What Does the HR Department Need to know About OSHA Compliance?

OSHA compliance should be embraced in the HR department. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is a branch of the Department of Labor. It guarantees workers the right to a safe working environment. Hr department should at all cost help the employee comply with the OSHA regulations.

It lays out guidelines on how to achieve a safe working environment in organizations. The HR department needs to familiarize itself with OSHA requirements in the workplace. In this post, I will share some things the HR personnel should know about OSHA compliance.

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OSHA Compliance is turning to be a HR department responsibility

OSHA Compliance is the responsibility of all organizations and businesses. The Compliance requirement is carried out by the HR department.

OSHA states that all businesses with certain high risk, substance abuse and senior care facilities to comply with their requirements.

Also, companies with at least 20 employees file reports on injuries and illnesses related to work. Organizations with more than 10 workers are required to keep a record of serious injuries and illnesses related to work.

However, minor injuries that only need first aid don’t have to be recorded.  According to OSHA, a serious injury or illness is a condition that results in loss of consciousness, being off from work or transfer to another job. It also should require medical treatment beyond first aid.   

Safety Training

The main component of OSHA compliance is to provide employees with enough safety training.

OSHA’s training requirement states that “Training is the safe way for workers to do their jobs well. It is an investment that pays back over and over again. This is through fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, lower insurance premiums, and more.”

The HR personnel should be familiar with safety needs in each role at your company. The HR department should train workers on general safety in the workplace.

They should coordinate with managers to ensure workers are given enough training time in safety requirements.

Training should include guidance on what to do in emergencies. They should also make employees aware of their rights.

Keeping Records should be a norm in a HR department

OSHA compliance states that you should keep accurate records about workplace injuries and illnesses.

These records help the HR department in giving appropriate safety reports as well as enable the management make improvements that reduce the number of incidents related to safety in the workplace.

In the recording, you record in three forms. A record of injuries and illnesses related to work, a summary of injuries and illnesses related to work, and a report of injuries and illnesses.

With such information, an organization can evaluate safety in the workplace, identify recurring hazards, and establish safety precautions.

Also, in the case of safety investigations, these records can be useful. Failure to keep and present a record of illnesses and injuries can result in fines.


OSHA does safety inspections in organizations and workplaces. Some inspections can be triggered by workers’ complaints, an enforcement program, or workplace fatality.

At the end of each year, an organization must present a safety report to OSHA. This report includes a record and a summary of all injuries and illnesses that were work-related. 

In addition to the reports on incidents, some cases must be reported immediately or within a short time. These include cases with workplace fatality, hospitalization, amputation, or eye loss. Such cases must be reported to OSHA within 24 hours or less.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal government agency. Its function is to enforce the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The purpose of this act is to ensure there are safe and healthy working conditions for workers.

The Act gives the agency authority to develop and implement safety standards. To add, they provide research and training on workplace safety.

According to this act, it is the responsibility of employers to provide a safe working environment for their workers.

The HR department should work together with the management to provide a working environment safe for workers. This is by ensuring health wellness in workers and providing required equipment by workers.

Who is Covered Under OSHA?

The OSH Act applies to most private businesses and employers. Their law requirement covers businesses of all sizes.

However, there is an exception, businesses with less than 10 workers. These businesses are not required to keep and file records to OSHA.

State or local governments and self-employed workers are covered under state plans. Workers in the federal government are also covered and monitored by this act.

But, they are not fined for noncompliance. You should note that this law only applies to private and not federal workers. It also does not apply to small firms.

And, it also does not apply to industries where safety is regulated by the federal government. For example, nuclear energy industries.

A HR department Should establish A Safe Work Environment

OSHA defines a safe work environment based on industry, for example, construction, maritime, agriculture, and others. Since work is of evolving nature, OSHA continually publishes new standards and regulations to be followed by employers.

An example of OSHA rules includes that ladder steps should be spaced not less than 10 inches. Another example is that enclosed workplaces should be constructed, equipped, and maintained. This is to prevent the entrance of rodents, insects, and other small animals.

While it might seem impossible to commit to their rules, you should consider them in an industry where accidents happen often, for example, construction.

Workers should be educated on OSHA rules and regulations. Workers should also be able to operate equipment safely and spot risks.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries are bruises and illnesses suffered within the workplace. For example, if a worker hurts himself while lifting heavy boxes as part of their job.

However, there are exceptions. For example, if a worker is involved in a voluntary but company-sponsored activity, injuries are not considered related to work. Or, if a worker is hurt during work off-hours.

For illnesses, OSHA requirements state that if a worker contracts a serious illness like tuberculosis from a colleague to be work-related. But if you get a common cold or flu, it is not considered to be work-related.

The HR department should do more research on what OSHA refers to as work-related injuries and illnesses, and their exceptions.

It is important to note that this agency does not govern the compensation of workers. However, for any injuries and illnesses, all covered employers should report them to the agency. 

Whistleblower Protections and Inspections

OSHA encourages workers to report cases of unsafe or hazards in the workplace. For instance, a shaky ladder or unsanitary work environment.

The agency has a hotline and website where workers can report and complain about working conditions. In complaining, one cannot send complaints anonymously and false claims are punishable by a fine.

Also, the OSH act offers protection to whistleblowers. In the same way that federal laws handle discrimination claims in the workplace, OSHA protects whistleblowers from employers’ actions.

If you send a complaint to OSHA, you cannot be fired, demoted, or disciplined by your employer.


Violation means not complying with the requirements and regulations of OSHA. Violating the requirements of OSHA results in monetary penalties. However, for violations that have no direct relationship to safety and health, there is no penalty from OSHA.

OSHA agency is committed to educating employers and workers on tools to comply with their regulations and ensure safety in the workplace.

Investing in the safety and health of your workers can help reduce injuries and illnesses at work. This way, productivity in an organization can also improve remarkably.  

What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

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What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

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What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?
What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

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What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?

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What does the HR department need to know about OSHA compliance?