15 Best Tips to Write Effective Job Posts for New Hires

15 Best Tips to Write Effective Job Posts for New Hires

When posting your job to new hires, be sure to give a quality job description. To describe a job is to give a complete record of the needed skills, behaviors, responsibilities, educational qualifications, and more.

A better job description increases your chances of getting the perfect candidate to apply. It also helps you hire quality candidates and improve the overall hiring process.

However, finding a quality candidate is not always easy. This is because candidates skim over job posts, consider many jobs, and may miss major details in your job description. Creating an effective job post can be doubtful. It’s hard to know if it will work or not. In this article, I will share some tips to help make your job post effective.

Keep it Short and Brief

Job posts with few words get higher application rates compared to job posts with countless words. Keeping the post short and brief helps applicants get the details they need in a short time. Modern candidates are not so patient and some review the posts from their mobile devices. Due to this, they better fit shorter job descriptions. With concise job posts, you’ll get more applicants.

Don’t Be Too Casual

When writing your job post, don’t forget to be human and reflect on your company culture. Going overboard and appearing too casual only makes you lose applicants. If you want to attract most applicants, don’t use a casual job description, it is worse at attracting people. Candidates dislike casual job descriptions and are less likely to apply.

Inform Candidates What They Get

Candidates spend few seconds on a job description. Ensure you provide them with the information they are looking for. Candidates want to know the amount of money they will be making, the type of work they will be doing, and whether they stand a chance of getting that job. Make them feel it will be worth investing their time, and they’ll want to know more.

Don’t Put Much Focus on Your Company

In as much as applicants care about your company and its culture, it’s not what they look for in a job post. Candidates say that the culture and mission of a company are less important when reading a job post. Since a job post is limited, ensure you focus on the job itself. Candidates will learn more about your company on websites or your company page.

Define Your Performance Objectives

When hiring someone, it’s not just for their education or experience but so that they can get the job done. You have certain objectives with that person and candidates want to know what the objectives are. Highlight the goals and objectives a new hire will be expected to achieve. Candidates appreciate when you highlight the goals and it makes your job post different.

Post Your Job Post Beginning of the Week

Most often, candidates view job posts and apply for jobs at the beginning of the work week. When you post your job early in the week, you may get more applicants in the first few days. Most applicants apply for jobs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You should expect to get most candidates in the first half of the work week.

Use Gender-Neutral Words

Study shows that men apply to jobs they view more frequently than women. This only means there is more talent from women out there. A study found that job descriptions contain masculine words making women less interested in applying. But not to mean they are less qualified. Avoiding masculine words like strong and assertive can encourage women to apply.

Clearly State Employment Terms

When writing your job description, avoid any misunderstandings from rising by using clear language. This ensures that both you and the candidates are on the same page throughout the process of application. For example, state if a job is full-time or part-time, the period of payment, and more.

Promote Career Growth

In your job description, showcase opportunities for career development and growth. To attract candidates, ensure you address the specific activities the candidates will be reviewed on. Candidates will apply and accept job positions with opportunities for advancing their career path more likely than those that don’t.

Use Conversational Tone

When writing your job post, make sure you use a conversational tone. A conversational tone makes the candidate feel you’re talking directly to him or her creating some connection. Your job description should demonstrate a personality that sets your organization apart from others. If you use a friendly approach, you’re more likely to attract more candidates.

Include Job Competencies

Competencies ensure you are consistent and measure the skills and behaviors of potential workers. Including job competencies in your job description helps you unify all descriptions and positions in your organization under one common structure. This provides the structure of your organization and helps the new hire grasp their roles, levels, and dependencies between different jobs in your organization.

Make it Neat and Readable

When writing your job post, make sure you present a neat document that is readable to applicants. You can incorporate templates, bullet points, headers, and enough spacing. These will make your job description look organized and consistent. It will be appealing to many applicants and it will get them applying for that job.

Use Present Tense

In your job post, you list all the essential job responsibilities and tasks of the job. Ensure you are using present-tense action verbs. Avoid using vague action verbs and use simple and precise language. This is to ensure you provide your candidates with the most accurate requirements in your job description.

Make Changes Where Necessary

Your organization grows and changes and so does your job description. You should keep updating your job description to ensure you continue generating qualified applicants. Updating your job description regularly is essential to the performance and compliance of your organization. It also safeguards you in times of legal disputes with employees.

Don’t Leave Out Key Details

While a job description should be concise and formatted neatly, it is important to give it the right balance in length. However, also try to avoid omitting important job requirement details. To avoid leaving important details, ensure the job post is reviewed by at least two colleagues before advertising or posting it to job boards.    

Effective Job Posts for New Hires

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Effective Job Posts for New Hires

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Effective Job Posts for New Hires

Effective Job Posts for New Hires

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Effective Job Posts for New Hires

Effective Job Posts for New Hires

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Effective Job Posts for New Hires