How Can You Form a Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers?

How Can You Form a Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers?

Strong relationships between coworkers are beneficial. They help to enhance the quality of work-life, open up opportunities for personal and professional developments, and add value to the culture of your organization. Moreover, it improves employee retention and productivity among other benefits. However, building relationships with coworkers can be challenging. In this post, I will share ways in which you can form tighter bonds with your coworkers.

Know Your Interests

Before you try to know your coworkers, you should know yourself first. Nowadays, employees fill out their personal goals in their profiles. They can even go further to take personality tests. The tests help them understand themselves better and find similar qualities to other colleagues. You get to identify individual and group interests that help to organize and attend organizational activities.

Through these activities, your coworkers find their strengths and what they can do best. Pairing strengths and interests help you decide which activities to plan and to attend. In these meetings, sharing and discussing results helps you and your coworkers know each other on a personal level.

Meetings with People with Same Interests

There are many schedules in your organization. At times, starting a new activity is easier than including your coworkers in an existing activity or group. Creating meetings between people who share the same interests can be a great solution.

Before creating new priority projects and events, be open to everyone’s goals. Consider their schedules, workloads, and day-offs. Meetings help if you are looking for ideas to expand your group and include new members. With time, you and your coworkers will get involved in many activities together, like playing chess.

Volunteering Together

Volunteering can help build a connection that is lost in the business environment between workers. You should allocate time to groups that volunteer for activities out of the office and accompany them. There are many opportunities to pick from for you and your team to get away from the office and computers to reduce burnout.

For instance, your coworkers can be happy to spend a day out planting trees or cleaning roads. Let your workers give you feedback on which opportunities they would like to volunteer. Each worker should consider their strengths in choosing a role that will make the opportunity more orderly. This presents a great chance for your coworkers to take their skills outside and for you to learn their abilities and interests.

Boost Gratitude in Your Culture

Acknowledging small wins helps boost the morale of workers and relationships between coworkers. When reviewing tasks, insert a portion that acknowledges an achievement made by a teammate. You can go further to take a minute to congratulate that coworker publicly and give their story. This motivates the coworkers greatly. In large departmental meetings, use few minutes to acknowledge a coworker’s dedication. Appreciating a worker influences relationships between colleagues and also their superiors.

Personal Appreciations

Publicly praising a worker helps motivate colleagues, but making appreciation personal creates a stronger connection. When you appreciate a coworker personally, you create a conversation. For instance, you can send a worker a thank-you card expressing your appreciation and that of their coworkers.

In the note, ensure to explain that they have persevered to accomplish for themselves and the company. You can also use the note as an opportunity to invite that coworker to join you in other interests outside the office like business groups or coffee dates. Giving a personal touch helps strengthen the gratitude and create more potential conversations in the future.

Involve Community Support

Team building activities can be enhanced through a little competition. This can be done through community centers, for example, gyms, schools, or churches. Plan with your coworkers to pick up a basketball or volleyball game to blow off steam after work. This helps reinforce trust between your coworkers. Another activity is exercising at the gym. While exercising or doing these other activities, you find that you frequently talk about current projects and take time to give each other advice. The bond between coworkers is strengthened.

Open Communication

Any good relationship requires communication that goes both ways. Most workers feel like their superiors are not listening to them. Yet, a high percentage of workers prefer companies that have open communication. For your organization to support open communication, implement channels for receiving feedback from your workers. These channels help workers comment on the work environment. It helps you improve the working environment. A good work environment enhances bonding between coworkers.

Hold Non-Work Conversations over Breaks

At work, there are several breaks taken by workers like coffee breaks or lunch breaks. Workers need these breaks as long hours of work can be frustrating. Employees need breaks to breathe and connect with colleagues. They must take their mind off work for few minutes and laugh. During these breaks, your workers can talk about other things not related to work, take walks, and play games or chat. This way, they return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to return to work.

Empathize with Coworkers

Everyone goes through a hard time. Not just in life but also in the office during work. A hard time can make a worker struggle with doing tasks that they are competent in handling. Workers should listen to their colleagues when they’re having a tough day. They should recognize that their colleague might be finding difficult to complete their tasks. Since some people find it hard to open up and share when in struggle, be on the lookout for any change in communication habits or tone. With solid bonds, it is easier to identify a colleague who needs help.

Include Everyone in Decision Making

Including your coworkers in making company decisions on a regular basis strengthens your relationship with them. Before you make a final decision on matters involving your workers, ask them what they think or what are their thoughts. By involving them, you build trust and make them feel responsible. Not only do you boost their trust in you, but you also boost their morale, engagement, and responsibility.        

Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

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Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

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Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

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Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers

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Tighter Bond With Your Coworkers