15 Best Learning Experience Platforms LXP

15 Best Learning Experience Platforms LXP

Learning Experience Platforms LXP, do you want to introduce an online training program in your organization? You must consider two things. The skills you will develop and the regulations that comply with that program.

While there is a learning management system to organize the training program, it might not give your learners an engaging experience. That’s why you should use a Learning Experience Platform. A Learning Experience Platform creates and nurtures an online training culture in your company. In this platform, your workers access learning content easily. They get learning content that matches their skills and interests in the job.

With this platform, they learn because they want to not because their HR or employer wants them to. The Learning Experience Platform offers an engaging experience that empowers your learners to choose to learn. In this post, I will highlight some top Learning Experience Platforms you can use in your organization. 

List of Learning Experience Platforms

  1. MentorcliQ Employee Mentoring

MentorcliQ software offers features on mentorship. It mentors you in practices like recruiting, onboarding, managing the workforce and also measures participants who need mentoring. Their mentoring features enable item tracking, client, course and goal management, appointment planning, mentor matching, and others.

The software offers you and your workers a simple, automatic, and attractive experience. This platform offers live online training, through websites and also in person. It allows you to use via websites on internet-enabled devices, including smartphones. Their customers support team offers assistance online and is available 24 hours. 

  • Learningbank

Learningbank software provides your workers with modern digital learning experiences. The software assists you in shaping your future workforce. This platform enables you to onboard quickly, boost productivity, and encourage a developing culture in your organization.

You get equipped to modify training and make it engaging, fitting, and get successful outcomes. Features on learning experience include an inbuilt course authorizing, self-service employee portal, social learning, user collaboration, reporting and analytics, and more. Training is done live online or in person. Assistance is offered online during business hours.

  • Bridge

Bridge platform besides developing your employee skills also offers learning and performance management, career growth, and employee engagement in one source. It enables your company to connect remote workers and train your workforce virtually.

It helps your organization achieve strategic goals on employee development by connecting and growing your entire workforce. Bridge integrates with other performance management tools, career development and planning tools, and also employee engagement tools. 

  • ByteKast LXP

ByteKast is a digital learning platform based in the cloud. It helps you in smoothening business processes like content creation, publication, distribution, and tracking. Its key features include offline access, multiple types of questions, team cooperation, and a drag-drop interface. It allows you to add work schedules and assignments, and customize them according to individual requirements.

In this platform, you also can manage education, training, and development of skills among others. You can access this platform via a website on internet-enabled devices including mobile phones. You can integrate ByteKast with other tools and assistance is via phone, email, or other online media. 

  • LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds platform’s aim of creation is to help you create online courses and learning experiences. The platform also offers inbuilt marketing and sales tools to help grow your customers and revenue. This platform helps you build contents and websites that increase worker engagement during training.

To build a course, the platform lets you add titles, images, links, and questions to videos. Other available features include a course player that is customized, formats on assignment and testing, digital certificates, and more. You can integrate the platform with others and assistance is via online media. 

  • Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS platform is created to improve engagement and learning outcomes. It has automated features and reporting that help ease use improving productivity. The platform uses learning technology in training both internal and external workers, onboarding, and developing new skills.

You get empowered to prosper and you can create unique brands for different departments and clients. It has a responsive interface that works on any device. You get support from in-house experts that have access to the team that built the software. 

  • Matrix LMS

Matrix LMS platform delivers a great experience for you and your workers. It also offers other essential tools needed to support learning. Matrix has a simple interface that keeps you engaged while using. The company that built Matrix specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations, meaning its features are powerful in supporting learning.

It is based in the cloud, therefore, ensures fast operations while reducing cost. Other features improving the learning experience include microlearning, inbuilt course authorizing, reporting, and analyzing among others. Training is both live online or in person. It allows use in mobile devices and support is online during their work hours. 

  • Neo LMS

Neo platform is for schools like universities. It has all tools that are essential to a school in supporting effective teaching and learning with a great experience. Learning Institutions use Neo to manage classroom activities.

Other features that improve the learning experience include an inbuilt authorizing on courses, microlearning, cooperation, reporting, and analytics. It enables use via mobile devices, training is live online or in-person and their customer support is online during work hours.  

  • Talent LMS

Talent LMS platform is built for ensuring success in training. You get a fully customized user experience that is easy to manage. Your team members take training with a comfortable feeling. This platform, besides providing training to workers, also offers expert guidance and support in all steps of training.  

  1. Thinkific

Thinkific platform is for creating online courses. It is the only platform for creating courses. Other key features include easy drag and drop tools, and an excellent team to offer customer assistance. This platform enables you to build courses, insert videos, stream live, and build course certificates, and more. It enables you to customize and give your workers a learning experience. With their analyzing tools, you can gain insights into the progress of your workers’ training and lead them where content is most valuable. It enables access via internet-enabled devices and assistance is offered online. 

  1. Learning Locker

Learning Locker platform makes learning a measurable activity. With Learning Locker, you unite data on experience from many systems into one. The one source provides analytics that makes learning measurable. The platform allows you to set up multiple stores to collect data from different sources based on different storage requirements. The platform enables for complete storing and reusing of valuable data that can be used in reporting. Learning Locker automates tasks on learning and managing. Other features that improve the learning experience include content sharing, self-service, reporting, analyzing, and mobile learning. They offer training live online and also in person. Customer assistance is online and only during work hours.  

  1. TalentCards

TalentCards platform is for training your employees. It is a mobile platform that allows you to create customized learning cards, add visual content, and use mobile apps to send the cards to learners at a click. Depending on your organization’s needs, you use this platform to teach safety measures, compliance, knowledge on a new product, and more. The platform is mobile-enabled is flexible for use on the go. It also allows you to attach links and audio learning cards. You also create assessments to test a learner’s progress. Their dashboard gives a clear display of training activities and their progress. 

  1. 360Learning

360Learning platform offers to onboard, developing teams, and training workforce solutions in one place. This platform combines teamwork tools to offer learning based on collective expertise that is not outdated. Through learning together, developing teams boost culture and growth. Their authorizing tool enables you to create courses that are one step ahead. In this platform, you connect learners with experts in specific subject matters. Collaborative learning experiences are becoming more popular and preferred to personalized training. 

  1. EdApp

EdApp platform is a micro-learning system. They have an integrated course authorizing tool, an app on deliveries, rewards, and analytics. It is a modern platform accessible via web or internet-enabled mobile devices. You get features like spaced repetition and push notifications that make learning fun and engaging. This helps in sharing of knowledge and improves employee retention. With EdApp, you will provide simple and smart training in your workplace.

  1. Fuel50

Fuel50 platform is AI-powered to make talent ready and reskill your workforce. It prepares talent through personalized AI and a fixed commitment to inclusion. Through AI, your workers are matched to opportunities and you get data insights to plan on talent and workforce. Features that improve experience include a self-service portal, recommendations, and a library on courses. It enables use via a mobile device, training is live online or in-person and customer support is online for 24 hours.        

Learning Experience Platforms LXP

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Learning Experience Platforms LXP

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Learning Experience Platforms LXP

Learning Experience Platforms LXP

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Learning Experience Platforms LXP

Learning Experience Platforms LXP

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Learning Experience Platforms LXP