15 Best Job Boards Software

Technology advances have led to an increase in demand for software. Demand for software means demand in the creativity behind creating software. The labor statistics predict a percentage increase in the need for developers by 2026. But where do you post and advertise open technology jobs? One place you can start is in job boards. Job board software helps you reach the best possible candidates pool.

However, all job boards are not the same. Job hunters need a board that won’t waste their time with less user-friendly and old job listings but will maximize chances of finding a job position. In this post, I will share some of the best job board software and its features. 

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Madgex implements leading market technology to provide job board and career center services for organizations and publishers. This platform combines modern technology and universal knowledge in hiring online. This is to enable you to operate a job board with a high-performance platform.

Besides, this platform is perfect for representing your brand and is a valuable resource for job seekers. It is based in the cloud and is accessible via a website. Their customer support team offers assistance via email or phone and is available for 24 hours. 


Recooty software is highly rated for you to recruit and build a great team for your company. With Recooty, attracting, engaging, and hiring the best talents is made easy.

Recooty is a perfect system for tracking applicants in your organization. It enables you to create a perfect job description and post it to relevant channels. Your build and brand a career page where you publish all your open job positions.

Moreover, you view all candidates who apply for your open job positions and shortlist those who fit the requirements. In this platform, you post jobs, review resumes, shortlist applicants, plan interviews and hire in one place. It is accessible via a website and their support team is via a chat for 24 hours. 


ZipRecruiter platform helps you smoothen the hiring process. This software enables you to post jobs to many job boards with just a click. Its interface is simple for you to manage all candidates. ZipRecruiter allows integration to social media recruiting to help you post jobs on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

For wide exposure to job advertisements, this software allows you to post jobs in various cities. You brand your job pages and add your workers to your account. Screening of candidates is through online interviews and your team members can also rate the candidates. 


Indeed platform is based in the cloud, and all sizes of businesses use it to post vacant job positions and obtain qualified applicants. It contains features for sending messages, planning interviews, managing applicants, and reporting.

Indeed enables you to send tests via email to applicants and track scores in your dashboard. You advertise open jobs and search for applications in this software.

Additionally, you are assisted in checking the market trends for high and low-performing jobs. You can integrate Indeed with other applicant tracking systems and allows use on a mobile device. Assistance is given via online media. 

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is an online job board platform that helps you post jobs and hire the best candidate. This platform enables you to aim for suitable candidates according to experience and specific skills.

You create screening questions and rate the applicants according to responses. You use the available templates or generate content to assist you in the job description. It lets you target applicants based on location, experience, goals, and industry.

In this platform, you can involve your team members in making the hiring decision. You send messages direct to applicants and support is via phone or online media. 


Breezy platform provides you functions for tracking and sourcing applicants, parsing resumes, video interviews, and more. It is based in the cloud but has a mobile app that enables you to recruit fast.

Moreover, it allows you to customize career pages and has reporting features. With the drag and drop interface, you can customize and organize your applicants in your favorite order.

The platform enables you to connect with candidates via email and schedule interviews fast. You can integrate this platform with others to source candidates and you can post jobs to many boards.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho is a recruiting platform accessible via a website. Its applicant tracking system contains features for parsing resumes, posting jobs, customizing career pages, and scheduling interviews. It also enables cooperation between team members.

With a customized career page, the display of open jobs is improved. To reach more candidates, this platform enables posting in popular boards and uses social media for direct sourcing of candidates.

Therefore, candidates can log in to the platform to apply for jobs or update their profiles. You can integrate Zoho to other platforms to save time and avoid repetitive data entry. 


JazzHR software provides recruiting and hiring services to all businesses. This platform enables you to post jobs, view approval processes and organize jobs to boards from one source.

You can build a customized career page to list and add jobs from within this platform. Managing the interview process, sending job offers, and onboarding paperwork are also done in the platform. You also get features for social media recruiting and employee referrals. 


Workable software offers applicant tracking, hiring, and more. You use Workable to find, examine and hire the best candidates. In this platform, you get developed job descriptions and you advertise across job boards with just one click.

Furthermore, you can use this software on a mobile device. Sourcing candidates is powered by artificial intelligence to identify the best candidate.

This software allows you to bring your team together for a fair evaluation of candidates. Tasks like scheduling interviews and sending offer letters or approvals are automated to save time used in hiring. 


Looking for hard-to-find technical talent? Hired software is a marketplace for acquiring and recruiting talent. Hired pairs people with technology to assist you to hire the best in a short time.

In Hired, you get a line of the best talents to source from with technical tests. You also get insights to improve candidate experience so you can be one step ahead in hiring. The platform reduces bias in examining candidates to focus on a candidate’s qualification only.

For interviews, you get guidance on the process. The platform has brand profile features that allow you to strengthen your brand so applicants are eager to interview with you. 


GoHire software is created to help you improve on hiring strategies. This platform helps you manage jobs, candidates, and interviews. You can integrate GoHire with websites, social media channels, and job boards. It is also used to set up new career pages. 


Snagajob software is mainly for connecting hourly workers to employers. This platform offers you a smooth hiring process. It combines candidate sourcing and screening in one source.

In addition, you get an inbuilt network of hourly workers and send them special tests. You comply with regulations and also carry out other practices like onboarding and managing workers. You access Snagajob via a website, meaning it is enabled to a computer or mobile device. 


Betterteam is software for tracking candidates. Betterteam offers you a simplified hiring system. It allows you to post jobs on many job boards. From the display, you can view all applications to accept or decline them.

For easy management and sorting, you get all notifications in your email inbox. You can access it via computers and mobile devices. Their customer support is 24 hours through phone or email. 

Monster TMS

Monster TMS software offers features to identify, onboard, and manage your workers. This platform integrates with other functions to simplify crucial processes.

With this software, you spend less time in hiring, you save the cost of hiring, you hire quality workers, and you increase time to be productive. It is accessible via website and support through online chat. 

iCIMS Talent Cloud

iCIMS software is for posting jobs. It has features like career portals that are mobile-enabled, employee referral, social media recruitment, and integration to a job board.

Posting of jobs to job boards is done automatically and you access many jobs boards globally. For job boards that are specific to your industry, you keep updating your job listings for jobs.   

15 Best Job Boards Software

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15 Best Job Boards Software

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15 Best Job Boards Software

15 Best Job Boards Software
15 Best Job Boards Software

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15 Best Job Boards Software

15 Best Job Boards Software

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15 Best Job Boards Software