What is intelliHR? And What are The 10 Benefits of intelliHR?

What is intelliHR? And What are The 10 Benefits of intelliHR?

IntelliHR is a platform that helps HR strategically manage compliance and automate workflows like onboarding and off-boarding. It’s a people management platform that will enable any HR to conduct analytics with ease. HR managers can manage employees’ training and information. Are you searching for the best platform that could help you with all this?

Well, look search no more. IntelliHR has these entire features in one package. You will be able to monitor and manage performance among your employees. IntelliHR will also come in handy when it comes to exit interviews.

I know you are probably asking yourself why this platform is considered to be the best among all other platforms. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose intelliHR. I highly recommend intelliHR based on the following benefits that it comes with.

Fulfilling Unique Requirements

When using intelliHR, it’s obvious that you will encounter a few ups and down depending on what you exactly want. That does not end there. The support team is readily available to serve you according to your requirements. For example, let’s say you are having a problem with the workforce rapidly growing and you don’t know what to do. Unlike other platforms, intelliHR has the best customer services that will tend to your issue very quickly. They will guide you on what to do to control your workforce. In case you have any issues, you can easily ask for help and you will be served.


IntelliHR will provide you with a free trial before purchasing a package. IntelliHR pricing starts from $6.00/month. This is very affordable. Considering that intelliHR will provide you with a lot of services at once, this price is relatively low. There may be additional charges depending on upgrades but they are not that extreme. Full pricing details can be obtained upon request.

Real-time Analytics to Help in Decision Making

IntelliHR has analytics that will help you to pull reports very quickly based on a wide variety full of data. You will access workforce demographics and also completed forms. This is all accessed within seconds. Data analysis is made easy and also powered by practice tools, automatic data collection, and AI. Their AI will help you identify areas in your organization that need more attention and make the best use of limited resources. Their analytics have sophisticated capabilities in all-tier products. With actionable insights generated for you by their tools, you will have an easy time running our organization.

Performance Development

IntelliHR has a very simplified track performance to ensure your organization is consistently growing. They have an integrated performance framework. You will watch your team, as well as your organization, grow bit by bit. IntelliHR can identify the highly skilled members in your organization. It will nurture them into great leaders for you. Also, members who are not well equipped will obtain help from intelliHR and they will soon become professionals in your organization. In the future, your organization will run so smoothly that you will have very little to worry about when it comes to productivity. IntelliHR is a wonderful platform when it comes to business growth.

Customer and Employee Engagement

Studying your customers and knowing what they want is a key element in business. Also knowing when to control a situation before it escalates is essential. IntelliHR has tools that monitor your interaction between customers and your employees in real-time. It also records feedback given by customers. With this information, you can know whether to change your services completely or modify them a little bit. Without a platform like intelliHR to help you make these decisions, it would be so hard for you. It would even be harder to notice customers’ reactions without using these tools provided by intelliHR. You should consider having intelliHR in your organization.

Policy and Compliance

I am sure you would want to be updated and know which one of your staff has the necessary qualifications. You would also want to be informed, whether or not their licenses and registration are up to date. All this is done for you by intelliHR. All you need is to click a button and you will have all this information within a second.

Consider automating your tracking on staff qualifications to know when they expire and need to be updated. Set reminders to help you remember all important events. IntelliHR will not only ensure safety for your organization but also ensure that everyone is up to date. To distribute policies, you will as well press a button and all the info will electronically be distributed to every staff.

Multiple Features in One Package

With intelliHR, you will get ahead with fully customizable and pre-configured workflows. You will also have forms covering compliance and policies, onboarding, monitoring, business improvement, training management, and much more. You can deliver your HR IP according to how you want it. IntelliHR is very fast and flexible. If you intend to develop your HR IP, you could design some thinking workshops using the platform. You will also be able to optimize employees’ experience. All these features being in one platform makes it unique. These entire features are automated and easy to use.

Access to Experts on your Subject Matter

IntellHR provides its user with experts on different categories to help them get to the bottom of an issue. You will have full details/information on how to solve a certain task. In case you are unable to solve the problem through the guidelines given, you could forward the issue to them and your issue will be solved for you.

Challenges regarding employee management are also dealt with. You will be guided o what to do to ensure that every employee is working accordingly. You will be provided with materials to give these employees to help them improve on certain areas. IntelliHR will not rest until it ensures that you are satisfied and that you have found what you want.

Better and Frequent Upgrades

IntelliHR ensures that it stays up to date to ensure its clients don’t miss out on any new features for the betterment of their businesses. You should consider this. With the new rete of emerging issues, customers tend to change their tastes on products. They want something new and recent. IntelliHR ensures that you move with technology.

If new features are introduced to the market, intelliHR will update you. You will be more steps ahead compared to other organizations. IntelliHR will provide you with tips to follow to achieve quality output. Customers will love it and you will earn yourself more customers. This will have saved you the cost and time to look for ideas elsewhere. 

Insight Delivery

IntelliHR has an insights generation system or engine that will provide your HR leaders with information regularly. This will keep them up to date on important metrics. This platform sends the insights direct to HR leaders’ inboxes. That way, they will be able to see the updates with ease. IntelliHR will ensure that you don’t lose contact with employees or customers. These regular reminders will ensure a smooth running in your organization.


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