What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

When you post a job on a site, job seekers start sending applications and resumes. Keeping track of all of them can be tiresome. Your goal of picking out the most qualified applicant might not be reached.

What an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) does for you is collect, sort, and analyze the applications as they enter. It is a digital appliance that eases the strain of the hiring task. Its software manages recruitment by organizing the applications for you.

Lately, it has been updated to include other features. Other features can acquire the talents, experiences, and expertise of candidates. Some are also used in human resource management. In this post, I am showing you some of the best applicant tracking systems. 

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List of 15 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Best Applicant Tracking Software

1. Manatal

Manatal offers you solutions that rely on artificial intelligence. It has unique features that are creative in helping you hire new employees and introduce them to their duties. It has an easy interface to use that doesn’t need you to train.

Its features include daily recruitment, management of activities, showing of applicant’s job history, and efficient searching functions. Other amazing features are recommendations founded on artificial intelligence and recruitment from social media.

However, it also has an inbuilt customer relationship management (CRM) and connects easily with other social networks. But it lacks free trials and payment management. Manatal charges you a starting price of $15 per feature each month.

2. Tracker

When you are using Tracker, it acts as both Applicant Tracking System and Customer Relationship Management. It helps you in recruitment operations and other operations like client and marketing management.

It has features that source candidates, nurture talents, and match job applicants with open jobs. The software allows you to customize its dashboard, portal, and workflows to your preference. It easily integrates with other tools except for some like Quickbooks.

Additionally, it also doesn’t have payroll management. Its starting price is $80 per month per user with a free trial. 

3. Zoho Recruit

You use Zoho Recruit in recruiting even in corporate organizations. It helps you hire qualified people that fit a job and those that rhyme with future demanded skills. You post jobs, manage clients and applicants automatically in less time.

More so, it helps you source and selects the best applicant. You can customize the view and automate some tasks like sending emails. Zoho also offers an analysis of hiring strategies.

Their support is available for 24 hours and their free trial lasts 15 days. You are charged $30 per month for each user. Its limitation is that some of its features may be overwhelming.

4. Monday .com

This is a tool where you can customize the application form in a way that all information about candidates appears on one platform.

Automated communications with applicants through emails ensure no failing of information delivery in time. It also allows integration with other digital tools. Its security is top-rated but lacks payroll management.

However, it is not good for small companies. You are charged $11 per user monthly and get a free trial that lasts 14 days.

5. Pinpoint

Pinpoint is more of a talent acquisition than a recruitment platform. You post many jobs and advertise jobs on social media. It allows you to customize the interface and workflows. You can also schedule interviews and has some automated tasks. Its data security features are tight and it complies with your local regulations.

Some of its unique features include a customized career website, unconscious screening of applicants, and scorecards for candidates. Other many platforms integrate with Pinpoint and they have an available customer care support team for you.

But it lacks payroll features. It costs you $500 per month but you pay annually. You get personalized trials and video tutorials. 

6. SAP SuccessFactors

In SAP SuccessFactors portal, you get candidate relationship management, talent assessments, and cooperation tools. It also offers you features like productivity and payments management.

It is well organized with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Their price per month per user starts at $8 while the annual subscription starts at $85 per person.

7. Oracle Taleo

It is easy to use tracking software. It has an interface for hiring teams and managers, recruiters, and candidates too.

Taleo’s database is designed in a way you can use on mobile phones. Oracle Taleo pricing plans start at $29 per month. 

8. ICIMS Recruit

This is an online ATS tool that offers you strategies to advertise jobs, optimizes job search in Google, and refers you to employees.

It’s a platform that tracks posted open job positions. Their least charge per month is $39 per person.  

9. Smart Recruiters

In Smart Recruiters, features allow you to assess candidates, rank them from the scoreboard and you can also check their background information.

This tool gives you access via an internet website without having to install the software. Prices depend on the number of users and start at $10000 per year. 

10. Workday

Workday is a tool that you use to create workflow plans from onboarding henceforth. Its recruitment software is suitable for hiring managers and candidates too.

Workday can be used in small and large businesses all over the world. It also can be used in a variety of industries and offers workforce planning and analysis. Pricing is given on request to use.


Aside from offering applicant tracking systems, CEIPAL also offers you complete workforce management and systems of informing human resource managers.

It has a simple interface and a unique approach that boosts the hiring process. You connect with candidates and everyone in your team through android and IOS apps from anywhere all the time.

Its personalized way sets you to be more strategic and everyone in the organization too. Charges begin at $24 per feature monthly.

12. Workable

You use workable to help you get and hire the right person for a job. In workable, you post the job in many sites easily, get employee referrals and sourcing is done through artificial intelligence.

This helps you land the most fit actively looking for job candidates. Using workable lets you do better interviews, evaluate candidates fairly, and helps you make the right hiring decision. Workable prices start at $99 per month and offer a free trial.

13. JazzHR

JazzHR software is easy-to-use recruitment software for you to use in small or growing businesses. It assists you in finding the right talent for your business to grow in a short time. Its charges are flexible which begin at $39 per month in each feature. 

14. Bullhorn

You use bullhorn in the staffing industry. Bullhorn offers you a customer relationship management and applicant tracking system. It helps you ease recruitment and employee management operations.

Bullhorn pricing depends on the number of users that will use the software. They charge $99 per person for 10 users every month. 

15. Greenhouse

The greenhouse is talent acquisition software. The greenhouse uses intelligence to guide you to design and automate the hiring process. Moreover, it ensures you hire the best talent since it has innovative measures that create measurable results.

It is simple to integrate with other software and platforms. Their assistance team is ready to help you from any location. Their prices range from $6000 to $25000 per year for a dozen users. 

What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

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What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

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What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?
What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

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What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?

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What are the Best Applicant Tracking Systems ?