How Managers Can Run Effective Remote Team Meetings without Causing Burnout

How Managers Can Run Effective Remote Team Meetings without Causing Burnout

Burnout is an exhaustion state that is mainly caused by prolonged stress. Have you noticed low productivity or response among your staff during online meetings? Are you wondering how you can run and manage your employees remotely without causing burnout? Here are some of the techniques that will come in handy.

Engage Your Staff

Understand your staff to know what they want. Some of your employees may be introverts who do not like to freely engage with people. Others may prefer to hold meetings with cameras turned off. Take your time to hear everybody out. Even though you are not able to fully meet everyone’s expectations, ensure that you try your best to make them feel understood. The moment you are able to know how everyone works comfortably, you will be able to run meetings very smoothly.

Coach Your Team

You should check on your participants 15 minutes before the meeting. Show concern as well as love to them. A good coach will slowly and carefully guide his or her team to do what he or she wants and ensure that they understand it. In your case, ensure all content in the meeting is well understood. Provide room for questions to ensure satisfaction. If the question is too hard to be answered immediately, make some effort to ensure that it is eventually answered.

Ensure Your Team Establishes Boundaries

Most of the workers working online hardly find a tie to rest. They are therefore not productive during meetings. This is because they have no set boundaries while working. You should reduce some of their tasks that can be compensated later to give time for rest. Also, you should guide them on when to work and when to take a break. Remember that working from home is different from working from the office. Working online can take more time compared to working from the office.

Introduce Group Hobbies

You can fully engage your employees by coming up with fancy games to jog their minds a little bit. These games can be scheduled before meetings are held. Let your team play their joint favorite games online during certain hours or days before beginning the meeting. This will help their minds to be clear and ready to take in information. Having a clear mind is important to help one stay active. Active members will lead to positive results.

 Identify Whether a Certain Meeting is Essential

It is your job to analyze a meeting and see whether or not it can be skipped or postponed. In some cases, some meetings require only a few members to attend. Those that are not involved can take a break during that meeting. However, ensure that the few who attend the meeting are satisfied. Do not extend the meeting to take so long. Having a brief meeting will allow time for interaction with each other after the meeting.

Be Brief

When holding meetings especially in the evening, you should ensure that they are as brief as possible. If you are able to squeeze the meeting time, it is advisable that you hold a meeting around 3 pm. Night hours may not be that effective. Again, spending too much time discussing an agenda may lead to boredom among your staff. Ensure you control it.

Use Reliable Tools

Having glitches, losing internet connections, and or evening a hanging screen can go a long way in ruining the mood among your staff. Ensure that the tools you use in your online meetings do not have failures as the meeting is in progress. System failure will only drag you behind hence taking too much time in the meeting. Always consider staying within the meeting timeframe. Choose a reliable tool.

The Agenda Should be Shared Earlier

You should ensure that every staff is aware of what will be discussed in the meeting before time. This gives room for a little research so that everyone is aware of what is being discussed. One may have a question that may need attention before you start the meeting. You should answer such questions before the meeting starts to ensure that no one is left behind. That way, when the meeting starts, it will run quickly and smoothly.

Set Expectations for Each Staff

You should ensure that your employee complete the expected task that they were assigned. Some staff might take advantage of your leniency and fail to complete tasks as agreed. Closely follow up with whoever is not consistent in productivity and help them where need be. Be prepared to help anyone that needs help but don’t ruin your business in the process.


When setting meetings, it is good to consider those that have other roles at home. Therefore ensure your meeting timing is accurate and easy to attend. Anyone who misses the meeting with a reasonable reason can be pardoned and given time to catch up. Ensure that after the meeting, you reach out to those who did not attend to inform them about what was discussed. However, you should be careful to prevent absenteeism from being a habit. Always encourage full attendance.

Spacing meetings

You can have a strategy whereby you combine two meetings to be one. You do this by comparing two meetings with a little bit of similarity or repetition of the previous meeting. When doing this, ensure that the whole meeting is brief. Unless it’s an emergency meeting, consider giving time from one meeting to the next. This will give time to prepare for the next meeting as well as prevent boredom.

Listening is Key

You should select days whereby your meetings are run by the staff. The staff has the right to give their suggestions regarding these meetings. During this time, they will raise the concerns as you listen. You can then go ahead and deal with these issues the best way t ensure that they are satisfied. Always allow your team to feel involved and important.

Team building

Social distancing has led to loneliness among many employees. You should therefore create room for interactions among your staff. Allow your staff to create non-work teams to discuss issues they are going through like family. Remember teamwork brings motivation and more productivity.

Jogging questions

Make your meeting to be fun. During the discussion, randomly ask questions or make jokes to jog the staff’s minds to help keep the meeting jovial. Be careful not to ask personal questions that could hurt one’s feelings. Observe etiquette these fancy questions help to keep the group interactive and active

Maintain focus

As you discuss an issue during the meeting, ensure that you do not get out of the topic. Only address what is on the agenda. Anything else outside the main topic should be avoided. Even the follow-up questions and the jokes you make to keep the group lively should relate to the main agenda. This is to ensure that there is no confusion as well as boredom.

With these tips, you will be surprised by your staff’s response. Always make sure your participants feel comfortable and able to freely interact with each other.

Remote Team Meetings

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Remote Team Meetings

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Remote Team Meetings

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Remote Team Meetings

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Remote Team Meetings