What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

Work ghosting is when an employee doesn’t show up and cuts all communication with your organization without an explanation. This behavior is has been there since human interactions started. Ghosting is strange behavior, especially at work. Some people would prefer other strategies of ending their jobs other than job ghosting. So, what drives job ghosting? In this post, I will share why people do job ghosting.

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Work Ghosting Due to Lack of Professionalism

Some workers do job ghosting due to a lack of professionalism to carry out tasks. A worker applies for a job with certainty that he or she will be able to do that job.

Upon being hired, things may turn out opposite of what he or she thought. The job offered might need skills that he or she doesn’t have. And these may not be those skills that take short time to be taught.

Due to this, carrying out tasks assigned to him or she will be a challenge. The worker might find it easier to ghost your company rather than go through embarrassment.

Poor Onboarding Practices Result to Work Ghosting

Onboarding is meant to welcome a new worker to your organization. It is through how you welcome new hires that they feel comfortable in your organization. Integrating a new worker into your organization requires more than just orientation.

With poor onboarding practices, your new hires are likely to leave. This is since they won’t feel welcome and valued by your organization. New hires are more likely to leave without notice than old workers. 

Feeling Unsafe About Discussing Resignation

Mistakes in the workplace are a common phenomenon. Workers make all types of mistakes when conducting tasks and operations.

It is up to managers to support their workers and find solutions to mistakes that happen. However, some managers react badly. Some managers even threaten to fire workers who make mistakes.

If you are threatened to be fired from work due to a mistake, you might ghost that job. You can find it easier to just leave without saying anything than discuss your resignation with a bad manager.

Lack of Understanding of Cost of Hiring to Replace

When a worker ghosts your job, you are forced to look for a replacement. Replacing a worker who went without notice costs your company.

When you would be doing other tasks that add value to your business, you start looking for a new hire. Yet, the new hire you get will have to be taken through onboarding.

All these processes cost your organization time and money. However, some employees don’t understand this at all. They think it might not be necessary for them to give you notice of leaving your job.

Job Ghosting Due to Another Job Offer

While working in your organization, an employee can be sending resumes to other organizations. In the process, a worker can be offered a job in other organizations.

The job offers may be paying better than your job. Or, it can be a dream job for your worker. That worker may find that chance impossible to miss and decide to leave your organization. He or she might leave without notice as not to say that he or she accepted another job offer.

Workers Don’t Want To Be Convinced to Stay

As in the case of another job offer, telling your manager you are leaving could lead to a turn of events.

Your manager may not want you to leave his organization. The manager will try to convince you to stay maybe at least till your replacement is found.

Managers can go further to promise you other benefits and pay rise to convince you to stay. Workers would not want this. If they have a hint that this is what will happen, they just leave without notice.

Job Ghosting Due to Dissatisfaction at Work

Some employees are not satisfied with their work. This is caused by many reasons. For some employees, the expectations were too high when they came to work in your company.

For others, it might be the working conditions or the salary. Even how you handle situations at work could make a worker angry and dissatisfied.

In such cases, workers may find it hard to say they want to leave. Once they have had enough, they just leave without notice.

Lack of Training Opportunities

Imagine working at the same desk and doing the same tasks for a long. It becomes boring right? Employees want their organizations to provide them with training opportunities.

By adding skills, they advance their career or professional ladder. This makes them get promoted when chances present themselves. Without adding skills to your profession, you might work in the same job for a long.

When your workers lack training opportunities to advance their careers, they might look for these opportunities somewhere else. Therefore, ghost your job.

Lack of Appreciation in Your Organization

Workers want to feel valued and appreciated. You can appreciate your workers in many ways.

Some ways include recognizing and rewarding their achievements, giving them days off and vacations, and acting on their feedback. If a worker doesn’t feel appreciated, there are high chances of that worker ghosting your job.

Work Ghosting Contributed By Your Company Culture

The culture of your company can lead to job ghosting. Workers want to work in an organization where the company culture is inclusive. They want to work where their contribution and ideas are invited.

Additionally, they want to work in a culture where there is collaboration and support. If your company culture is discriminative on any basis, an offended worker will just leave without notice.

Job ghosting is not the best way your worker should leave a job. However, people don’t just do it for no reason. As an employer, you should ensure you look inside your organization to identify the cause of job ghosting. And, resolve the problem to curb job ghosting.   

What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

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What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

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What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

What is work ghosting and why do people do it?
What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

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What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

What is work ghosting and why do people do it?

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What is work ghosting and why do people do it?