15 Succession Planning Software

15 Succession Planning Software

           Your current workforce is aging rapidly. On the other hand, due to technology development, workers need to upskill to remain useful. Moreover, hiring and training new workers is expensive and time-consuming.

This is where succession planning becomes important. Succession planning is developing your best talents and keeping a pipeline of talents to fill higher roles when they open up. Planning on succession engages your workers and boosts their morale. Succession planning involves a lot and requires careful management. 

           Fortunately, nowadays it’s easier to due to the availability of succession planning software. Succession planning software helps you identify, develop and retain the best talent. You get assisted in analyzing gaps in skills and planning for your workers’ training. Succession planning tools are becoming increasingly important due to technology evolutions. Future jobs will require different skills and not those in use now. In this article, I will outline some top succession planning software, their features, and how they benefit you. 

List of Succession Planning Software

  1. SAP

SAP is one of the biggest providers of succession and leadership planning tools. This software offers you a feature that recommends roles that well fit a worker by matching their skills and interests to the job requirement. It helps you develop skills and advance the careers of your workers through employee development. You also get features that assist you to identify potential open job positions. For applicants, it also offers an option that informs them on plans to recruit. 

  • Succession Wizard

This software helps you simplify the process of planning for succession. The tool identifies potential gaps in succession. It also helps in planning the staff your organization needs in the future. You get a user-friendly interface that is simple to use. It enables you to easily plan on the workforce. With this software, solutions on succession plans are produced fast to configure the software as easily as you download and install from the web. 

  • Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand software is based in the cloud and is used for learning and talent management. Their succession tool assists you in ensuring you have the right people to continue with company key roles and avoid costs incurred in filling talent gaps. With their learning tool, up-skilling your overall workforce is simple.

The user interface has simple visualizations that easily display your team strength. This software improves your employee experience and helps them make their work better increasing productivity. You can integrate this software with other tools for maximum results. 

  • Plum

Plum’s software aims to empower your organization to achieve success by hiring the right people for the right roles. The software offers you strategies for planning and upskilling your workforce with an amazing experience. Plum software is powered by artificial intelligence. It intelligently matches your worker’s skills to job needs in your company. It also provides your workers with personalized training to advance on their career paths. 

  • UltiPro

UltiPro software covers all HR practices from payroll to talent management. They also offer succession planning tools. This tool helps you create comprehensive and flexible strategies for succession. You implement the strategies in all your organization departments to help prepare for the future. This software has a feature called Leadership Actions. This feature contains many suggested activities to help you coach and engage your workers. Successful workers do not leave an organization and contribute to growth. 

  • TalentGuard

TalentGuard is software for managing talent. However, it focuses on managing performance, career paths, planning on succession, and receiving feedback from employees.

With the succession planning tool, you can determine key duties, identify potential workers who can fill them, create a talent pool, and speed up on developing skills required for the success of your organization. One of their key features is the option to create large numbers of talent pools. This helps you keep a review of your current talent and enables you to track the development and progress of your workers. 

  • PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent Software provides solutions in talent management and learning. The software helps you hire, develop and advance the careers of your workers. The software offers you flexible tools to assist you with what you need to decide on the future of your organization.

This software is suitable for use in all sizes of organizations. Small companies can use this software in mentoring workers on their career paths. For large companies, you can use this software to develop the leadership qualities of your workers. 

  • Empxtrack

Empxtrack software covers the life cycle of all workers in your organization. Their tool on succession planning offers you a process of identifying high-skill employees and key positions of leadership in your organization. In this software, you can make several succession plans for your workers. It means for each key role, you can make short, medium, and long-term plans on succession. It also allows you to include other stakeholders in the process. 

  • SumTotal

SumTotal software provides learning and talent management. Their tool on planning for succession helps you understand talent and skill gaps among your workers and develop talent pools. You also learn to align needs in managing succession planning with your organizational objectives. This software has a feature called the Drag and Drop 9 Box. This feature makes it easy for you to examine workers ‘ performance and potential. 

  1. Saba

Saba is talent management software with a tool for succession planning. The succession planning tool can help you build talent pools for crucial roles in your organization. Saba succession planning feature persists on the importance of helping your workers develop. Developed employees are equipped with the required skills and are engaged in their job. They help provide the information you need to build strategies on succession plans. 

  1. BirdDogHR

BirdDogHR software offers solutions on talent management. Their tool for planning succession is based in the cloud. This tool enables you to review your employee performance accurately with ready scorecards and comparative ratings. This software states that you should accelerate development opportunities for Millennial and Generation Z workers. The providers emphasize that these two generations will make the biggest percentage of workers soon. 

  1. PageUp

PageUp software is a complete solution for talent management. Their tool to plan on successions helps you know your workers by analyzing skills gaps. It enables you to reduce risks on vacant positions and plan for the future. PageUp software allows you to review your worker’s talent regularly. You then use this information to identify and train people capable of filling roles in the future. 

  1. Motivosity

Motivosity software is based in the cloud and helps companies track the performance of workers and benchmarking. Ifs features include workers’ social interaction, collection of feedback, and managing benefits and rewards. This software allows you to create customized surveys and measure progress by comparing them with former data. Your workers are also enabled to post company announcements on social media. You plan on future and filling roles using the data you get on employee skills and other details. Motivosity also integrates with other tools. 

  1. BizMerlinHR

BizMerlinHR software helps you manage your employees’ lifecycle. In one platform, you store your employees’ data and use it to manage performance, retention, and other processes. Other features available include customizable schedules, document uploading, and other processes that are automated. It enables you to design a customized employee record with modern displays. Reviewing performance is personalized so you conduct training based on a worker’s career purpose. It enables access via a mobile app and integrates with other platforms. 

  1. UKG Pro

UKG Pro software is powerful and mostly focuses on people. This platform can connect your workforce all over the world using modern technology. It also offers talent management, surveys, payroll, and others. Their talent management feature enables you to identify your workers’ abilities to know how to improve them. With this software, you get better results, improve the effectiveness of your workers and create a connected experience for your employees.     

Succession Planning Software

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Succession Planning Software

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Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning Software

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Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning Software

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Succession Planning Software