15 Best OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

15 Best OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

Managing your organizational goals can be hectic and a burden when the objectives pile up. Managers must set goals to be achieved by the organization and align them to the team members. The majority of workers claim to have a problem with managers who don’t give clear objectives of the company.

Thus, it’s a must you set clear and concise goals for your organization. To align the goals with your team, you require techniques and a strong communication strategy to assist you. OKR software motivates your business by helping you create ambitious and attainable goals and objectives. To increase efficiency in your business, find an OKR software that will suit your organizational pursuits and increase communication. In this post, I have listed some top OKR software to help you track key objectives. 

Top OKR Software

  1. Profit.co

Profit.co software offers you aid in tracking strategies, managing tasks, engaging and developing employees. You use the software to break down up to 5 years of strategic initiatives into a priority list which you execute in quarters. This software is customizable and easy to use and allows for adding other modules as you grow.

Also, you can integrate this software into other popular applications in business like HubSpot. However, it only allows 30 integrations and supports only 15 languages. You get a free plan if you have less than 5 users while you are charged $7 per user monthly. 

  • Unlock: OKR

Unlock software contains workers and goal maps, feedback, and reporting features. The software helps your organization build a culture dependent on performance and productivity. You get a simple interface and a dashboard that doesn’t require training to use. It allows you to create Objectives and Key Results while checking on them.

You can conduct live meetings using this software, send notifications and also get feedback from your team members. OKR coaching is also offered. This software however doesn’t integrate into an email. You get a free demo and trial while pricing is on request. 

  • Betterworks

Betterworks helps you focus your workers on strategic objectives that are a priority to the organization. Besides showing results, it teaches conversations to your workers and their feedback is live. Another added feature is reporting and employee engagement.

Allowing your workers to view objectives as if they were their own helps them focus on the objectives. Its design is attractive with customizable options to suit you. However, it doesn’t offer you a way to rank goals so you sort them. A free demo and trial are available for you, then you start paying $8 per user each month. 

  • Inspire

Inspire partnered with the founder of OKRs training to offer you the best support and training for OKRs. You get expert guidance on OKRs making learning simply for you and your workers. Besides goals and training, Inspire also offers you performance management and full-time feedback from workers, allowing teamwork.

As a leader, you get leadership development to assist you to focus your employees. Additional features include smart goal setting, conversations focused on objectives, and timely reminders. However, it only works best when you use Google Chrome. You get a free trial and their price starts at $5 per user monthly.

  • Hirebook

Hirebook is a tool for managing performance and motivating your workers. Their customer support team helps you achieve quantifiable goals through virtual meetings. This software ensures that all your team members are benefiting from OKRs. You can integrate Hirebook with over the other 100 OKR systems. Your workers also get free courses in this software. However, it doesn’t offer time tracking features and a mobile app. You get a free trial after which you are charged $10 per user every month. 

  • Koan

Koan OKR system has a component that assists you to make collaborative goals part of everyday operations. It has a simple interface to use that is universal and is also known to have the largest database. This software is especially suitable for you if you want to use a teamwork approach on OKRs.

All tools that manage projects and offer communication can integrate with Koan. It has a positive impact on communication and engagement between your workers and is also suitable for distributed teams. However, it’s not good for managing employee performance and its advanced features are offered at a fee. This software is free.

  • Heartpace

Heartpace is a modern system that uses company objectives to group workers. You create OKRs for each department publicly. This is meant to pull people together and for individuals to set personal goals and determine results.

Their communication and cooperation features allow for fast feedback. You get automatic reminders and evaluations to assist with communication. You also can integrate this software with others for efficiency. However, with this software, you won’t be able to set goals flexibly and productively. You get a free trial that lasts 20 days and their price starts at $5.40. 

  • Engagedly

Engagedly assists you in aligning and motivating your employees. Its features include Manager Feedback, Goal Setting, Idea Generation, Objectives Alignment, Social Performance, and more. It has a customizable user interface that is modern, colorful, and organized. You can integrate this software with others like BambooHR and Microsoft. However, their anonymous feedback system is not suitable for small organizations as it counts on large data. Also, there is no way to generate old data or on blocked users. You get a free demo and pricing starts at $6 per user monthly. 

  • Weekdone

Weekdone offers you coaching that helps you build your organization’s culture depending on performance. You get to train your workers for easy implementation through their coaching services, though it’s paid for. The dashboard is designed to easily show you if your company performance is progressing well or at risk at weekly intervals. Your workers get engaged in this tool and it also aligns the team’s objectives with those of the company.

You get a feature that updates you every week so you stay updated on your plans. You communicate with your team the activities they are doing to achieve the company goals and the problems they are going through. There is also a news feed that allows for commenting from all workers creating transparency. Other tools integrate well too. For up to 3 users, you can get a free version, from up to 10 users, price starts at $108 per month.  

  1. Yaguara

You use this software to focus on projects that use data related to large business goals. This tool helps you with a strategy to analyze websites, in launching products, and acquiring sales. With Yaguara, you unite data with communication so that workers can talk about goals, progress, and setbacks better. It also enables integration with other tools like Google. However, custom integrations, live dashboards, and reports are offered at a price. You get both free demo and trial before you are charged starting at $500 per month.

  1. Kazoo

Kazoo software solves your solutions in employee goals, conversations, feedback, and incentives. It is designed to create a culture of togetherness in the place of work. Besides managing performance, you also keep your employees engaged. Its mobile app allows for your workers to send feedback, claim their rewards, and get updates from work in any location. With this software, you can create custom rewards for your workers. You also get reports on your workers’ engagement. You get other features like automatic alerts, customizable dashboards, and search functions. You pay per year a cost billed $10 per employee each month. 

  1. PeopleGoal

This tool’s main features include managing goals, performance, teamwork, and full-time feedback. In this software, you set your team’s objectives and help your members align their goals with those of the company. You create customized feedback and forms to evaluate employee goal performance and progress. You also get reports on individual, team, and departmental progress. Other tools also integrate with PeopleGoal. For assistance, you get support via live chat email, and phone. You get a free trial and pricing starts at $299. 

  1. Perdoo

With Perdoo, you turn strategy into results. You get features that you need to focus your workers on the company goals. Research shows that the majority of workers don’t understand company objectives. This software enables you to communicate your company plans in time so that your workers can work towards them. You get updated reports on the organizational goals helping you act faster. It also enables tracking of single employee performance and objectives. For starting it’s free then you update later. 

  1. Culture AMP

This software helps you receive feedback from employees. Based on your worker’s feedback, this software helps them identify the areas they are good in and where they need to improve. You also get the chance to identify opportunities for your workers, and for areas where they need to improve, you can design a development plan. Your workers are also enabled to create and launch their surveys. It also allows for discussion and cooperation between team members. Per license, you pay $2400. 

  1. 15five

With this tool, you create effective and highly engaged employees therefore your company performing well. This is through engagement surveys and one on one performance reviews. To unlock individual performance, the software provides education and training to your workers. Also, it is created using the Positive Product Design, therefore, aligns with the latest positive behavior research. You get a free trial after which prices start at $7 per user monthly. 

OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

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OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

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OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

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OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software

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OKR (Objective and Key Results) Software