What Is Job Ghosting? 15 Easy Tips You Can Follow To Prevent It

What Is Job Ghosting? 15 Easy Tips You Can Follow To Prevent It

Job ghosting refers to a situation where newly hired employees don’t show up at the agreed reporting date for work. This happens without notifying the employer or the recruiter.

Have you had such cases in your organization? Where newly hired workers don’t show up for work on the date they are supposed to? Well, I have a few tips that will help you and your organization prevent job ghosting from happening.

You should be able to understand why employees decide to go silent or ghost you, and how to handle such situations. In this post, I will share tips to help you make amendments that suit your employees’ taste hence reducing job ghosting.

Hiring time range

When hiring, ensure you take as little time as possible to onboard your worker. You wouldn’t want to get new hires bored waiting in to be interviewed. Be precise and straight to the point. This will save your time and that of new hires.

Exciting job ads

Job advertisements should be exciting and competitive. You should draft these advertisements in such a way that each candidate will be happy to apply. Ensure that whatever you include in the ads is realistic. You should leave out any information that is not related to the job opportunity.

Modern interview and schedule tools

You should make use of modern tools to help you during the recruitment process. Tools like interview schedulers will save you time and keep you updated. You will easily conduct the selection and onboarding process quickly and in an orderly manner.

Candidates are like customers

You should treat candidates with respect just like you would treat a customer. Remember a candidate is your voice out there. How you treat candidates will reflect on the outside of your organization. A candidate that is treated wrongly could negatively influence potential recruits to lead to job ghosting.

Engage job seekers

While talking to candidates, let them see a normal ordinary recruiter. This helps ease the tension. When candidates see that you are a free person to interact with, they will be comfortable around you. Maintaining a smiley face during the interview process would help a lot.

Focus on candidates’ career goals

You should take time to listen to candidates’ ideas and thoughts. Be supportive of these ideas and show them that such goals are achievable in your organization. This will give them the confidence to stick around.

Keep in touch

Ensure that you keep in touch with your newly recruited candidates. Know how they are doing and also remind them of the requirements that are needed on the reporting date. Make them feel special and unique. Let them understand that their skills are needed in your organization and that you can’t wait to have them around.


During the recruiting process, you should be transparent and honest. Let your candidates know what to expect in your organization. They should be aware of the rules and regulations that govern your company. This will help prevent possible frustrations after a candidate learns about the rules later, which could lead to job ghosting.

Proper introduction to peers

After recruiting a candidate, you should introduce the candidate to his or her peers that they will be working with. Take your time to properly introduce new employees. This will make them feel like one of you. Giving new hires a chance to address other employees will give them confidence and also a sense of belonging.

Comments and rating

Your organization should have a suggestion board where candidates who were not recruited leave remarks. This will help you know the quality of your services. You will be able to decide on whether to improve or not depending on the suggestions. Improving the quality of services will help reduce ghosting among employees.

Rewarding and appreciating

Job ghosting does not only happen with new hires. There could be cases of ghosting among current employees. Failure to recognize and appreciate employees could result in ghosting for some employees. Ensure you recognize hard work and reward it accordingly.

Harassment control

Harassment is one of the leading causes of ghosting in organizations. You should ensure that all employees, new or not, know their rights. Any harassment or threats should be reported immediately and the appropriate action taken. Remember, when all employees are happy and comfortable, you will have adequate output. Protect and maintain your employees.

No call/No show policy

You should have a clear set of rules regarding the issue of absence. An employee should use the right procedure to notify the administration in case of an emergency that leads to absence. If you let absenteeism become a norm, it will result in ghosting. Take precautions early. Disciplinary measures should apply where needed.

Equal treatment among employees

Ensure that you give equal treatment to all employees, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. This helps prevents employees from feeling lonely and isolated. Ensure that your employees are social and that they work in unity. Interact with them from time to time to know how they are doing. Let every employee feel loved and valued.

Suggestion boxes

Suggestion boxes are used to give an opinion in written form instead of verbal communication. You should incorporate this in your firm. Ensure that you read these suggestions and take action where needed. Hold a small meeting with appointed representatives and discuss these suggestions. Make your employees happy and you will see positive results output-wise.

Job Ghosting

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Job Ghosting

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Job Ghosting

Job Ghosting

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Job Ghosting

Job Ghosting

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Job Ghosting