Have you just graduated from school? And you’re looking to start a new career? Or are you looking to change your current career?  You’re reasoning about which career you want to pursue. Selecting a career is not an easy decision. Career building requires you to devote your time, training and at times use money.

Before you make any final decision, you need to consider two things first. Your interests in terms of what you like to do in life and the job’s financial rewards. Look whether a career will provide you with comfortable life. In the UK, there are many and exciting career options that ensure you meet your financial needs.

List of Highest Paid Jobs in UK

  1. Surgeons and Doctors

You work in healthcare department where you treat illnesses of perform surgeries where necessary. Your job is critical since even after job hours, emergencies arise that require your skill. Your job is high risk job and requires extensive knowledge.

Qualifications Required:

You are required to complete a five-year degree in medicine. You also go through two years of general training and for surgeons, two years surgical training in hospitals.

Salary Range:

Your salary ranges from 137,000 GBP to 404,000 GBP.

  • Judges

As a judge, your job is to decide criminal cases according to the facts of the case and the relevant law that applies to the crime. You are assigned with a huge responsibility of deciding people’s fates.

Qualifications Required:

You are required to have earned a law degree with a minimum seven years’ experience.

Salary Range:

You get paid from 115,000 GBP to 339,000 GBP.

  • Lawyers

As a lawyer, you provide law related advice to your client and also represent your client in court proceedings and disputes. You offer advice in law areas such as employment, property, finance and taxation.

Qualifications Required:

To be a lawyer, you first complete a law degree in the university. You are then required to take a one-year graduate diploma in law conversion course.

Salary Range:

Your payments range from 93,400 GBP to 275,000 GBP.

  • Bank Managers

On becoming a bank manager, you are in charge of millions of investor’s funds. You administer financial and administrative functions in a bank. Your duty in a financial institution is to upgrade standards, performance, security procedures and other policies.

Qualifications Requirement:

You are required to have a degree in either business, economics, finance, management or marketing. You also must have passed 5 GCSEs, including maths and English, at grades A to C.

Salary Range:

Your salary will range from 87,900 GBP to 259,000 GBP.

  • Chief Executives and Senior Managers.

For a Chief Executive, you are the highest manager, in charge of the whole company.  The focus of a senior manager is at operations like sales and marketing, finance and customer service. As a senior manager, you report directly to the chief executive. As a chief executive or a senior manager, you can run an organization from either the private or public sector.

Qualifications Required:

You’ll need a university master’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration. Then you must have professional qualification related to the respective organization. You have to go through the ranks gaining experience in your chosen career to become a senior manager or a chief executive.

Salary Range:

Your salary in a year can range from $50000 to $250000.

  • College Professors

Your role as a college professor is to teach students in higher institutions. You develop and prepare teaching materials relating to courses. You deliver lectures and supervise students’ research projects. 

Qualifications Required:

To be a college professor in UK, you are required to have earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, and possibly a PhD in the relevant field.

Salary Range:

Your salary will range from 65,900 GBP to 194,000 GBP.

  • Entrepreneurs.

To become an entrepreneur is to create and work in your business. Being an entrepreneur you get financial gain and a chance to express your creativity. In UK, there are unimaginable entrepreneurship opportunities. It is a rewarding career as you get to create jobs.

Qualifications Required:

To become an entrepreneur, no formal qualifications are required.

Salary Range:
In UK, you’ll be paid an average salary of £42,126 per year. Entrepreneurial salaries build up with the right strategy.

  • Marketing Specialists

You work in organizations helping them grow their business, attract new buyers and increase sales. All companies or businesses require a marketing team meaning you can work in many different industries. With efficient marketing skills, you can also employ yourself independently.

Qualifications Required:

You are required to have earned a higher diploma or degree in marketing, business studies or public relations.

Salary Range:

A marketing specialist in UK is paid an average salary of £29492.

  • Aircraft Controllers

You look after a plane as it ascends, in its phase of journey and as it lands as an air traffic controller. You ensure all the aircrafts in the airspace are flying safely and they avoid accidents. In this position, you are responsible for safety of the many people in the aircrafts.

Qualifications Required:

You are required to have a minimum of grade A-C in five subject’s in secondary academic qualifications including English and maths.

Salary Range:

An air traffic controller in UK is paid an average salary of £25290 per year.

  1. Analysts

Your role as an analyst is to research a topic of interest, identify the risks involved and come up with ideas on how to resolve the problem. There are different types of analysts in many businesses such as data analysts, business analysts and financial analysts.

Qualifications Required:

Qualifications vary basing on the type of analysis you are working on. You are required to have a degree in maths, statistics, business studies, economics, and computer based for system analysts.

Salary Range:

Salary ranges from £20000 to £70000.


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