This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

Training and onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into your organization. Onboarding is a long process that can last even for months. It should last for as long as the new employee feels comfortable in their new job role.

However, there are onboarding issues. These challenges can hinder the growth of your organization. In this post, I will share major pitfalls facing the training and onboarding of a new employee into your organization.

Bombarding the New Worker with Information on Day One

It is normal for your new worker to feel nervous and overwhelmed on the first day they report to work.

However, you don’t expect them to understand all information you give them on the first day. That is information on their new job roles, your company, and its culture.

Giving a new employee so much information on the first day could overwhelm them. A new hire has to fill in onboarding documents, memorize the names of colleagues, and learn how to tackle tasks in the new job and other things to do. All these things cannot be done on the first day.

Lack of Clear Description on Job Roles

Most new hires face the challenge of understanding their new job roles during the first months. Some even end up thinking that they signed up for a different role compared to what they expected.

A new worker could be disappointed about the newly assigned role. Your company management must meet with the new hires and discuss the clarity of their job roles.

In this discussion, you must help new workers understand how their new roles will boost their professional development.

Onboarding without Continuous Training

During onboarding, you train your new hires on skills they require to excel in their new job roles. However, this training is not enough for them to perform incredibly forever.

Great talents without continuous training go through knowledge drain. It is for your organization to ensure continuous training for new hires to enforce initial onboarding training.

Continuous training and employee onboarding helps you engage your workers, retain and motivate your workers.

Training New Workers on Use of Applications

Technology has made it possible to integrate useful applications in the workplace. When your organization is using many applications, it is a challenge to train new hires on all of them during onboarding. It is not possible to know how to use all of them instantly.

New workers can be guided on using applications through manuals and videos. This reduces the dependency of new workers on HR, managers, and colleagues. Reducing dependencies helps you overcome onboarding challenges.

Lack of Preparation for Onboarding

Most organizations do not structure and prepare for onboarding new workers. Onboarding should be treated as an important process as it is.

Onboarding new workers into your organization gives them a sense of belonging. They can integrate and function well in the team environment. Onboarding is an opportunity to integrate new workers into your organizational culture.

Giving Unclear Goals and Expectations during Onboarding

New employees are usually happy on the first day of reporting to a new job. However, a lack of clarity on goals and expectations can bring down their joy. According to Shrm ,during onboarding, ensure you are clear about what is expected of an employee.

You should define to the new worker what the organization expects them to contribute. You do this by giving a clear job description to serve as a vision and mission statement.

Onboarding Should Address Cultural and Generational Differences

Workers in your organization are not motivated by the same things. In your organization, workers come from different cultures and are of different ages.

During onboarding, cultural and generational differences should be recognized. This is to enable workers to give respect to each other and communicate effectively. For instance, some workers have families while others are fresh out of college. Their requirements are not the same.

Not Giving and Collecting Feedback during Onboarding

New workers will always have questions they need answers to. Questions are good since new workers get clarification for something they don’t understand.

Your organization’s managers and colleagues must give feedback to new workers. Moreover, you need to collect feedback from new employees. Ask them for feedback on their new job experience. This is to identify areas that need improvement.

Failure of Management to Provide Support

Management of an organization is always dealing with many projects and doesn’t have a lot of spare time. Sometimes, devoting their time to tasks out of their normal responsibilities can be a burden.

Onboarding, however, is part of the normal responsibilities of the management. Onboarding is as important as financial reports or customer service.

The management should organize and schedule onboarding events in advance. This way, they can create one-on-one meetings with the new employees. Managers should offer the best guidance to a new team member.

Using Manual Paper Processes rather than Automated Onboarding

Conducting manual processes in your organization is tedious. Manual processes consume a lot of time compared to automated tasks. Onboarding should also be automated. This eliminates the need to complete documents by hand. Errors that arise from manual paperwork are also eliminated.

Automation of processes is increasing due to advances in technology. When you automate onboarding, gathering and completing documents is faster and easier. Onboarding and training new workers is as important as any other company operation.

When you onboard a new worker, you train them on skills required to conduct tasks. However, training should be continuous throughout their onboarding and working journey. This article discusses other pitfalls to solve during onboarding.

This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

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This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

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This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.
This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

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This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.

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This are the biggest pitfalls when it comes to training and onboarding new employees.