What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

Objective and Key Results (OKR) examples show techniques organizations use to set, communicate and track goals. OKR’s give a strategic approach towards managing the goals and performance of workers in a business.

With OKR’s, you set measurable goals and align them to the engagement of workers. Objectives set what you want to achieve while key results help you measure the progress towards achieving the objective. In this post, I will share some examples of Objectives and Key Results.

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Company OKRs

In a company, there are many objectives. A good example is that a company can have the objective of satisfying its customers.

To do this, some procedures must be implemented to achieve this objective. For instance, delivering customer service in time.

Key results include achieving a Net Promoter Score of 9 out of 10 from its customers, and increased customer retention rate to 98%, and taking your company’s new products to market.

CEO as an Example of OKRs

CEOs of companies have their objectives towards their company. An example is that a CEO can have the objective of strengthening a company’s corporate culture.

Therefore, this objective helps him or her look at the existing corporate culture of the company and identifies areas that need improvement.

One key result of this objective would be to roll out continuous two-way feedback via surveys from the employees.

Result would be to maintain an average employee satisfaction score. And finally, another result is launching a new mentorship program for the company workers.

Marketing Department

In each company, there is a marketing department. A company’s marketing department has many objectives.

An example of an objective would be to improve the efficiency of the marketing system. This would call for improvement of their marketing strategies.

Some of their key results would include generating 100 more leads than the previous year in the same budget, applying an intelligent marketing automation system, and creating two new marketing channels.

HR Department

Most companies have an HR department. The HR department acts as a link between management and employees. The HR department also has its objectives in an organization.

An example of an objective by the HR department would be to hire 100 new employees by a certain period as the company has planned.

Some key results would be obtaining 500 new resumes from applicants, shortlisting the applicants and remaining with 200 applicants, and finally, interviewing the 200 and selecting around 120 candidates.

Design Department

Designing companies have a department that designs their products. Of course, they design products with an objective. One example of an objective would be to design products according to the client’s requirements.

Their key results would include meeting with a client and understanding the design concept and production.

Another result is to design a draft of the product and get approval from the client. An additional result is to design a beta version of the product and submit it to the client.

Sales Department as an Example of OKRs

Every organization has a sales department that is in charge of sales. Just like all other departments, the sales department also has its objectives.

A good example of sales department objective is when they want to achieve revenue of $10 million from new wins. This means they would have to get new wins that generate more revenue.

Their key results would include generating 100 leads worth $100 million, submitting proposals worth $70 million, and executing contracts worth $50 million.

Finance Department

A company’s finance department is in charge of raising finances to fund projects. They set objectives according to the projects of a company. For example, they can set an objective to shortlist parties that will raise $250 million that is required to fund a new project.

Some of their key results would be to identify possible sources of funding and start initial discussions.

To add, they would submit information memos and shortlist 5 possible parties. Finally, they would complete the negotiations and raise the funds.

Business Department OKRs

The business department is responsible for all business operations in an organization.

It conducts and oversees business opportunities and determines if they profit the company. An example of a business objective they can have is to launch a financial consulting website.

Their key results can be researching and purchasing the best available domain name, creating a website framework, content strategy, and blog post guidelines. Finally, they would publish their first blog post.

IT Department OKRs

Organizations are increasingly using technology in their daily operations. This requires them to have a separate IT department to govern the systems. IT department can use OKR software to attain their goals.

In their objectives, they would have something like the need to install the latest systems in the organization. In their key results, they would start by finding the systems that the company can afford to purchase.

Again, these systems would be required to have all features required in the company. And then finally make the purchase.

Training and Development Department

In companies where the training and development department is separate, they set up their objectives. An example of their objectives would include increasing the capability of the team consistently.

Their key results would include ensuring that all workers are enrolled in personal development plans. Also, they would develop a plan targeting training opportunities to fill the skills gaps in the organization.

In an organization, there are different departments. All the departments work together to ensure the successful running of the organization’s operations. While setting up objectives and key results to be achieved in each department, they should ensure they are measurable. And again, they cannot be achieved without setting up strategies to work towards achieving them.         

What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

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What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

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What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?
What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

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What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?

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What are some specific examples of Objectives and Key Results (OKR)?