15 Best Employee Performance Management Software Systems

15 Best Employee Performance Management Software Systems

Employee Performance Management Software Systems, have you been searching for the best software that will help you evaluate and manage your employees with ease? Well, I have good news for you. Technology has made work easier for everyone, especially in companies, and you shouldn’t be left out.

You will be able to achieve a lot with your employees, once you start using these performance management software systems. You and your employees will be able to address all your issues properly and in an orderly manner. You will onboard, recruit, and monitor your employees using some of these flexible systems.

Alongside training your employees, these systems will help you with ratings, feedback mechanisms, and also scores. I have outlined for you 15 of the best systems that your organization can acquire to help you manage your employees’ performances.

List of Performance Management Software

  1. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM will provide your employees with peer-to-peer interactions and feedback. Here, employees will also get performance reviews from the HR managers alongside encouraging employees’ development. It is the best software for reviews.

OrangeHRM has great features like tracking performances by OKRs and also has 360° workflows. OrangeHRM is affordable. It has a pricing of around $6 per user, paid monthly. In addition to that, there is a free trial for you that lasts for 30 days.

  • 15Five

Just like most management systems, 15Five also has feedback management. Your employees will improve their engagement with the help of this software. There are so many questions that 15Five asks to help keep this engagement strong. This software will also save all your reports and any data that you have.

You will also get reviews from your employed HR managers and employees which will help you gauge your level of success businesswise. This software keeps your employees focused and also aligned. 15Five has three plans when it comes to pricing. Its pricing starts as low as $7 per person paid monthly.

  • IntelliHR

This is the best software with continuous performance that you should use. It has an analytic platform that will help you centralize the management of all performances among your employees. It will help you improve performance through its improvement plans. IntelliHR will collect data for you through feedback and also check-ins. It has a pricing of $3.9 per user which is paid monthly. You will also get a free demo and a free trial for 30 days straight.

  • UltiPro

You should acquire this system to help you manage talent, performance, and also succession. It also has additional features like analytics tools and time management. UltiPro will help you during the recruiting process.

It will help you to support your employees’ careers and to help develop them this will motivate them and also grow your business. Your employees will get surveys from this system well as sentiment analysis. UltiPro pricing is $39 and an additional $6 for every employee, all paid monthly. 

  • ClearCompany

This is one of the complex software that has almost all features in one package. With ClearCompany, you will carry out processes like hiring and onboarding potential candidates, alignment of goals, and also managing all performances in your organization. This software will also remind you to track reviews whenever necessary. You can create questions, sections, and also scales using ClearCompany. Its pricing is given by the company upon inquiry. 

  • Trakstar

You should use Trakstar to obtain flexible reports which will help you to point out the top performers in your organization. You will get email notifications automatically, whenever an email is sent to you. Also when it comes to feedback, you will be able to get 360° feedback in real-time. You can customize this software to your liking and style. It is a flexible system. Trakstar pricing goes for $4370 paid yearly.

  • BambooHR 

This software will help you compare performance as well as engagement activities in your organization through reports. BambooHR system has software that has an electronic signature and also a tracking system. This software will provide you with facilities to help you collaborate with HR managers in your organization in creating and also monitoring your set goals. On top of that, your employees’ database will be stored in this software, whether healthcare or even home addresses. It is a centralized location. BambooHR pricing starts from $99 paid monthly.

  • Inspire

Inspire will help you with learning, completing recognition, and also align OKRs for you. It also has features such as methodology and completing recognitions. You can also customize management capabilities to your liking using this system. It is very flexible. You will be able to use their guided trial, which is complementary software while managing employees. Its pricing ranges from $5 to $11 paid for every user monthly.

  • PeopleFluent

You should consider acquiring this software to help you in talent management and also acquiring talents. PeopleFluent also offers learning, feedback, alignment of employees among others. This software is user-friendly and easy to work with. You can customize your goals to be private or public. It is a flexible system. PeopleFluent software will automate performances for you when required. Its pricing is given by the company upon inquiry.

  1. Namely

This software best suits HR in your organization. It will also offer payroll and benefits once you acquire it. You will be able to set responsibilities using this system. Also, whenever you want to share announcements around the company, you should use this system. Namely have a workflow, calendar, and also centralized storage. Its pricing ranges from $12 to $30 paid monthly, for every user.

  1. Reviewsnap 

If you are looking for the best software for secure archiving, Reviewsnap is the best software for this. You will get performance reviews, 360° feedback, and e-signatures. You will also monitor your employees’ progress using Reviewsnap with ease. This software will help you to enhance your employees’ communication and also boost their morale. This will result in more output in your organization. Reviewsnap has pricing that ranges from $3496 to $4807 paid yearly.

  1. Engagedly

This system also has employee engagement that is good for your employees. It works with companies of all sizes so your organization is a fit for this software. You will be able to get feedback, social learning as well as recognition from Engagedly. It offers reviews and also has a cascading module to help you to set and monitor your goals. In this platform, employees can award each other points which are meant to motivate them and also help them grow your business. Engagedly has a pricing of $5 for every user, paid monthly. 

  1. Betterworks

With Betterworks, you will get real-time feedback, insight, and also analytics. Betterworks can combine OKRs alongside offering you employee engagement and also performance calibration. All these features are very profitable to your organization without having to incur too much cost. Your HR teams will manage performance conversations with the help of this software. Betterworks has integrations with communication tools like GitHub, G-suite, and slack. Its pricing is $8 paid for every user, monthly.

  1. Eloomi

Eloomi has very fantastic learning capabilities which are good for your employees. This is the best feature that defines Eloomi. This software will engage admins and content creators in your company to the fullest. Eloomi uses gamification strategies when activating learning among users. Its performance has a 360° feedback criteria and performance appraisals. There are also automated checklists that you can use to optimize suggestions in this software. Eloomi offers a free demo to new users, while its pricing is offered upon request from the company. 

  1. Kallidus 

With the help of Kallidus, managers and employees in your organization will be able to comment and check in to help keep track of your company’s progress. This is award-winning software due to good customer support. This software has UI that will help your organization when it comes to reviews. It has additional amazing features like coaching solutions, customizable notifications, and collaboration tools. You also get the privilege to have a manager’s dashboard. You will also compile BI reports and conduct recruitment using Kallidus. Its pricing is $8000 paid yearly. 

Employee Performance Management Software Systems

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Employee Performance Management Software Systems

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Employee Performance Management Software Systems

Employee Performance Management Software Systems

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Employee Performance Management Software Systems

Employee Performance Management Software Systems

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Employee Performance Management Software Systems