15 HR Trends and Emerging Practices

15 HR Trends and Emerging Practices

HR Trends and Emerging Practices, are you experiencing issues in your daily organizational activities? And you are always searching for current HR trends? HR practices and other organizational operations change with technological advances. Innovations on how we conduct our daily activities are emerging every day.

HR trends can improve the current productivity of your organization. Being updated on HR trends helps you retain your employees and hire the best talents. You end up increasing efficiency in your organization. Keeping up with HR trends can the tiresome though. In this article, I share some HR trends that are emerging to shape the future of operations. 

HR Emerging Practices

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

Human Resources are using Artificial Intelligence tools in simplifying operations to improve efficiency. AI helps is more efficient at tasks more than humans.

This is as it selects on merit reducing biases. It also reduces time spent doing processes and improves the experience of your employees. AI helps you in analyzing the progress and performance of an employee from the time they join your organization.

Calculating bonuses and managing rewards also becomes easier. Another key function of AI is to identify the training needs of your workers and assign them to personalized training programs. AI assists in the unbiased assessment of employee’s performance and also helps define clearly job responsibilities.

AI is also used in detecting misconduct or answering questions to workers. The use of AI is trending because of its ability to transform tasks from recruiting to talent management. 

  • Software Use

Organizations are using software to automate processes. Selecting the best software can helps you easily manage talent while improving the employee experience and also productivity. Not only do you reduce the workload when you automate processes but also you easily carry out other processes.

These other processes include managing payroll, calculating tasks, tracking time and attendance, recruiting, onboarding, managing benefits, and recording company operations. Software is being used in determining whether an employee is happy at work or revealing the likelihood of an employee leaving. You get assisted in implementing strategies that keep workers happy and get training on managing your workforce. 

  • Marketing on Recruitments

To market on recruitments is to communicate future open job positions to attract candidates. Even though the job positions might not be open now, use social media and blogs to share the experience of working in your organization. For example, you can share videos or photos of your workers at work. You can also create a strategy for communication to share the meaning of working for you. To attract the right person, you have to reflect your company brand. 

  • Onboarding Made Better

When hiring, you want to recruit a person that perfectly fits your job. However, when you hire in a hurry to fill a job position you might not select the best. Training your workers to develop their skills could help you in filing for a skill gap. You must find the right workers, train them adequately and retain them in case you don’t find a suitable candidate.

HR trends create modern training processes and eliminate some job positions in your organization. New technology adds functions to onboarding such as company vision to show the direction your company is heading and annual goals that you set. 

  • Virtual Team Building

More teams are working from home. Each worker’s home is in a different city, state, or even different country. You have to get creative and figure out a way to connect your team virtually for team bonding. You have to get video call services for your team members to have fun together. For instance, you can conduct office Olympics virtually with your teammates where each member tastes a sample of coffee or tea. For remote teams, members learn storytelling skills in a fun environment. 

  • Remote Workers

From the outbreak of Covid-19, many people are working at home making it many different locations. Although it’s a challenge how you control people who are in different zones, or how you manage their productivity, it also has some benefits.

It allows for flexible scheduling of workers and expands the talent field from which you can hire. Your workers too do not have to commute saving hours to become productive. When your staff is located in remote locations, you save money. Few employees in the office need few offices and you supply fewer office needs. 

  • Strategies based on Data

In your organization, you have many decisions to make every day that could improve its performance. You have to choose applicants, plan on benefits and evaluate your workers. In today’s world, you don’t have to do all that using guesswork. You use metrics and analytics. Use data analysis to make decisions on choosing applicants, eliminating risk factors for employee leaving, insights to better manage and motivate your workers, matching workers to training programs, and finding risks in your organization.

Successful companies use data to make crucial decisions. Data shows you how HR practices are adding value to your business. It also shows you how to improve the practices and experience of workers. You also get to know how functions are aligning with your organizational objectives. Data analytics will be very useful in operating HR processes in the coming times. 

  • Training and Development

Currently, focus on helping your employees achieve their goals through learning. Learning helps in personal and professional development. Your employees become more engaged and productive when they feel you support their growth. Growth is important since people start to focus on the purpose and meaning of work. There are several strategies for encouraging learning among your employees. You can offer educational allowances, have one compulsory development course for all workers, pay training time for voluntary education opportunities and encourage workers to share their goals. 

  • Improve Employee Experience

Companies are focusing more on creating a better experience for employees at work. HR trends are focusing more on empowering workers and encouraging competence. To improve the experience of your workers, help them find meaning and purpose at work, allow them choose some things and get their feedback, and make all employees feel they belong no matter their location. Improving the experience of workers boosts productivity, improves satisfaction, and brings about employee loyalty. 

  1. Experience of Applicants

Improving the experience of candidates during recruiting is a big HR trend. More companies are opening more job positions. You have to ensure you attract the best and most skilled applicants. Making the application process smoother is one way of attracting the best. Use applications that take few minutes to fill or pull applicant information from online profiles. Also, increase social media posting of open job positions for candidates to find easily. Long and detailed application processes turn away candidates who are busy completing them.    

  1. Engagement of Employees

Being more personalized to your employees makes them engaged. Offer your employees association solutions like flexibility in time and organizing seminars. Another thing is to personalize your employee self service portals. Portals update workers on company happenings. These activities make your workers feel valued. In addition, they offer better experiences to everyone in the organization. This in turn increases productivity and better chances of investments. Companies are embracing employee engagement more in their human resources.

  1. Benefits to Caregivers

The world population is aging and some of your workers care for the elderly at home. Caring for an elder at home can affect a person at home. You should find and give benefits to workers that care for the old. You can offer them flexible working hours, options to work from home, an additional cost, or family-paid leave. Employees who are not stressed from their caregiving duties will be happier, more engaged, and productive at work. 

  1. Concentrate on All Workers

When your workers feel they belong to your organization members, it improves their experience. You must find a way to include all your workers in your company culture. An inclusive culture promotes transparency and enables workers to be themselves at work. This blends the line between life and work. Ensure your employees feel safe and respected so they can share their opinions. You can go further to find out if there is harassment in your company while ensuring all policies are being followed. 

  1. Recruitment via Mobile

Soon, people will expect to find jobs and apply for them using their mobile devices. The majority of adults have mobile phones, and some only access internet via them. If your recruitment process is slow or hard to use on mobile, you will lose qualified candidates who will leave the process. The use of a mobile-enabled website is an essential HR trend to follow. It will make your job easier. 

  1. Employee Wellbeing

Health insurance programs often cost high for a single employee. Including health programs in the benefits package also improves employee experience. Your workers need help understanding their health choices. Advocates guide your workers on understanding their healthcare options. Your workers become more knowledgeable on healthcare bringing insurance costs down. Also, give utmost care to your worker’s mental health. 

HR Trends and Emerging Practices

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HR Trends and Emerging Practices

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HR Trends and Emerging Practices

HR Trends and Emerging Practices

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HR Trends and Emerging Practices

HR Trends and Emerging Practices

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HR Trends and Emerging Practices