15 Best Online Payroll Software

15 Best Online Payroll Software

Online payroll software helps to reduce payroll errors and problems. Are you looking for the right payroll management software for your organization? You must decide if you want software that offers payroll features only or has additional employee benefits.

Online payroll software offers you feature like tax filling, managing compensations, and tracking time and attendance. This online software is hosted in the cloud and managed by a vendor. With a device that is web-enabled, you can log in to the software from any location and access their services.

Payroll software will become a part of your day-to-day tools. In this article, I will highlight some of the best payroll software and their features you can apply to your company. 

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Uzio offers you a feature for managing payroll and benefits, and also tracks time. You are assisted in planning on benefits and tracking your workers’ enrollment. Updating you on tax laws is also offered.

With their well-organized and designed menus, processes like managing payroll and benefits are made easier. Your team members also get their self-service requirements.

However, this app doesn’t integrate with other tools as they have their own inbuilt features. Integrations to Microsoft and others platforms would be a good addition. You get a free trial that lasts 30 days. Their license costs $30 per month and for each user, you pay $4.5 per month too. 


FinancePal contains keeping records, accounts, managing payroll, calculating taxes, and customizing projects all in one tool. It is created in a way to save your time by outsourcing repetitive payroll tasks that are complicated.

The software connects you to finance professionals that handle your accounts, making it risk-free. For your business growth, this tool gives you customized reports on revenue and assists you in planning on finances.

Besides payroll and accounting assistance, this tool also stores your records, prepares your taxes and all other HR processes. You also can integrate it with other tools for more operations. You get a free demo and a trial from where you pay $99 per month. 


ADP software is best for small and mid-size hospitals and restaurants. Besides payroll, it enables you to track attendance and create schedules, and you also get updates on your industry performance to help you stay competitive.

You access payroll easily from the homepage, which is also customizable to contain your company details, business news, and a self-service portal. You can integrate the ADP tool to many other platforms.

Due to a wide range of tasks from onboarding to training, their priority help desk is available at a paid plan. You get a free trial that lasts 30 days. When you sign up for processing payroll, you get up to 3 months free. Additional reports are also charged and the cost per month for 10-15 workers is $160. 


Quickbooks offers you automated payroll processing and tax filling. Setting up the software is easy and their customer service is available in case of challenges.

You save a lot of time spent on payroll, and helping you in filing taxes ensures you are in compliance with authorities. It is software you want to use mostly in small businesses.

However, their support team is not easily reachable and customizations are limited. You can integrate Quickbooks with other 650 business apps. You get a 30-day free trial after which you are charged $15 per month. 


Namely offer you HR features like employee records, workers benefits and payroll, time tracking and time-off requests, talent acquisition, and news feed.

Through a self-service portal, your workers can easily request leaves and track their wages. Everything from onboarding is made easy and it also contains a knowledge database. The interface is modern, easy to use, and customizable.

Namely integrates with over 3000 other tools through a paid plan, although it takes some time to set up. You get a free demo and the cost per month is $12 per user.


Besides being payroll software, BambooHR also offers features for tracking benefits, storing employee databases, managing schedules and time offs, tracking and training applicants, and onboarding. Their interface is modern and easy to use with a feel of collaboration through the self-service portal.

This online payroll software is simple meaning that features like time tracking and reporting are made available through integrations. You can integrate BambooHR with other popular business platforms easily. You get a free trial for 7 days from where you pay per user $6.19 every month.

Knit People

Knit People tool helps you save time by offering full payroll management. Besides payroll, other features enable you to onboard workers, do deposits directly, access records, file taxes, track time, and get automated reports on performance. Your workers have access to their records through a self-service portal.

However, their customizations are a bit limited and they do not have a mobile app. You can easily integrate this tool with others. After their 30 days free trial, you pay a base monthly charge of $39 and an additional $6 per user each month.  


Humi is mainly available in Canada. With Humi, you manage employee performance, track leaves, recruit, onboard and train workers, file taxes together with processing payrolls.

Their tax engine ensures you are compliant with Canadian laws. One unique feature of Humi is that it does multiple compensations at the same time.

It is powerful and easy-to-use software but it lacks a time tracking feature. You can integrate it with other tools, and a free demo is given to you. Their cost per month is $5 per user. 


Wagepoint enables you to automatically pay your workers by getting their payment details online. It allows you to make direct deposits, and you also get reminders and tips on development.

It is a tool that is simple to use and their support team is always available to assist you. The software saves you time but some reports on the payroll are limited on a paid plan.

You can integrate Wagepoint with other tools to carry out other operations. For this software, you pay a base monthly price of $20 and an additional $2 per user each month. 

Papaya Global

Papaya Global enables you to hire, onboard, manage, and pay your workers in one platform. You get features like automated payroll, benefits and budget tracking, a self-service portal, and workforce planning. It is available and can transact in 140 countries globally.

However, in storing data, if you change the name of your organization it stores in two different records, making it hard to access historical data. Integrations with other tools are also enabled. You get a free demo after which for each user you pay $20 per month.

Safeguard Global

Safeguard Global enables your business to succeed by providing you with smarter and more efficient ways of managing employees. It assists you in recruiting, onboarding, managing payroll and expenses, and more. This software gives you insights into the workforce budget to help you make specific decisions.

The software combines data on managing employees with technology and local market expertise. It also offers integration to other platforms. You pay monthly a cost that is given on request. 

Payment Evolution

Payment Evolution offers you solutions in managing payrolls and administering benefits for small and midsize companies. Additional features include tracking time offs and depositing direct. It allows you to manage with ease taxes and payslips.

You can calculate income tax in this tool and credit the amount direct to employee accounts. It also enables you to manage your workers’ health and life insurance.

It also integrates with other applications and their customer support team is available via email and phone. You pay per year a price that is billed monthly starting from $22 per month. 

Deluxe Payweb

Deluxe is a payroll solution for your business. They offer you full and comprehensive payroll management from any location. It also allows for use in a mobile phone.

In addition, you also get to preview your payroll before you submit it. For potential errors, this platform sends you a warning message before you close your payroll.

You also get reports on the payrolls. The platform saves you time and their customer service team is readily available to assist you. Their prices are given at your request. 

Payroll City

Payroll City tool helps you handle simple and complex payroll solutions. This online payroll software assists you in calculating taxes, onboarding, complying with authorities, and more.

Furthermore, this tool offers reports on processes and allows transferring that data to Excel. For functions like time tracking, you integrate this software with other systems.

You can integrate this tool to Quickbooks to directly print paychecks from the bank. You pay a basic price of $10 per month plus an additional $4 per user each month.  


BrightPay eases managing payroll by automating the process. This online payroll software also automates enrollment helping you run payroll effectively and accurately.

Besides paying, your tax calculations are also done automatically and submitted to tax offices. BrightPay Connect allows you to publish payslips to a secure online portal. Your workers get a self-service portal to assist them in managing leaves and more.

Moreover, the tool has a mobile app that allows you, your workers, and clients to access their services anywhere and anytime. You get a free trial and their price starts at $49 per year.                   

15 Best Online Payroll Software

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15 Best Online Payroll Software

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15 Best Online Payroll Software

15 Best Online Payroll Software

15 Best Online Payroll Software

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15 Best Online Payroll Software

15 Best Online Payroll Software

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15 Best Online Payroll Software