15 Benefits of Using OKR Software

15 Benefits of Using OKR Software

Has your organization experienced this? At the beginning of the year you set high-level goals, but then within a month everyone forgets about them? This pulls back the efforts of your management.

As a leader, to measure and track the progress of your workers in achieving goals becomes hard. Understanding which of your teams or worker is underachieving, achieving, or overachieving consumes a lot of your valuable time. To solve this issue, try using OKR software in your company. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results.

OKR software helps you create a group of objectives and defines the metrics to measure the achievement of those objectives. OKR software helps you view who is achieving their objectives through weekly goals check-ins. With this software, you will build high-performing teams since you’ll engage and empower your workers to be better at their work. In this post, I will share some more benefits of OKR software.

Assignment of Goals

The basic function of goal-setting software is to assign goals. As a manager, the function allows you to assign your goals to the reports without getting involved. Additionally, it allows you to track the progress of goals from the reports made. Assigning goals direct to reports eliminates the need for a formal meeting.


There are those days that you have so much to do and don’t know where to start. A clear view of the Objectives and Key Results helps you understand the tasks that are more important and which to push behind. OKR software makes it easy and interesting to understand and prioritize your company objectives. Not only do managers understand but also the workforce gets a sense of direction to follow. This way, it becomes easier to accomplish specific goals.

Monitoring Progress

On setting certain employee goals in your organization, it is crucial to track their progress and help them achieve the goals. With OKR software, tracking the progress of employees’ goals is made easier. Every time an employee checks in on the goal, you get a notification and it enables you to comment on the goal checks. Discussing a goal and the progress made is made easier when both managers and employees can comment on the goal.

Aligning Objectives and Company Values

Workers in your company ask themselves a question. They wonder about the contribution they bring to your organization. Using OKR software in your workplace can help answer your workers. The software enables aligning of individual goals to company objectives. Aligning goals helps your workers understand their contribution to the organization. Checking the progress of their goals also shows them their contribution to success.

Promotes Teamwork

OKR software displays to your entire workforce individual and company objectives. Your workers are therefore able to understand what their fellow workers are working on. This way, it gets easier for a worker to find a way to contribute to company goals and accomplish objectives as a team. Visibility of each of your team members’ objectives allows them to support each other in also accomplishing individual goals.


Every team or worker has a method that they follow to set goals. Not only does OKR software helps in developing a sense of unity but also provides autonomy to each worker. The responsibility and effort towards achieving goals are on an individual. This ensures you do not engage in micromanaging. Your workers should follow a clear strategy instead of having a series of tasks on their lists to perform.


Sometimes, long-term goals can be unvarying. Breaking down your long-term goals to quarterly or shorter time cycles can help you know what best suits your team. OKR software helps you break down time cycles providing flexibility to change plans. After time cycles, you can find a strategy that best suits your workforce.

Engaging Employees

Having a big picture of what you’re working on engages you more in your work. Also, knowing and understanding that your performance in a job affects the productivity of the whole company directly gives you a sense of purpose. Finding a better purpose for your job engages you to your job more increasing also the overall productivity of the organization.

Avoiding Workplace Distractions

Workplaces are full of distractions. Tracking and following long-term goals can also distract you from your job. But short-term goals are straightforward ensuring that your workforce does not diverge from its objective. OKR breaks long-term goals into short-term goals that your team can focus on. This ensures that your company goals are achieved in time.

Learning from Mistakes

Using OKR software does not guarantee success in your organization. But, it’s not an issue if your business does not achieve all its objectives, rather than what you do about it. What you do is revise your objectives and results and set an achievable goal. With OKR software, you will customize your company goals in a way that suits your personal and company needs.

Streamlines Your Team

OKR software makes your company’s operations easier to perform. From setting individual and team objectives and aligning them to company objectives, to engaging your workers, it streamlines your company operations and therefore your team. Your team works towards achieving the objectives of your organization. Your company moves forward as a team.


OKR software helps promote transparency in your organization. This is by keeping your company vision and objectives public for the entire workforce to see. The big picture becomes known to all workers. Your workers feel connected to your company and they recognize their efforts contribute to the success of the company.

More Informed Decisions

When you are using OKR software in your organization, you make better decisions for your business. The software gives you accurate data, reports, and suggestions. Data on the progress of your objectives and the results of your processes gives you insights into what you need to do. With continuous reports, you spot loopholes in your operations and resolve them.

Root Causes of Setbacks

Continuous data tracking and reports help you identify weaknesses in your operations. The software keeps a history and progress of objectives. This enables you to track drops in performance from the time it started and identify the root cause. Solving a root cause of a setback in your organization helps you plan on how to eliminate the issue. 

Improves Overall Company Productivity

OKR helps you set clear goals and directions to be followed by your workforce. This helps increase their engagement to work and gives them a purpose to work. When your workers love their job, they will work hard to achieve your company’s objectives. Not only does the software simplify your company processes but its productivity increases too.

OKR Software

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