Best EPM Software Vendors

15 Best EPM Software Vendors of 2021

 Do you own an enterprise? And you base your business operations on the most updated and correct performance data? Well, you should consider using enterprise performance management technology in your business. Enterprise performance management (EPM) software is a tool digitalized to collect data on financial performance and plan business operations.

You use applications that manage performance to cover budgets, plan on profits, and financial forecasting. Managing your enterprise performance helps you analyze and report on your workflow methods. The software tools also help you strengthen your supply chain, create and implement strategies that boost performance in your business, and plan on future financial use. This post outlines software solutions that help in the planning needs of enterprises.

List of Best EPM Software 

  1. Workday Adaptive Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning assists you in evaluating multiple plans in large data sets. This software makes it possible for you to connect with other users via the web and mobile. As a manager, you benefit from planning using skills. This platform offers you flexible timelines and dimensions for planning. Its tools analyze your plans in an extremely good way. It has limitations though. You can’t access web services in its dashboard, it doesn’t allow you to partner with other organizations, and there is no way for you to preserve previous plans. A free trial is given to you for 30 days. You pay per year $800 for each user.

  • Oracle EPM Cloud

In Oracle EPM Cloud, you get help to plan sales and finance, supply chain, and human resources. The platform offers you finance solutions through their inbuilt automatic cash flow reports and calculations. Its reporting standards are global and it uses automatic intelligence processes. From their intelligence feature, Oracle gives you smart and personalized suggestions. However, Oracle lacks automation in some tough processes. The interface is also complex and you require additional apps for some high functions. You get a free trial lasting 30 days from where you pay $500 per user at monthly intervals. 

  • OneStream XF

You use OneStream XF in corporate organizations to manage performance. The platform helps you boost enterprise planning, budgeting, and prediction tasks. You carry out planning and analysis of manufacturing needs. This platform extends the value of their service as you can access over 50 additional apps in the market. You can easily integrate it with other data sources. Training is available too. However, their dashboard is somehow bulky and additional details are required in their standard documents. Prices are given upon request.

  • EPM Live

EPM Live helps you track and manage projects and their costs. It offers you features for sales and marketing, digital connectivity, and automatic processes. It assists you to enhance teamwork through its inbuilt social interaction. You can easily integrate it with other Microsoft programs. However, closing projects and service requests require excessive clicks. This platform also requires a Microsoft SharePoint tool that charges you an extra cost. Charges are given upon request but start at $6 per user monthly. You also enjoy a free trial for 30 days. 


ARES PRISM offers you a variety of enterprise tools. The tools assist you in budgeting, planning resources, managing performance, allocating funds, tracking time and risks, analyzing cost, and predicting. This system gathers and analyzes data that assist you in making appropriate decisions. This tool enables you to control projects fully. For changes, you implement without challenges. You also import and export data easily. This platform, however, has an outdated interface and doesn’t use artificial intelligence to automate tasks. Charges are upon request and you get a free trial.

  • Epicor

Epicor allows you to make data accessible to all from customers to inventory managers. You get inbuilt features like customer guidance and price comparisons. Tools that manage documents and send schedules to employees are also available for you. You can customize this software to your desired dashboard. You get quality reports and a search feature is provided. However, you can’t integrate this tool with some financial and HR applications. You also get challenges to upgrade and implement changes. You are charged starting from $175 per user each month and you get a free demo. 

  • Infor d/EPM

You use Infor Dynamic to help you examine ongoing and potential activities. This is made successful through merging business intelligence and financial planning tools. You put together planning and cash management. You use their modeling tool to create, test, and execute plans with machine recommendations. This software enables you to manage costs and time for ongoing projects. This tool however requires an update in the presentations and is time-consuming to set up. A free demo is given to you with pricing being on request.

  • Planview

Planview offers you a clear analysis section. You get modern reports and visualizations are provided to assist you in better understanding. In this platform, planning is strategic for all operations. You also manage programs and provide a map to investment planning. Plainview offers you an engagement feature for all workers. Its data entry screen is easy to use and has unique fields. However, in this tool, you don’t get prediction features. This platform charges you $20 per month for each user with a free trial for 30 days. 

  • Axiom EPM

You use Axiom EPM to do planning on strategies, budget and to predict trends. Also, you can use it to analyze and report on profits and manage costs for complex data. It allows you to customize templates and is easy to set up. Its database interface is simple for anyone. A problem you will face with this tool is that it uses payments to report rather than productivity. The interface is also not engaging and modern. Charges are given upon request and you get a free trial. 

  1. Anaplan

Anaplan helps you prepare for complex planning. Anaplan gives you a correct prediction on supply focusing on the market needs. Anaplan has intelligent features that warn you when you’re running out of stock when you have excess inventory and show you wasted capital. This tool allows you to access multiple planning streams in one location. There is a calculation engine that helps you work out bulky data. It helps you in better management of large data sets. However, it doesn’t allow you to customize the dashboard and doesn’t integrate with some applications. It also lacks a syntax helper to help in calculations. They offer you a free trial and charges are given upon request. 

  1. Jedox

Jedox software helps you smoothen plans, budget, and predict on finance and sales, human resources, and other departments. You integrate plans on finances with plans on operations to boost processes and the quality of data in the organization. Jedox uses artificial intelligence to customize plans on analysis and reporting systems. With assisted AI plans, you can predict operations more accurately. In Jedox, you use the interface of MS Excel and a unique Jedox spreadsheet that are independent of browsers. Jedox offers you an online support portal, a free online course program, and training. At Jedox, you pay a starting price of $160 per user per month and an offer to a free trial. 

  1. Vena Solutions

Vena helps you plan on growing your business. Vena uses an Excel interface and dashboard making it simple to use. It helps you analyze the performance of the business. It also provides you a single solution for people, departments, and systems. In Vena, tasks are automated to allow you to focus more on business. You can integrate Vena with financial and operational data to catch the latest information. Vena’s growth engine allows you to unify business operations increasing visibility. Vena lets you automate complex tasks such as compensation and financial planning, and inventory management. Vena offers you a free trial and the price is given upon request. 

  1. IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics eases tasks by planning, predicting, and analyzing challenges. It helps you gain correct knowledge of demand trends. This helps you expand inventory and control costs. This tool enables you to build a complete supply chain transaction system. In this platform, you can carry out calculations and predict activities. This ensures you are making informed decisions to improve productivity and avoid a shortage of stock. The platform cost starts at $867 per month. 

  1. Insight Software

Insight software enables you to report, predict and plan faster. It provides you with business dashboards, budget, tax, and pricing applications. This ensures you increase productivity, receive accurate data, and comply with other solutions. This platform uses interactive visualizations and guides to make decisions. It also offers a feature that allows cooperation among users. Insight charges you starting at $35 per feature each month. You also get a free trial.

  1. SAP

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) contains key business functions. In addition to helping you examine business performance, SAP software also does other business operations. These operations include sales, distribution, and production planning. It also helps you in financial accounting and supply chain management. Training, payroll, and recruiting features are also available for you. This platform makes it possible to process all business functions in one platform. It allows you to communicate with other employees from all departments. Prices are given at your request.   

EPM Software Vendors

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EPM Software Vendors


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EPM Software Vendors

EPM Software Vendors

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EPM Software Vendors

EPM Software Vendors

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EPM Software Vendors