15 Ways you can use to Motivate Your Employees

15 Ways you can use to Motivate Your Employees

Employee motivation is the energy, commitment, persistence, and creativity that workers bring to their jobs. Highly motivated employees are more engaged at work and lead to higher productivity. It is normal for workers to feel demotivated at work at times.

But consistently feeling disengaged can be a problem for your company. Your workers are the most important resource in your company. For this reason, you need to create a strategy to motivate and maintain an enthusiastic spirit among them to achieve greatness. In this post, I will share some effective ways you can use to motivate your workers.

Recognize Great Achievements

Recognizing great and exceptional results from a worker contributes to motivating that worker. Often recognition of hard work from managers motivates and increases the morale of workers. However, it is not just about recognizing, but also how you recognize an employee.

How you recognize an achievement can determine the impact you will make. Appreciation should be more than just money. Look for effective ways to recognize a worker and do it frequently. Recognizing workers’ achievements makes them feel that their work in your company is valued.

Set Measurable Goals

Workers with clear and measured goals are more motivated to achieve them. As a manager, you have to assign measurable and achievable objectives to your workers. For long-term projects, break them down into smaller daily tasks. Achieving smaller objectives will keep your workers going and will make them desire to contribute to the success of the projects. Setting goals that are too big and take long to achieve can lead to your team feeling overworked. Rather, set smaller goals and track their progress to keep your team on the right track.

Promote Positivity

Negative emotions in the workplace impact your working environment negatively. You should find ways to instill positive experiences between interactions in your team. This way, you’ll create a workplace full of positivity. A positive workplace is a healthy place and workers are happy. In a healthy environment, workers feel free to talk, feel valued, there is trust and good relationships. Happy workers boost the productivity of your business. Positivity and happiness promote engagement, motivation, productivity, and success.

Provide Refreshments

At work, you cannot focus when you are hungry. You must feed your workers and provide refreshments like caffeine. Keeping snacks around the place of work helps to maintain the energy levels of your team throughout the work hours. Being busy and hooked at work is not good for health and productivity. Snacks and refreshments act as fuel to get your team through the rest of the working day. Refreshed workers are more productive and motivated.

Take Breaks Regularly

Working nonstop or sitting in your office all day is not good for you. Taking long hours to tackle a challenging problem is rarely productive. You should step back and take a moment to reset. Taking a small break helps you stay motivated and it is important for your health. A short break impacts your mind and your body positively. Leave your office or your desk to go out and grab some fresh air, stretch your legs, rest your eyes and get back to work with a refreshed mind and body. Breaks help you stay healthy and motivated at work.

Be Transparent

As a leader, you have to make decisions in your company. Being open to your workers means letting them know the reasons for decisions you make. This way, they will understand you but if you hide reasons for decisions, your workers show disengagement and lack commitment. Moreover, give them a chance to ask questions and give them feedback. You make your workers feel included in decision-making. Inclusivity increases their loyalty and pride to your organization and therefore feel motivated to work there.

Encourage Creativity and Innovation

Your workers, especially Millennial and Generation Z, love to be associated with distinct sides of the business. You should enable your workers to apply their creativity and ideas in doing tasks. To manage them is not to control everything that they do. Your workers should have the freedom to use their unique ways of solving challenges. This summons them to think out of the box. It results in your organizational activities being performed with the highest level of creativity. The chance your workers get to show their creativity motivates them to do more.

Empower Your Workers

To empower your workers is to show them that you trust and have confidence in their abilities and potential. This encourages them to believe in themselves and understand that their potential is tremendous. In their tasks, also enable them to make decisions on their own. When your job is all about what you are told to do, you don’t feel motivated. Empowering them increases their confidence in tasks, their sense of responsibility, and also their motivation.

Understand Your Workers Preferences

All your workers are different. Some are introverts while some are extroverts. Some workers require extra guidance while others prefer to be more independent. Others are fresh out of college and others are parents with kids in college. In summary, your worker’s background is different, their stage in life is different and they are motivated by different things. As a manager, you should assess and adapt to each worker. You should not try to force one solution on your diverse workforce. Understand what motivates each worker and align their personal and professional goals with their role in your company.

Encourage Teamwork

Teamwork works in motivating your workers. Each team member knows that their colleagues have their back in case of any challenge. Your team members can push you to get the extra mile. Relationships with peers also create happiness at work. Your organizational structure should encourage teamwork rather than limiting interactions between employees. Team members motivate each other when they notice a colleague who is demotivated. Allowing your workers to cooperate in work creates a motivated team.

Give Purpose to Your Workers

Showing a purpose for the work your workers do motivates them. Once they understand better the vision behind the work they do, they are more engaged and motivated at work. Also, understanding the purpose enables them to realize their contribution to the business purpose and how they fit in the company vision. Let them know that what they do makes a difference somewhere, it’s not just for the success of the organization. It has an impact on their clients and the world at large. Purpose motivates people.

Support New Ideas

Your workers have new and great ideas all the time. You should ensure that they know you acknowledge new ideas that are beneficial to the company and support them. This will empower them to not only accomplish their tasks but also suggest new ideas that you should implement. Give your workers a chance to come up with ideas they think are useful to the company. They are brilliant and will create modern and important ideas. Supporting new ideas will motivate them to work and research on new ideas to present to you.

Give Challenging Tasks

Doing the same tasks all the time becomes boring. As humans, we feel the need to grow after some time. Your workers cannot grow if they are doing what they have been doing. By giving a much more challenging task from time to time helps them grow and develop new skills. The need to develop new skills will open opportunities for training and advancing careers. However, ensure that these tasks are reachable and in the interest of a person. With more challenging tasks, a worker will not get bored but will be more motivated to work.

Support Your Workers

Your workers need support and guidance from time to time. No matter how disciplined or creative they are in finding solutions, there always are challenges on their way. Observe closely and be keen on listening to know where an individual or team needs assistance. With your support, they will not be afraid to take on new risks and come up with new ideas. Having your back at work will motivate them to do even better.

Choose the Right Leaders

Good leaders motivate and engage their workers. Review and understand what your workers want in their leader. Your leaders should give clear directions, spend time and talk to workers, recognize the achievements of workers, give positive criticism, give credit to the ideas of others, and much more. Assign leadership roles to the right people that will motivate your workers.   

Motivate Your Employees

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Motivate Your Employees

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Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees

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Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees

Motivate Your Employees