Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

15 Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement. Have you been wondering how you will make your hiring practices inclusive of every qualified person? Regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender? Well, worry no more.

This article is meant to help you with few tips that you will require to make your hiring practices more inclusive. A lot of people out there are afraid to look for jobs due to discrimination. Your company can help change that. Below are some of the tips that you can use. This will ensure there is no discrimination in your company. Everyone will be comfortable, once they start working in your company.

List of Practices to Implement

  1. The job description

While designing your job description, you should consider every person that might be interested in your company. Always keep in mind, race, ethnicity, religion, and gender among others when you are designing your job description. You should use simple language with short sentences that everyone can read and understand.

A word like “expert” or “guru” should not be included in your job description. They might turn off potential candidates that are willing to apply for the job. Consider legibility. Use huge italics which are legible from a distance. You should also consider legible italics due to potential candidates with dyslexia. That way, you will be able to capture the attention of a lot of potential candidates.

  • Accessibility of your carrier site

You should ensure that the site you use to advertise your career is easily accessible to every viewer. This will help you capture more candidates. With the help of digital accessibility devices, you will also reach people with disabilities to apply for the jobs that you are offering.

Ensure that potential candidates can easily navigate through your site with ease (even without the use of a mouse). You should also use videos or audio samples to help explain how your organization runs and what is expected. You should also use attractive colors with proper contrast to differentiate design elements in your site and also attract more candidates.

  • Diversify interview teams

Your organization should equally empower men and women in the interview panel. You should ensure there is equality in the number of women and women in the panel. The panel should also consist of people with different backgrounds. This will validate your organization to be truly inclusive to candidates and also the outside society.

  • Gauge your efforts

You can easily measure how good your efforts are with the help of exit hires. Candidates who do not qualify or, staff who leave your organization can help you gauge your effort. You could provide questionnaires to the willing few, asking them about their experience in your organization or the interviewing process.

Their response will help modify your organization where need be. Some may indicate that the interview process is long and tiresome. Others may say there so many questions asked during the interview session and so on. With that information, you will easily gauge your efforts in your organization.

  • Engage candidates

You should use technology to help you keep candidates engaged before the actual interview. You can use skill tests with almost similar (mimic) questions that examine for tasks in the organization before they join your organization. Candidates will showcase abilities that they possess and it will be easier for you to carry out inclusive selection. Here, you will also notice talents will help your organization grow and remain unique. This will also help retain a lot of candidates that have already applied for the job, regardless of race or gender, without having to go out to look for new potential staff. 

  • Expand job advertisement areas

You should advertise job vacancies in many different areas to capture more audience. Alongside advertising jobs online, you should also consider those that have no access to our website or the internet altogether. You will be surprised to find out those posters and also campaigns can attract more candidates within a very short period. You should also keep in mind candidates with disabilities. Visit help centers and special schools and offer jobs to those that qualify for vacancies. That will be considered to be inclusive hiring. 

  • Employer branding

Your employer branding should be inclusive. For you to attract more diverse candidates into your organization, you should try and make your efforts publicly inclusive. You should also use different photos and videos of staff with different races, gender, and abilities (and also those with disabilities) working in your organization. Also, be open about your organization’s progress and how you intend to create a diversified team. This will simply give an overview of what is expected of potential candidates.

  • Indicate what inclusion means to you

Your job description should include positive remarks about being inclusive and the benefits that come with it. Let the candidates know that you care about everybody. State how much it means to you. You could also give an experience that made you consider implementing inclusive hiring practices. That way, candidates (regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or disability) will be motivated to apply for job vacancies in your organization.

  • Create internal career opportunities

You should consider creating more opportunities for your employees. You can teach them different new techniques to help them grow internally. This will help you retain talents and save costs. They will have a chance to grow and also succeed while still in your organization. That is inclusive selection too. Instead of hiring new candidates with the required skills, you should consider training your employees first. Do not underestimate their capabilities in different fields. 

  1. Implement artificial intelligence

Ensure that you use artificial hiring techniques. This will help you to reduce biases. You should select candidates based on their qualifications and talents. Do not make any assumptions when hiring candidates. Also, you should make use of the blind testing criteria whereby information regarding gender, tribe, or age remains hidden. That will ensure that no one is discriminated against.

  1. Use inclusive language

When you are sitting your job description, make sure you are using inclusive language. You can use a language that generalizes everyone when it comes to recruitment. Here is an example. “We welcome all qualified candidates regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or nationality”. This general term does not leave out a particular person when it comes to recruitment. That way, your hiring will be inclusive.

  1. Have a standardized interview 

When interviewing candidates, you should strictly stick to questions that only relate to the job. Asking about candidates’ religion or holidays at this point may discourage candidates from turning up for your job interviews. Others may decide to quit. To avoid this, you should ask uniform questions during the interview. This will ensure equality for all candidates.

  1. Use different interview methods

Whenever you are interviewing candidates, you should keep in mind that not all candidates can easily access virtual technology. You should use an alternative interview method for such cases. Take your time to determine the best interview process for each category of candidates. Also when interviewing candidates through video chat, you should first let the candidates know and get prepared before being on camera. You could also ask candidates to choose a method of the interview in your list that they are comfortable with before you begin the actual interview.

  1. Partner with institutions

You should consider working together with higher institutions that provide extra teachings and skills to candidates. This will make your work easier. Higher institutions offer a variety of training that could be beneficial to you and your organization. It will also help retain your employee and give them more training and exposure. With the help of other institutions, you will also reach a wider population within a very short period at a low cost.

  1. Use a neutral language

The language you use should not be discriminative. It should be gender-neutral. A word like “strong” can discourage female candidates from applying for the job. Likewise, a word like “sensitive” is mainly associated with female candidates; hence male candidates may be discouraged from applying for the job too. Every gender should feel included when they read your job description.

With the use of the above-stated tips, you will be able to create a great team that is not based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or tribe. Your company will be unique. You will have more talented personnel that will help you grow, all thanks to inclusive hiring. 

Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

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Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

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Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

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Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement

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Inclusive Hiring Practices Your Company Should Implement