The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

Succession planning is a strategy for replacing or passing on leadership roles. In the process of succession planning, potential leaders are identified and developed to take on vacant leadership roles. Managing succession smoothly benefits your organization and its stakeholders.

Small and large organizations face similar challenges in succession planning, some go to the extent of using succession planning software to help them make the process more effective. Some succession plans work while some fail. In this post, I will share reasons why some succession plans work while others fail.

Succession Plans Focus on the Executive Level

For many organizations, succession planning is done directly on the executive level. While it is the highest management role, there are also other management roles in your organization.

All efforts, time, and resources should not be directed solely on executive-level positions. Focusing on the executive level and forgetting about other key administration positions creates gaps in leadership positions.

In other words, this can be detrimental if a manager decides to leave your organization. You should consider all leadership positions in your organization when developing your succession plan.

The Changing Nature of Work

You plan for succession to anticipate the future needs of your organization. This means that while you’re planning for succession, you should reflect on the future in all dimensions.

You should consider the impact of changes in technology, your organization, and the industry your organization is in. Research on how these changes will affect responsibilities associated with leadership positions.

For the workers chosen to be successors, you should ensure they stay in your organization till they are ready. And in their development, ensure they are ongoing training on skills required for their future roles.

Keeping Succession Plans a Secret

Succession planning is a very important process in your organization. Due to this, you might develop the feeling that the plan should not be communicated throughout your organization.

However, this should not be the case. And it might lead to your succession plan failing. Without transparency, your high-potential employees can leave your organization. They leave upon noticing that there are no advancement opportunities in your organization.

On the other hand, communicating succession plans to your workers motivates them. It influences them to pursue advancement goals and stay in your organization.

Succession Plans Do Not Focus on One Successor per Role

A successful succession plan does not focus on one successor to a leadership role. This is because one succession candidate can leave your organization or accept another position in a different department.

This can be a problem with your succession plan. In addition, a middle leader can be promoted to a senior leadership role. This can make it difficult to fill the inevitable vacancy left.

In your succession plan, ensure you have a pool of talented candidates to choose from. This way, you develop sufficient candidates to fill leadership roles as they arise.

Assigning Succession Planning Duties to HR

Succession planning should be an initiative of your entire organization. Your organization structure can direct you to assign succession planning to the HR department.

For HR, they can lead in the process but all succession responsibilities should not be given to HR. Succession plan mostly fails if it lacks support from the management. For succession planning to be effective, all parties must carry out their responsibilities.

Updating Succession Plan Regularly

When planning for succession in your organization, ensure you are continuous in implementing your plans.

Many organizations just plan for succession and hold back when it comes to applying the plans. You should ensure you review your succession plan after 6 months.

Even as your succession candidates undergo training, their readiness should be evaluated. Succession plan can change, keep it regularly updated in case your organization faces challenges.

Recording the Process of Succession Planning

Documenting the succession process can seem a lesser priority to your organization compared to other objectives.

However, this information is important. First, it enables you to communicate the progress of your succession plan and its influence on organization operations.

This helps your organization determine how to fund the process. Second, it helps in case your organization is in a situation where it needs to defend its selections.

Promoting from Within the Organization

Succession planning becomes effective when you promote from within your organization. The challenge to promoting from within is lacking in-house talent.

To rise above this challenge, ensure your organization invests in training and developing workers. You attract and retain your top talents. This allows you to build a pipeline of effective and strong leaders.

Clarification of Job Roles

In some organizations, some leaders and workers have multiple job roles. It might help your organization in reducing the workforce.

However, it can damage the clarity of job roles and hinder succession planning. For this ensure your organization keeps success profiles of your succession candidates updated. Also, update your company’s job requirements and descriptions.

Succession Plans Resist Bias

In succession planning, it is difficult to avoid bias. This is because many organizations tend to hire men more than women in leadership roles even after training. These biases retard succession planning and may prevent your organization from achieving its potential.

Gender diversity in leadership roles leads to better organizational performance. You should ensure you overcome all bias challenges during the process of succession planning.

Succession planning has its challenges. However, with consideration and cooperation, it can become effective. This article describes some things you should look out for when planning for succession. Ensure you follow them to make your succession a success.         

The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

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The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

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The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?
The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

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The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?

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The differences between succession plans that work and those that fail?