15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

As a manager, you use employee scheduling software to track and give reports on your workforce attendance, days on leave, and performance. You manage shifts and keep track of employee’s attendance then use that data to make payments. The scheduling software is automated to enable you to manage work hours without difficulty.

The scheduling tools can track time on all organizational activities, analyze and give a report. You can focus on maintaining your staff when you automate scheduling tasks. It also helps you reduce expenses on labor.

You save time too and get a payroll based on work hours. This post shares some of the best scheduling software to use to help you manage your worker’s attendance at work, time off, payroll, and more. 

Best Employee Scheduling Software 

1. Monday.com

Monday.com online software allows you to customize your team’s workflow. You can also integrate it with over 40 other tools and applications. Its time tracker helps you keep track of time spent doing work.

It enables tracking of time each individual spent on a task. You can also assign a task to members using this software. Its dashboard is customizable and updates itself for efficient tracking of overall team productivity.

However, you can’t use this tool to manage payments and is not mobile-friendly. You get a free trial that lasts 14 days then you are charged $8 per user every month. 

2. Shiftbase

You use Shiftbase in production and transport industries that have shift changes. This tool tracks time and schedules employees. It allows you to monitor work and make plans from any location.

In addition, it has a feature that lets each employee mark the start and end of their shifts. You can use it via a web browser and also a mobile app. You get an offer to try for free for 14 days after which you are charged $2.75 per user each month. 

3. Homebase

You use Homebase mainly in small stores, beauty salons, gyms, or others. It has features that assist you in hiring, scheduling, tracking time, and communicating with employees. Its time tracking is efficient and top-rated. Instead of a free trial, Homebase offers you a free plan to use with an unlimited total of employees.

4. Schedule360

Schedule360 platform is cost-effective as you pay for only those who use it. It is software customized to suit your business and staffing needs. It assists you in scheduling, tracking licenses, and dispatching shifts. Pricing is given upon request and you don’t get a free trial.

5. Hub Planner

Hub Planner features help you give updated reports on time, workers’ schedules, and project plans. This tool is available for use on many devices as long as you’re connected to the internet. The tool has functions that allow you to find an available worker basing on skills, location, and department. You are offered a generous offer of trying freely for 60 days from where you are charged $7 per employee every month. 

6. Sage HR

You can use Sage HR in recruiting, onboarding, scheduling shifts, tracking budgets and time, and managing employee leaves. It allows you to hold live meetings to collect employee feedback.

Sage HR lets you give detailed reports and build workflows. You also can easily integrate it with other online platforms and networks. Their free trial lasts for 14 days after which you are charged starting at $5.5 per user. 

7. Shiftboard

Shiftboard offers you two products. ScheduleFlex is used in distribution and staffing operations, and SchedulePro is used in manufacturing and chemical industries. It allows you to track time and it complies with labor laws. It also has a self-service feature for employees.

You use this platform mostly in organizations with constant changes in shifts. It helps you create time and maintain daily activities easily and also predicting labor demands. It assists in managing risks by complying with labor laws and safety standards. Prices are customized and are given upon request and you can request a demo.

8. BambooHR

In this software, a single platform helps you ease operations like hiring, training, payments, and attendance tracking. You can use it in small and large companies too. The platform aims at automating operations so you can have time to focus on engaging your employees. You are offered a free trial and prices are on request. 

9. 7shifts

If you own a restaurant, this is the best software you can use. It helps to automatically build schedules using artificial intelligence. Its features allow cooperation so workers can send notifications to managers.

You can integrate this software with other payroll tools to blend data on sales and labor with payments. You get a free trial that lasts 14 days, a free plan for simple features, and a monthly subscription of $19.99 per location. 

10. Connecteam

You use Connecteam to handle scheduling, communicating, and training operations. It has features that track time ensuring employees are at the right place and working.

You can also use it to send notifications and reminders to workers. It integrates well with other useful applications. The platform offers you free testing for 14 days after which you subscribe monthly starting at $35 for 200 workers. 

11. When I Work

When I Work platform assists you track time and attendance, create schedules for employees, add tasks to work hours, and assign shifts. You can use it on mobile devices or browser apps. It also allows for communication between workers.

This platform lets you create, update, cancel and publish shifts. You can apply this tool in small and large enterprises. You also can easily integrate it with phone apps and other online platforms.

Additionally, this allows for the monitoring of employees in many locations. You use When I Work software for free if you have less than 75 workers while a paying plan starts at $1.5 per month.

12. Aspect

Aspect offers you customer engagement, interactions between workers, and self-service features that assist in improving the workforce. It is highly flexible and offers live assistance in case of any challenges. You can also integrate it with mobile apps.

This platform also helps you manage performance and train employees. It has easy navigation and search functions to give you access to functions. You don’t get a free trial and they charge you $1595 per user as a one-time payment. 

13. Your Next Seven

Your Next Seven is a mobile platform that lets you send schedules to workers through text messages, email, or smartphone apps. It is suitable for use in small and medium enterprises. You communicate easily with staff members and save time scheduling.

Moreover, this platform does calculations on sales and expenses on your behalf. You get a free trial before you are charged starting at $7 per user each month. 

14. Skedulo

Skedulo is a mobile platform that helps you manage your workers. You don’t need a desk while using Skedulo. This platform helps you manage, schedule, and dispatch tasks to employees.

You can integrate Skedulo with other platforms to move data with ease. It is easy to use and keeps employees engaged and customers happy. Skedulo doesn’t offer you a free trial and they charge starting $59 per user every month. 

15. Orbital Shift

Orbital Shift scheduling software assists you in quickly generating and posting schedules. These schedules are accessible anywhere if you’re connected to the internet. It has a Time Clock feature that allows you to manage labor expenses in time.

It also allows you to customize the templates to ease the creation of schedules. You receive and send alerts to other employees via email and text message. This increases staff productivity.

You also track employee’s work hours and use the data to develop the payslips. You can use it on a mobile device. They offer you a free trial and their charges start at $2 per feature every month.

15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

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15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

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15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.
15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

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15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.

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15 Best Online Employee Scheduling Software.