15 Best Employee Assistance Programs

15 Best Employee Assistance Programs

Is your company in search of an employee assistance program (EAP)? Employees form part of the core factors in any organization. With this is in mind, an efficient EAP is a viable course of action to consider.

As an employer, you should be considerate of the mental, psychological, and even physical well-being of your employees. Most times, your employees are going through personal problems – depression, financial stress, and more – than distract them from their work and overall wellbeing.

While it may not be possible to solve the personal problems they are facing, you can put in measures to help them deal with the issues. EAPs are fully voluntary and confidential to you.

For your organization to operate at maximum efficiency, your workforce needs to be at their best both physically and mentally. With a good EAP in a company, better employee performance is experienced through reduction of stress and enhanced teamwork. An EAP assists your employees through counseling and other resources during their moments of personal strife both on and off work.

The long-run financial implications of not providing the services can be very dire. You incur costs in stress-related health issues and missed work. EAPs are offered in a variety of sizes and their costs vary according to each one. So, what do you look for when searching for the right EAP provider for your organization? In this article, I’ll discuss some of the top 15 Employee Assistance Program service providers.

List of Employee Assistance Programs

  1. Lyra health.

 This is a mental health service provider with a claim of 83% recovery rate. They offer a quality-focused approach and evidence-based treatments proven by science. Employees can find personalized healthcare with high-quality physicians. The EAP offers a wide variety of treatments for the whole family. It is available in-person, via video call, or on-site.

  • Ulliance.

Ulliance has created its Resolution EAP Model. It is designed to resolve and manage workplace conflicts, personal concerns, and life challenges. It claims that 94% of participants managed to overcome their problems through short-term counseling sessions. It offers its services through the Life Adviser App. This app offers a variety of resources and information about the EAP services available to an employee and their beneficiaries. Your employee will be connected with a life advisor consultant and also other supported services.  Materials for you are also available.

  • Spring Health.

 Its mission is to eliminate every barrier to mental health. According to Spring health, every member is different. With Precision Mental Healthcare, you identify the right option for you according to what you are looking for or dealing with. Through their clinically validated technology and world-class providers, they deliver a custom-built program that matches each employee to the right care including psychiatry, therapy, and others.

  • Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy company. It offers comprehensive online mental health treatment options for individuals, teens, couples, and psychiatry services. Users can be able to message their therapists at any time safely and confidentially across devices. Talkspace charges regularly based on the subscription you made during sign-up – monthly, quarterly, or biannually. Their plans are flexible to meet your lifestyle and needs. They provide a chance to switch between therapists at no extra cost.                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Anthem

Anthem EAP offers Live Health Online. It offers the option of accessing therapy online. It has a network of licensed health professionals who are available at any time throughout the whole year. The program gives efficient access to confidential counseling far from face-to-face sessions. Counseling is on health and wellness, finance consultations, adoption, and more.

  • Magellan Healthcare.

With more than 50 years of experience, Magellan healthcare has created life-long client relationships. This is through flexible program features and efficient customer service. The EAP consists of a variety of benefits from programs both on-site and online. Your employees will get workplace support, training, and life enrichment services.

  • Modern Health.

Modern Health provides an app that enables employees to make use of evidence-based therapy, trained clinicians, and digital courses. Employees are also able to work with certified coaches, engage in courses and meditations at their request and convenience.

  • LifeWorks.

LifeWorks services are available around the whole world with a digital platform and app in more than 40 languages. The program is available to users at all times via website or mobile phone. It is a modern EAP that provides support to employees at work and home. You get personalized content ranging from toolkits and resources to videos and podcasts, along with advice on managing health

  • Corehealth Global.

Corehealth is a top Corporate Wellness Software trusted by global providers for over 3million employees worldwide. Corehealth is a good option for your company if you require a flexible and custom EAP. It helps you strengthen the employees’ health and wellness programs. They focus on the technology only while your employees get total control of the activities they plan and schedule, like coaching and doing assessments.

  1. Cascade Centers.

The Cascade EAP mobile app allows you to access services at all times. The EAP benefit match quiz helps you determine which EAP services are best suited for you. With telehealth and video counseling, customers can make schedules and book appointments via a website. The services offered include financial matters, homeownership programs, and childcare services.

  1.  Anthem.

Anthem offers LiveHealth Online. They provide the option of having live therapy via devices. You don’t need a face-to-face counseling session. Anthem’s EAP website offers tools for assisting employees in better manage work and home life. Employees have access to legal and financial consultation. They also get a network of child and elder care with services ranging from retirement communities, pet care, to adoption information.

  1. CuraLinc Healthcare.

CuraLinc addresses a wide range of issues such as depression, marital problems, and even family issues. The EAP is accessible for 24 hours. They offer short-term mental health counseling either in-person or digital treatment options such as through text. CuraLinc provides life-changing mental health care by integrating technology and human interactions. According to their website, CuraLinc’s EAP goal is to improve access to mental health care support, engage employees, create a positive impact on employee health and productivity and assist you to reduce risks.

  1.  Ginger.

According to Ginger, 70% of members experience an improvement in depression symptoms within 10-14days. Through their app, employees access text-based behavioral coaching within seconds. They also get video therapy and psychiatry sessions within days. Ginger provides around-the-clock and confidential self-care to employees’ right on their phones.

  1.  AllOne Health.

AllOne Health offers your organization innovative and customized employee assistance programs. Some of their specialties include life coaching, mental health counseling, organizational training, and critical incidence report. According to their website, their services are available for 24 hours, 7-second telephone response, 99% customer retention, and 10K+affiliate network of professional counselors.

  1. BHS.

BHS offers customized training solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. They offer easy access to confidential services through text, call, live chat, or the BHS mobile app. With a network of expert EAP professionals across the world, employees can quickly and conveniently connect with care coordinators. Some of their key features include face-to-face counseling sessions, referral services, and drug testing programs.

Best Employee Assistance Programs

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Best Employee Assistance Programs

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Best Employee Assistance Programs

Best Employee Assistance Programs

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Best Employee Assistance Programs

Best Employee Assistance Programs

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Best Employee Assistance Programs