15 Best Workforce Management Software

15 Best Workforce Management Software

Your company is directly affected by global trends. And, with technological advancements, it is always forced to strategize, adapt, and apply new software to run a business. Workforce management software helps you record all day-to-day operations of your company.

The finest software for managing the workforce addresses all your workforce requirements. These software’s plan, supervise and record the work of your workers. Among the records are the employees paid time off (PTO), leaves, payments, schedules, among others. You utilize Workforce management software in your company to report on the efficiency of the workforce, track attendance, schedule employee work and predict the labor demands. In this post, I will be naming some of the best workforce management software of 2021 with their outstanding features, so that you can make the perfect choice for your company. 

List of Best Workforce Management Software

  1. Uzio

All your needs from onboarding to off-boarding are catered for in this platform. You can integrate this tool with others to get updates on time. It has a feature for self-service for your employees to follow on their schedules and wages. It offers you features for HR operations and managing payments and also complies with local authorities. It enables customization and a team to assist you is always ready. However, it’s not available in the US and doesn’t offer a free trial. Charges start at $4 per user monthly.    

  • Calabrio

Calabrio blends with other tools for managing the workforce to boost your customer experience. They offer you the best solutions in managing your workforce call center. They enable you to record calls and store the data for future references. It utilizes artificial intelligence and offers features for employee engagement. Their system is easy to use but files are not organized by date and time. It also lacks probability tests for scheduling tasks before sending them to workers. Their prices are customized upon request.    

  • SwipedOn Pocket 

SwipedOn Pocket enables you to track employees during work and facilitate an environment that is free of risks. This platform allows you to track employee movements in and out of the workplace. Employees sign in at specific locations providing data on accurate time and date. It has a simple interface that is easy to use and customizable. However, you cannot integrate it with old mobile devices and you also cannot sign in at any location. You get a free trial lasting 14 days and prices start at $49 per month.  

  • Oracle Management Workforce

Oracle Management Workforce assists you track time and manage leaves, workforce database, and payments. You can customize the tool which also follows local policies. It enables you to track productivity trends and has a highly functional smartphone app. Reports on payments are automated and also give you tax updates. Although their reports are sometimes slow. You get a free demo and a payment per 1000 users is #13 per user per month. 

  • Fuse Workforce Management

This platform’s database is stored in the cloud. The platform enables you to analyze your employees all the time, manage how they interact, track labor time and leaves together with payment managing. It is easily customizable and integrates with other tools. It also has a self-service feature. It stands out and you can use it on a mobile phone. However, their hiring process is challenging to follow and you manually track attendance. You get a free demo and charges are $18 per user monthly. 

  • BlueYonder Workforce Management

BlueYonder software mainly focuses on managing workforce engagement and productivity. Its interface is modern and attractive and allows you to interact with your workforce. You get detailed reports and you schedule workers according to their skills. Each of your employees gets a personal portal that allows for wages management. It also allows for integration although to integrate you require a professional setup. Prices are given upon request. 

  • Aspect

Aspect offers your workforce self-servicing features. It helps you in planning and staffing your workforce. Its dashboard displays to you all crucial information. It enables you to schedule many tasks in a short time and also plan for leaves. You can easily contact their agents for assistance. Their mobile app is outdated and integrates poorly with other apps. You get a demo for free and for the price you request.

  • SAP SuccessFactors

SAP software helps you manage your workforce as well as develop and promote them. You mostly use this platform in hospitals where learning is taking place. It also has features that allow onboarding and a page to develop your career path. However, it lacks artificial intelligence use in sorting candidates and customizations are limited. Their prices start at $2.18 per user with a free trial. 

  • Sum Total

This platform lets you assign tasks according to the availability, roles, and skills of your workers. It also includes features for training and learning. You can customize the page layout and integrate it with other software. However, their report templates need to be standardized and their license cost lowered. Their prices are given at your request. 

  1. Paylocity

Paylocity software assists you in managing payments and taxes, recruiting and integrating workers. You can also use it on a mobile smart device with features identical to websites. Features for tracking performance are available and also communicate via social networks. However, you only get reports that you request and customer assistance is not urgent. A free demo is also offered. They have a fixed monthly cost of $45 and an additional $4 per user. 

  1. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now software enables you to process payments, file taxes, track time and performance, and acquire talents among other things. It has a single database that is synchronized automatically helping you reduce manual procedure. You can integrate it with other HR software for unique needs in the works. Their feature allows for self-service among your employees and is usable on a mobile device. You get charged starting at $99 per month. 

  1. Verint

Verint enables you to create better relations with your customers by connecting data on work and experiences. You can track performance and eliminate inefficient workers in your company. It is a modern platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and is open to integrate with other tools for maximum results. It also has a mobile app you can use. Their prices are customized according to the product you use. 

  1. Envoy

Envoy enables you to connect your workforce for cooperation. It also has features for onboarding and engaging workers. Envoy helps you also manage the delivery of products to your customers. You also schedule tasks in Envoy and keep your employees happy and safe. It also aids you in booking a room for conferences and meetings. Envoy offers you a free trial with their standard price starting at $99 per month. 

  1. When I Work

This platform assists you in scheduling tasks and stores data in the cloud. You use this software in tracking time and attendance, creating shifts and filling them, and adding new tasks to the calendar. You can use it on a mobile device and browsers allowing flexibility. You can also approve requests from your employees for time off in this tool. It also allows for communication like sending group emails or messages. You can integrate this tool with others that offer payroll management and assistance is given via online videos. You get a free trial that lasts 14 days and prices start at $2 per month for each user.    

  1. WorkForce

You use WorkForce software to connect your workforce around the globe. It assists you in managing attendance, tracking time, and scheduling tasks, empower workers and digitize operations. It shows you the location of all your employees reducing expenses and boosting teamwork. This software advocates for a safe workplace so that all workers can give their best to maximize efficiency. You get a free trial that lasts for 4 days and charges are customized following how many workers you have. 

Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software