15 Top Reasons Why Employees Quit a Company

15 Top Reasons Why Employees Quit a Company

           When a worker quits a job position, it is referred to as employee turnover. A high employee turnover rate is expensive for your company. Hiring a new worker to fill the vacancies left by resigned workers is costly, and requires time and effort.

It takes time that would have been used in other areas to increase the productivity of the company. It is your duty as an employer to ensure you retain your employees. Retaining your workers improves the working environment. You should regularly check how your workers are feeling about their work. Employees quit their jobs for various reasons.

The reasons can vary depending on your workplace or your personal life. This is why, as an employer, you need to know why employees want to leave your company. By knowing the reasons, you can solve reoccurring issues and make your work environment more pleasant. In this article, I will share some reasons employee leave their current jobs.

Need of a More Challenge

Employees look for two benefits in your organization. These include being able to improve their position and income, and a positive environment that gives them challenges. When you work at the same job for some time, you get to understand your tasks and duties well. With more to learn in your role, you feel ready for more of a challenge. As you become more interested to learn new skills, it contributes to growing your career. It is your duty as a manager to understand what each worker is going for in their life to give them roles that align with their mission.

Looking for Higher Compensation

When you feel like you are being underpaid for the work you do, you may move on to a new job. At the same time, when assigned more responsibilities that come with more pay you accept. Lifestyle changes and family grows and you may need to make more money to afford the expenses of living. People are driven by freedom, knowledge, and purpose as written by Psychologist Daniel Pink. In any organization, salary relates directly to retaining workers. If you’re given low compensation, you feel undervalued. Compensating your workers well shows them that you value the work they do in your company.

Feeling Uninspired

When you join a new job, it is an exciting opportunity. Over time, it may leave you feeling uninspired. This may be due to a lack of opportunities to do meaningful work in your current company. Others feel uninspired as they forget the impact their job has on the organization or the world. Feeling uninspired sometimes leads to burnout. You should assign tasks that keep workers satisfied and feeling they do meaningful work. Your worker will find a new job as a way to feel passionate about their work again.

They Want to Feel Valued and Heard

It is a good feeling to know your work is important and makes an impact on the success of the organization. Feeling replaceable at your job makes you want to search for a position where your efforts will be more valued. Best workers quit when they feel they are not being heard or seen as valuable to the company. As a manager, you can make workers feel valued by giving public and private praise to recognize those doing great work. Once you notice a star worker is pulling back and not going beyond, you should talk to him or her to get the cause.

Seeking Better Relationship with Manager

As the manager of an organization, you should keep having regular conversations with each worker. Ask them what motivates or matters to them, their interests, and career goals. Discuss and inform them what you can do for them and what’s not possible. At work, it is normal to get along with some people better than others. If your manager is not supportive, you may look for a company that values the relationship between employees and managers. Finding a new job allows you to build healthier relationships.

Job Growth and Career Advancement

Growing in your career contributes to feeling fulfilled. A company that does not value, reward, and promote workers will lose them. A company that lacks promotion opportunities or the opportunities offered does not satisfy the workers, they will look for jobs elsewhere. Also, overlooking an employee that wants career growth with a promotion might force him to quit and join another company to realize his goals. As an employer, you should offer continued learning opportunities like seminars to your employees.

Different Work Environment

Each company has its kind of work environment. This is the structure or layout of the workplace, for instance, offices and cubicles. The work environment also refers to the culture of the company. Culture can be casual, social, or professional. You want a job where you are offered a work environment that you feel comfortable working in. An environment where you don’t feel comfortable working in will lead you to quit and work somewhere else.

Lack of Training

If you care about your workers, you allow them to attend training. Training is meant to improve their skills and be more qualified for tasks. In the long run, training is beneficial as workers grow professionally improving their performance. On the other hand, if you neglect to develop your workers, they will face stagnation and dissatisfaction. This leads to your top talents quitting their jobs to work for other organizations.

Lack of Flexibility

Discipline is important in the place of work. Some employers use micromanaging to track everything you do. As a worker, this makes you feel the need for more independence in your duties. When you restrict the behavior of employees, they become less engaged in work. If you force your workers to come to work early, deny them short breaks, or do personal tasks, they become less productive. As an employer, you should trust your workers and allow them to figure out things on their own. People who manage their time use it more effectively.

No Sense of Purpose

To get fulfillment from your job, you should understand the mission of your organization and your role in the company. For example, if you sell home furniture, you must believe you are also changing the world in a way. Lack of understanding your significance in an organization, you feel disconnected from a purpose. In turn, you lose motivation to work hard. The result is moving to another organization where one feels useful.

Moving to Live Somewhere Else

Moving to a different location far from your company makes you quit. Being far from your company becomes a challenge going to work daily. People move to a different places due to different reasons. For instance, living expenses might be too high for you in your current location or you want to live somewhere close to your family. Others leave the city and move to the suburbs to start a family.  If your company doesn’t allow you to work remotely, you look for a new job closer to where you move to.

Need for More Feedback

Consistent insecure feelings on how your employer views your progress and effort might make you look for a new job. Getting regular feedback from your employer contributes to improving your performance. A person will quit their job to find another job where they give regular performance reviews. Through continuous feedback and discussions, your workers get to know where to improve, and as the employer, you get to know what they want.

Corporate Culture

Employees quit their jobs and look for new jobs corporate culture being the reason. Corporate culture becomes a problem due to two reasons. First, failure by management to build a corporate culture that promotes teamwork. For instance, doesn’t hold events or activities that bring workers together. The second is when the corporate culture is not suitable for a person. That is the strict discipline or the dress code. Corporate culture might not force a person to leave but when an opportunity presents itself he or she leaves.

Instability in the Organization

When you notice any sign of instability in your organization, you become stressed. Signs of instability include mergers and acquisitions, poor sales, reduced work hours among others. Employees feel discouraged and that you can fire them anytime. So what do they do? They start editing their resumes and looking for the right opportunities.

Personal Issues

It is not all the time that your workers resign due to problems in the workplace. Some leave due to personal reasons. For example, relocation with the family, taking years off to raise children or desires to break from work and others. When people leave for these reasons, it is not connected to the workplace. A person may wish to reorganize his life and the job might be getting on his or her way.      

Why Employees Quit a Company

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Why Employees Quit a Company

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Why Employees Quit a Company

Why Employees Quit a Company

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Why Employees Quit a Company]

Why Employees Quit a Company

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Why Employees Quit a Company