What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

Remarkable company culture reflects the core values and principles which govern a company. Nowadays, people want to work in a company with remarkable company culture. The culture of a company influences employees’ happiness, performance, and productivity. It is no longer just an option to have a great company culture. While company cultures are different, you can learn something from companies that have a remarkable culture. In this post, I will share some companies which has remarkable company culture.

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Zappos is a shoe company that sells online. It has become known for its culture. First, they conduct interviews based on their culture. Their interview determines a lot if you are hired.

Another thing, they uphold ten company core values. To get a salary raise in this company, it must be determined by your skills and abilities.

They also dedicate a portion of their budget to team-building activities and promoting their culture. They create a workplace that is fun and dedicated to making customers happy.


Twitter is a global technology firm known to keep workers happy. The employees can’t stop talking about the remarkable culture that the organization provides to them. This is from relationships with co-workers, rooftop meetings, open communication, free food, and a gym among others.

Their environment promotes teamwork which keeps everyone motivated to meet company objectives. Nothing beats having employees who feel what they are doing matters.


Google’s company culture is among the best across the world. Google is not left behind in creating a remarkable company culture.

First, Google focuses on building offices with outstanding company culture. To add, it offers facilities like free meals, games, parties, gyms, laundry services, beauty services, engagement trips, and much more.

Google workers are known to be driven and talented. To hire and expect the best from your employees can be stressful. This is especially if your company culture does not have a good work-life balance.


Facebook connects millions of people around the world. It has a unique company culture. Their organizational culture connects not only people around the world but also its workers. This company focuses on building a collaborative working environment.

Among benefits that Facebook offers to its employees include food, stocks, open office space, laundry, open communication, and a competitive atmosphere among others.

To meet challenges facing its culture, they have created conference rooms, separate buildings, and outdoor roaming spaces for breaks.

Southwest Airlines

The Airline industry is often mocked for poor customer service. However, Southwest Airlines’ customers are served by happy and friendly workers.

Additionally, the culture of Southwest Airlines puts its workers ahead of anything else. The happiness of their employees comes ahead of their customer satisfaction.

This company also allows its workers to go the extra mile in making customers happy. Their remarkable culture makes employees feel valued, respected, appreciated, and part of a bigger purpose. This acts as a motivation to their employees.


Chevron is an oil and gas company. It employees experience a great company culture. The culture of Chevron Company insists on the safety of its workers and supports them to look out for each other.

This company provides for its employees’ health and fitness centers in the workplace. It also offers other fitness programs like messages and personal training.

To add, they insist on employees taking regular breaks. This way, they show their employees that they value them and their well-being. A remarkable company culture provides safety and wellbeing of its workers.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Company makes and sells glasses online. They design their glasses and sell them directly to customers.

Warby Parker is dedicated to their company culture. They focus on positive company culture by setting up free lunches, events, and programs. They put up many events that teach their workers something new.

Additionally, they set up procedures that ensure workers work together. This is by dictating that everyone helps to keep break areas clean and sending out random people for lunch breaks. Holding events and programs promote unity.


The culture of SquareSpace Company is flat, open, and creative. A flat culture means there are few or no levels of management between employees and executives.

Its employees are also offered benefits like health coverage insurances, vacations, attractive open spaces, meals, and celebrations among others. Such benefits help build a remarkable company culture.

With this approach, employees’ voices can be heard since there are no layers of management. When employees are given freedom and flexibility, they are motivated to work.


Nike Company has a strong company culture. At Nike, they implement what their slogan says. Their slogan states “Just Do It” which their employees live by. This slogan pushes employees to go further levels on their jobs.

In addition, they also promote a healthy lifestyle. This is by providing sports facilities and gyms, and health insurance among other benefits. They provide growth opportunities physically and professionally.


Adobe is said to be one of the most creative companies globally. It provides a company culture where its workers can grow and flourish.

In Adobe Company, there is no micromanaging. Senior managers trust workers to come up with innovative ideas. It helps employees exhibit their happy personal and professional life.

Moreover, its Company culture gives employees the freedom to work and trusts their abilities. It shows that being creative is fun and creates a remarkable company culture.

Company cultures cannot be fully alike. This is because organizations are of different sizes, have a different number of workers, and do operations differently. However, for the companies listed above, their company’s cultures are incredible and successful. It is always important to build and maintain a strong company culture. You can learn something from their company culture and instill it in your organization.        

What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

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What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

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What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?
What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

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What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?

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What companies have a remarkable company culture? And why?