Why Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

Why Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

Onboarding is the organized process you implement to integrate a new worker with your company and its culture. It involves giving the new employee the tools and information they need to become productive in the team. To onboard a new worker helps them understand their role, the company culture, and what you expect of them as the employer.

Onboarding should not stop after the completion of paperwork or the first day but should last at least a year. The experience of a new worker for the first few months matters a lot. Onboarding affects the level of engagement of a new worker and retention. In this post, I will share how good onboarding helps you retain employees.

Maximizes Performance of New Employees

An effective onboarding program increases the work efforts of a new worker. Your whole staff should be involved in the onboarding process of a new worker. Welcoming of a new employee by your whole staff encourages the new employee to perform at their best.

Lack of good onboarding can make a new employee get disinterested and hence not give their best. In your company’s onboarding program, create sessions to teach your new workers about the mission, vision, culture, and core values of your company.

By doing this, you train the new worker to understand their role in your company. With such onboarding practice, the hired new worker is more likely to work and remain in your company.

New Employees Feel Comfortable

Being new in a place is not always easy. This also applies to a new worker in a company. It can create unnecessary tension and feel uncomfortable. Good onboarding can help a new worker fight such feelings of tension. Tension can affect the performance of a new worker.

When all your staff is involved in welcoming a new worker, the worker feels like being a part of a caring team. He or she feels is in the right place and with the right people. In case of any challenges or questions they might be having, they don’t feel afraid to ask for help and assistance.

The new worker doesn’t feel alone among a group of other workers as they consider him or her their team member. You create good feelings in them and make them feel comfortable in your organization. Once you make a new worker feel comfortable in your organization, there are high chances of that worker remaining in your organization.

Onboarding Saves Time and Money

Without an effective onboarding process, the rate of turnover increases. Turnover is costly to a company as you have to go back to hiring another person to replace the one who left. This means you have to stop doing other productive activities and start reading applicants’ resumes to determine the best talent.

You use your time and resources to hire another worker and train them. However, with proper onboarding, you reduce the costs that are associated with training a new worker initially. Your company saves time and money through an effective onboarding process. The time and resources saved can be directed towards improving the retention of employees. Therefore, with proper onboarding, your company’s employee retention is enhanced.

Motivation by Team Members

Your whole staff in the company is involved in onboarding a new worker into the company. This means welcoming the new worker and supporting them in any way possible. Since the new worker doesn’t know much about the operations of your company, guidance should be given to them. This is to ensure that they take the shortest time possible to familiarize themselves with your company’s operations.

Being there for new workers not only helps them in familiarizing themselves but also motivates them. As a person, you feel motivated to push on and do better knowing a person is supporting you and ready to listen to you. You feel confident and energetic to move on. A motivated employee is less likely to have thoughts of leaving your company as they develop positive feelings. This increases the chances of retaining a new worker.

Simple Transition for New Hires

To onboard a new employee effectively is to prepare them for the journey ahead. On hiring a new person, you first give him orientation on the company. During onboarding, you show them their desk or office, describe to them what their job requires of them, and explain to them their responsibilities in the company.

At the beginning of their new job, however, you don’t start by giving a new worker complicated tasks without showing them or demonstrating how they will perform the tasks. Onboarding requires that you start by giving a new worker simple tasks. You then progress by giving little more challenging tasks each day as time passes.

This way, you give a worker a simple transition as they get deeper into your organization. Simple transition is less stressful and contributes to retaining new workers.

Appreciating New Workers

As people, we want to feel appreciated by others. When a person gets a new job at your company, they try hard to prove their worth to you. If you don’t appreciate their efforts or continue to give them negative criticisms, the new workers feel unhappy and tend to get demotivated. Lack of recognition could affect their productivity and make them feel like not part of the team.

But, if you appreciate their efforts and give them support, they develop positive feelings and perform better. During onboarding, ensure you show a new worker that they are making the right progress and they are on the right path. This helps you retain that worker.

Open Communication

Open communication is key to retaining workers. This is because it makes it easier to share challenges facing the workers to solve them. Communication is useful not only in challenges, but your workers also feel free to suggest ideas and improvements they feel could be useful in your company.

Onboarding a new worker in your worker also involves encouraging open communication. You encourage the new workers to open up and sought help where they feel stranded. By opening up, new workers move through challenges easily. When everything is communicated and discussed openly, it promotes transparency. In an organization where there is transparency, you retain your workers.

Engaged Employees

Proper onboarding process leads to engaged workers. At onboarding, one of the most important things taught to a new worker is your company’s core values. By understanding the mission and vision of your company, a new worker understands the purpose of why he or she is doing that job. Having a purpose of why you do something motivates you to do it and therefore your engagement level rises. Engaged workers are more productive and love their job. People who love their job give their best and remain at your company.

Connection to the Company

Workers who are onboarded properly into an organization feel a sense of connection to that company. During onboarding, you teach a new worker everything about your company. From fellow team members to the management, and values that your company upholds.

Each of your staff members is involved in welcoming the new worker. This gives your new worker the feeling of joining a new family. This increases their loyalty to your company and they, therefore, remain in your organization.

Teamwork and Support

Team members work together and support each other at all times. When a new worker joins your company, you put them in a team that mentors them, supports them, and shows them the way forward. This team helps them when they face challenges and motivates them to do even better. Being part of a great team is a good feeling and one feels connected to their team. This way, a worker remains in your company to do more and be with the team. 

Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

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Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

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Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

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Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention

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Good Onboarding Results/Leads to Better Employee Retention