Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

Conflict resolution is the process in which disputing parties work towards a solution to the dispute. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. After all, two or more people living together cannot agree on everything. Conflict in the workplace can influence the productivity and engagement of workers, and also affect your company culture. When handled positively, conflict can provide an opportunity for growth. In this post, I will share the skills you need to successfully resolve conflicts.  

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Communication is Key to Conflict Resolution

Communication is how your employees talk to each other. To understand the source of conflict, workers must communicate well with each other.

In communication, there is talking to give your points and also listening. Active listening increases the chances of solving conflict. Because you ask questions that make you better understand the source of conflict.

Other communication skill to use in conflict resolution includes reading nonverbal cues. Also, do not forget to be clear and concise when explaining your opinion.

Teamwork is Useful in Conflict Resolution

Conflicts arise due to disagreements in individual personalities. However, each individual is in a team with colleagues.

Each individual should understand what leads to successful team functioning. It would reduce the occurrence of conflict in the workplace.

Behaviors with strong teamwork skills help solve workplace conflicts. These behaviors include focusing on common goals, giving clear roles to each team member, and suppressing personal desires to consider the needs of the team.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills assist in conflict resolution. It help conflicting parties consider many possible solutions to a conflict. By knowing how to tackle a problem, you prevent and reduce the chances of conflict occurring.

However, before you attempt to solve a conflict, you should first identify the source of the conflict. You then proceed to consider various solutions and multiple points of view.

This way, you will effectively and successfully solve a workplace conflict. If the chosen solution is unsuccessful, you should revisit the issue and try another solution.

Stress Management Skills

Stress applies to the conflict in two ways. It can lead to workplace conflict and the conflict caused can create a stressful situation for workers.

In both cases, you need the tools and ability to cope with the frustrations of workplace conflicts. You should learn the strategies of preventing and reducing stress.

This enables you to calmly express yourself and work with others to solve conflicts. There are stress management behaviors that help in managing conflict. These include injecting humor to dilute anger in a conflict and taking breaks to calm tempers.

Emotional Intelligence is Crucial in Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict triggers strong emotions. Especially when a worker feels that their position is threatened.

Emotional intelligence is an important conflict resolution skill. It allows you to understand your emotions and those of others involved in a conflict.

When you are aware of your emotions, you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and show compassion. Leaders should be emotionally aware to influence and get successful outcomes.


Being assertive is to stand up for your rights. It involves expressing your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts in an honest, direct, and appropriate way.

When standing up for your rights or the rights of others, it should be in a positive and not aggressive way. And ensure you don’t accept anything wrong.

However, even when being assertive, you should respect the beliefs, feelings, and thoughts of others. You should put your points across in a way that doesn’t upset anyone.

Observational Skills are Required in Conflict Resolution

Observational skills can work wonders in solving workplace conflicts. Observation can even reduce the chances of a serious dispute.

In observing, you look out for signs that raise the chances of a conflict. These signs include the tone of voice, facial expressions, and isolation. Louder voice than usual shows chances of a conflict.

Raised eyebrows or lack of eye contact also show signs of conflict. Even how team members communicate can indicate a cold conflict. You should understand how to use your observational skills in solving conflicts.

Fairness in Conflict Resolution

Fairness means not taking sides. In a dispute, taking sides would be a major roadblock to solving that dispute. Fairness is an essential skill in conflict resolution.

Being fair helps you resolve workplace conflicts on diplomatic terms. Being fair shows you are honest and value equality among colleagues. It shows that you prioritize the truth over everything else.

Workers trust and follow leaders who are fair and inclusive. To be fair, you must be mindful, not bring up personal events, and talk about behavior, not personalities.

Conflict Resolution Requires Patience

Patience is a skill essential in solving conflicts in the workplace. During a conflict, emotions can get high. If you become impatient, you only make things worse.

Instead, you should be patient and calm to assess the situation at hand. Composing your mind allows you to evaluate the situation and make a wise decision. You should take some time to come up with a decision.

Negotiation Skills

In a conflict, nothing can be resolved without talking. Negotiation skills help you in putting points across. There are things you need to have to be a better negotiator.

You must be clear and specific about your problem and whatever you say. Again, you must be able to express your feelings in words and not in actions. And lastly, you must verbal affirmations. These are words like “I understand”.

Conflict resolution is a task that requires a set of skills to manage successfully. While some are listed in this article, you also need to be an active listener and be empathetic. Conflicts are inevitable, but how you handle them contributes to how the future will be.     

Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

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Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

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Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?
Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

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Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?

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Which skills are needed to be successful at conflict resolution?