15 Best Course Authorizing Software

15 Best Course Authorizing Software

           Course Authorizing Software, nowadays, learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom setting. There is the emergence of online courses. Online courses are more convenient and cost-effective. Trainers get to reach as many students as they can and give them personalized attention. Location no longer determines what one can or cannot learn. However, online learning content must be prepared.

The process of designing and creating study materials for learners and tutors is known as course authorizing. You authorize a course to convey knowledge and skills either online or offline. To authorize a course you need a course authorizing software.

A course authorizing software is a digital platform that you use to create and develop customized content for online tutors and learners. With course creation software, you can create a course without writing a program or complex coding. In this post, I will list some of the best course authorizing software and their features so you can find the best fit for your organization. 

List of Course Authorizing Software

  1. Tovuti

Tovuti software is used to create, deliver and track the progress of training. This software gives you everything you need to create a learning program to train your team or clients.

You get features for authorizing courses, interacting videos, video conferences, sending assessments, managing events, and workers, receiving notifications and sending messages, reporting, and analyzing among others.

You can use it on a mobile device and creating content is made fast and simple. Tovuti has a content management system (CMS) and enables hosting in more than one website. You get a library of courses for training and expert development. This platform was designed in a way it makes learning interactive and participatory.

  • SmarterU.com

SmarterU.com software is for designing training courses for all sizes of companies. It is an easy-to-use, flexible, and powerful tool. This platform enables you to create a course that is interactive by adding videos, graphics, PowerPoint, links, and PDF files. You get a big library of video courses to train your workers in all departments.

You get other features for managing workers, editing online courses, and reporting. Their dashboard is executive and you get a writer for customized reports. You can integrate the software with other platforms and allows use on a mobile device. Training can be done live online or in person, and customer support is via online media for 24 hours. 

  • 360Learning

360Learning platform is for onboarding, developing your team, and training your partners and clients. You get cooperation features that enable you to base training on collective ability. This helps promote culture and growth.

You create courses in minutes so you stay a step ahead in business. You connect your workers to experts in specific subjects and make training personalized to maximize results. It is accessible via a mobile device that is internet enabled and support is via email and online media. 


BRIDGE platform offers online courses, mentorship, goal tracking, assessments, in-person and collaborative training. Other features enable video interactions, managing performance, assessing skills, and reporting. You can customize courses to individuals on this platform.

To create courses, BRIDGE offers you tools to build tests based on your organizational practices, performance analysis, and ability to train a group of workers. You create courses from this platform but you can import content from other places. Customer support is via email, phone, and online media. 

  • Brainshark

Brainshark platform offer tools for team members facing clients. The features impart them with knowledge and skills they need to perform highly. Your sales team gets the best training and insights on their performance to ensure they make the most out of selling.

You train your team on quick onboarding practices. In this platform, you create content to develop your team in a short time, update, and is accessed from any location. You ensure your team is ready by coaching them on sales key messages. Tracking trends on your sales performance is also offered. 

  • Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a platform you use to quickly create online learning content and quality media presentations. You use tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint in creating presentations. The presenter enables the use of a microphone to narrate the presentation.

You can also add music or step-by-step instructions. Their interface is simple to allow you to create interactive presentations. It allows you to import questions from other tests to save time on creating a test. You can integrate this platform with others.  

  • Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate platform enables you to create training content and measure the progress of training in a worker. It has features for assigning activities, training, reporting and notifying, managing users among others. You can assign roles or a training course to a worker based on their job roles, skills, and location. It is accessed on a website meaning you can use it on a mobile device.

The user interface is simple and automatically fits any device and is also customizable. The player feature improves your learning experience by adding videos and PDFs. You can import content from other elements. On completion of training, the platform automatically assigns a certificate. 

  • Lessonly 

Lessonly platform was created for training sales and support teams, and HR staff. You use the platform to create and share learning materials to train your workers on needed skills to perform better. You create and update a course in a short time and your workers can access it on any device anytime.

It is simple to use and allows you to share your work knowledge and practices with team members. Your workers develop their skills through training. In addition, it enables measuring the progress of employee learning and performance. You can determine if your workers are applying their work training. It also allows integration. 

  • Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline platform is for the easy creation of online courses. You get features like slide layers, triggers, and states that enable you to create interactive content without programming.

It allows importing of media, tests, and other content from other files. You add interactive content like videos and short movies to courses. Also, you can brand templates, share slides needed in all courses and let your workers access other content, not in the slides.

  1. SkyPrep

SkyPrep platform helps you train employees and examine their skills and knowledge. You create courses in minutes, identify the best performers, and determine those who need training. Other features automate emails and enrolling workers, enable customizing brand and collaborative learning.

The platform allows you to add PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other media files to training courses. Training can be led by an instructor or can be conducted via live video to classrooms, or learners can study on their own. It integrates with other tools. It has reporting features to provide you with insights on performance. 

  1. Lectora

Lectora platform is for building and authorizing courses. Lectora has set templates that enable you to create learning materials, including sections and pages. This platform is accessible via a browser.

The user interface is friendly and you get features for cooperation to boost production. In this platform, you can create course starters, learning scenarios, and games to improve the learning process. In designing the course, you can add texts, audio files, and images. You get content that helps you in forming questions to test workers. 

  1. Litmos

Litmos software is easy to use and it automates all learning programs. It is cheap to install as it doesn’t require a set-up fee. Their dashboard is friendly since it lists courses, conversations, groups, reports, and all other activities.

In this system, you create courses that can be taken by your whole team hence motivating them. You can customize the display and line up the tasks according to your needs. It allows users on a mobile device therefore your workers will have access to information from any location. 

  1. iSpringSuite

iSpringSuite software is used for designing courses to be learned on various devices. You create courses that are engaging as you can add videos, texts, dialogues, and more. Their interface is friendly and easy to use. In this platform, your workers can train together and share learning content online. The course review process is made simpler as the courses built can be converted to many formats. This is to enable playback on many devices including mobile phones. The platform also integrates with other systems.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom helps you set tests, improve teamwork and communication. You get features for creating a classroom and managing course activities. In one place, you create classes, send tests, and receive feedback from learners. Repetitive tasks are made easier so you can focus on teaching your learners. It is cheap to set up and you can integrate it with G Suite. It is enabled on the computer and mobile devices. You and your learners sign in to access learning materials, assignments and send feedback. 

  1. Thinkific

Thinkific platform is for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. In this platform, you share your content, get your audience and grow your business. Creating learning content is made easy and you can add videos and create tests. Scheduling lessons is automated to improve the learning process. It is accessible via a website and you can customize the dashboard to match your brand. Other features enable you to import content, publish your course, create content for an entire team, and add videos among others. Support is available for 24 hours via online media. 

Course Authorizing Software

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Course Authorizing Software

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Course Authorizing Software

Course Authorizing Software

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Course Authorizing Software

Course Authorizing Software

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Course Authorizing Software