing the workforce that are a priority to the organization. You learn how to match your workers’ skills with the strategies of the company.

You also understand the importance of planning your workforce using information gained from analyzing people. Learning how to analyze employee data helps you make better decisions on matters related to recruiting, performance, retaining workers, and others. 

  • HR for People Managers Course

This course focuses on managing people therefore suitable for HRs. It focuses on HR practices like hiring, evaluating performance, and managing benefits. This course helps you understand the different things that motivate your workers, avoid making mistakes when managing people, and implement the best strategies for hiring and compensating your workers. 

  •  Senior Professional in Human Resources Course 

 This training program helps you cover topics like business leadership, talent development, HR service delivery, and analysis. You learn the strategies to use in making policies that affect HR managers. This course is created to help in planning and not implementing HR strategies.

It increases their knowledge of business challenges beyond HR practices. This course helps you master the skills you need to advance a career in HR. You know how to monitor the progress of your organization and manage talent. You also learn how to apply and comply with the various labor laws. 

  • Senior Certified Professional Course

On completing this course, you get a certificate that you are an HR professional who can develop specific strategies, offer guidance on HR processes, influence other company workers, measure performance, and match HR plans to the objectives of the organization. You become a recognized professional in the HR field and this lands you a promotion. You become more competitive and your organization too. 

  • HR Management and Analytics Course 

This is an online program from Wharton University that allows applying theory to practice. It gives you a strategic view of HR management and touches on people analytics. You learn the basics of applying analysis in HR. You also learn to start and manage a project by analyzing your workforce. Designing the structure of your organization also becomes easier. This course covers topics that help you become more strategic in your operations as you understand the relationship between analysis and management. 

  • HR Administration Skills Course

This course teaches you administration skills in technical and personal regards. This includes communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. The course prepares you for crucial HR roles such as reporting, networking, foreseeing, and objective planning of company goals. You gain skills that build on your capability to take on more roles with ease. You also successfully perform all tasks. Strong administration skills enrich the culture of your organization and help you use policies that are friendly to workers while complying with regulations. 

  • HR Planning Skills Course

This course teaches you to predict what needs to keep your workers motivated and happy. It also prepares your organization for success and checks the culture of your organization. The course covers areas that are responsible for planning on skills, forecasting the impact of demand and supply of skills, ensuring the company has the right skills, and preparing for future company skill needs. Companies are shifting from traditional business approaches. Planning, therefore, becomes crucial to ensure the satisfaction of employees. It’s also crucial to plan on company costs to ensure you achieve your organizational objectives. 

  • Job Analysis and Description Skills Course

Clear job analysis and description is the first step to hiring a person that is fit for a job. This course helps you identify the right talent required in a job. This course includes various methods of analyzing a job like interviews and questionnaires. It also helps you understand how to choose the best method. You are also taught practices to apply in identifying training needs, compensating workers, reviewing performance, and prepare clear and attractive job descriptions among other things. This course equips you to be prepared in facing challenges, identifying correct skills for a job, and preventing job dissatisfaction. 

  • Interviewing Skills Course

This course trains you on preparing for interviews, how to conduct interviews, reviewing interview results, and making a decision. Interviewing skills are important in selecting the correct candidate for a job. You learn how to interpret resumes, ask correct questions during an interview and have the correct skills in judging. This course also helps you get the best out of interviews. You get information that could help you make positive changes in your organization. You also avoid biases in understanding human behavior. 

  1. Job Evaluation Course

Evaluating jobs helps you in determining compensations. This course teaches you methods of evaluating jobs. It trains you on judging job aspects that determine compensations. The course is structured to gather the information you use in determining compensations. The course helps you know the correct time to evaluate a job and use the results in handling changes in compensation. You will make use of job evaluation in offering compensation and consistently paying your workers. 

  1. HR Processes Auditing Course

Auditing processes are checking for compliance, strengths, weaknesses, and more. This course offers training on the best ways of auditing processes to get maximum benefit. The course teaches on steps to approach in conducting an audit, implementing the steps, and creating reports for taking actions. You also get information on ensuring compliance and using software in auditing. It is fast and more accurate. This course develops your skills to become an efficient HR auditor. You also know how to maintain records, conduct analyses and develop plans for HR practices. 

  1. Human Resource KPIs Course

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important to measure productivity. This course equips you with information on the most efficient performance indicators and how to create goals matching performance. This course helps you create an effective KPI s system. It also enables you to create indicators of performance. This provides you the direction you need for growth. You also learn to compare your team’s performance with the market standards and determine the returns you get on investments. 

  1. HR for Workers Course

Managers have a great influence on employees due to frequent and close interactions with workers. This course helps HRs identify manager’s involvement in HR activities. Training HRs directs them to share experiences with managers that show managers the importance of HR practices in organization success. It helps you understand how to build relations with managers and earn their trust to achieve maximum benefits. You also understand how to liaise with managers and receive the best training for HR practices. You understand the functions of HRs and managers deeply. 

  1. HR in the Public Sector Course

HR practices are very different in the public and private sectors. They differ, in-laws, how they conduct businesses, employee strength, and more. This course trains you in critical aspects to keep in mind when managing workers in the public sector. It contains information on issues affecting HRs in the public sector. Also, ways of motivating workers and improving their capability. Plus ways to shift to modern HR practices. You get notified of laws that govern workers in the public sector. This course helps you introduce modern practices, overcome political barriers, maintain a positive culture at your place of work and you become competent in handling challenges facing the public sector. You carry out initiatives that create opportunities for all. 

  1. Strategic HR Management Course

Strategic HR Management is shifting from traditional methods to HR collaborating with other departments to increase employee satisfaction and achieve goals. This course trains you to think strategically and partner with departments to use within HR. You can cooperatively work with others, analyze threats and create strategies that make other departments stronger. In studying this course, you view objectives to make decisions and helps you grow your thought process in viewing HR experiences. 

HR Training Courses

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HR Training Courses

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HR Training Courses

HR Training Courses

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HR Training Courses

HR Training Courses

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HR Training Courses