20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

You are a Human Resource Manager, looking for an information system or software that best suits your work? An efficient information system simplifies numerical processes and ensures easier overall management.

Features provided in the information systems assist you in many tasks. Tasks include hiring employees, managing employee benefits, managing employee payments, and managing employee talents and abilities. A proper human resource system helps you reduce employee concerns to ensure the smooth running of operations.

A right system supports all employees in the organization from managers, recruits, newcomers, and long-lived workers. Human resource software unifies employee data in one source. It assists you in facilitating repeatable processes and logging employee information in the database software. 

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Top 20 Best HRIS Software

1. Uzio

Uzio covers features essential for small and medium-sized businesses. Features include employee hiring, managing employee arrival time and attendance, employee records management, automation of work, and a one-click approval process.

Providing you with features required in small and medium-sized enterprises makes Uzio the best overall choice. Uzio is beneficial as it is easy to use and implement, offers you excellent services, has a self-service platform for employees, and charges a low price for the features.

A disadvantage is that its service is only available in the United States. The Uzio information system price is $4 per employee each month and offers a free trial for 30 days. 

2. Sapling

Sapling platform best suits people operations in medium-level international companies. You use people data existing in the systems to make operations like onboarding, off-boarding, and recruitment automatic. You assign work to employees automatically from their location, department, and employment status.

In sapling individuals can create profiles making it easier to manage and store people’s data. Sapling integrates well with other software like an employee tracking system, time tracking software, and payroll software.

Its advantages are that it stores employee data in a single source, assigns work automatically, and integrates with other software.

One limitation is that you cannot use it in small organizations. Sapling charges $6 per employee each month and offers a free demo. 

3. EnterpriseAxis

EnterpriseAxis is software that stores employee databases in the cloud. You can customize the software’s web portal to a company website face of your preference.

In addition to the advantages of using EnterpriseAxis, it offers high-quality data security that assists in complying with the government.

However, the look and feel of the interface are awkward and harsh. EnterpriseAxis charges you $49 every month and also offers a free demo.

4. HRM Labs

HRM Labs direct their solution based on the country and industry you are in. That is, they give payslips that show exemption employee information such as tax, allowance, and deductions. Their customer service is very responsive and easily reachable through email or phone calls.

A limitation with this software is that it lacks visualizations on products, pricing information, and free trial before use.

Moreover, the lack of a free demo makes it hard for you to explore the software before deciding to use it. Their pricing is customized upon request.

5. CommonOffice HRIS 

CommonOffice is innovative in providing clients from around the world with cloud-based HR software. They focus on providing you with security, internal audits, and multilevel encryption. You also get validated logins and night data is backed up.

CommonOffice is well organized and the user interface is designed skillfully. Their data evaluation catches your eye making the evaluation segments stand out.

However, it is limited to complex tasks like management of complex performances or multiple-level investigations that require integration to external software. CommonOffice charges are $4 per employee each month with a free trial before use. 

6. Hr.my

Hr.my is a HR software offering to add an unlimited number of employee accounts in an employer account at no cost. Employees sign up accounts in their employer’s account for free. All accounts are managed by a commanding user access control.

The fact that it is free to use makes it ideal for small and midsize businesses. Its limitation is that you can only apply it in smaller businesses and is not appropriate for large organizations.

7. Bridge

This software manages to train through a platform known as Canvas. The bridge has enough resources allocated to training and learning.

With this software, you overview available employees’ data and use it to develop and retain workers. Review tools in bridge software are used to pick out required skills for future goals of the organization.

A limitation with Bridge is that its pricing is not transparent as they have multiple additional costs. The charges are $9000 annually for 500 workers, a once implementation fee of over $5000, and a yearly support fee of over $1700.

8. Homebase

Homebase software is a time clock based in the cloud. Its time allows you to track hours so you can save time on preparing payroll. The app is free enabling coordination and connectivity among all the workers. It’s advantageous as it offers time tracking for all employees in one location.

However, it’s criticized for being best for employers who have multiple staff to manage shifts and may not fit those who are self-employed or those that work daily from Monday to Friday. Homebase charges you $6 per month in each location and also gives a free trial. 

9. Built for Teams

Built for Teams software solves your organizational concerns on hiring, retaining, managing, and analyzing your employees. It’s a modern and easy-to-use software that is designed in an interactional and cooperative way.

It has two limitations though. Conforming to Outlook is a problem and its calendar program is confusing and hard to follow. Built for Teams charges are $30 per month and offers a free demo. 

10. OptimumHRIS

Optimum HRIS software has one main database assisting in updating employee records. One database ensures that you do not duplicate data in the entry. Optimum has an in-built system for training and any arising issues, there is an assigned representative.

A limitation is that reporting is not always easy as it may not have the exact information you need. Optimum HRIS charges you $10000 just once and a free demo is also available. 

11. Zoho Workerly

As a HR manager, Zoho Workerly helps you assign jobs to temporary employees based on the job requirement, skill selection, and years of experience. You create, copy, and send detailed timesheets to workers.

Zoho Workerly is a platform that organizes clients and workers with jobs. Upon job completion, workers send invoices to clients and receive payments.

In addition, the portal also lets workers accept or decline jobs assigned to them. Zoho Workerly easily integrates with other software. They offer assistance through emails, video tutorials, and live chat. You are charged $50 per month. 

12. PLEXIS Player Platforms

A PLEXIS player platform assists you in both small and large businesses manage administration processes. It has an inbuilt self-service health care portal that allows you to store all information in one place.

PLEXIS player platforms’ key features include employee database, administration, and deductions management.

The platform offers you automated functioning enabling you to capture data in time lowering expenses and improving productivity. The platform also integrates well with other software and business systems. Pricing on this platform is done at your request.

13. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 software is a platform for client management. You use bitrix24 to organize and track interactions between clients and partners. As a user, you log in and manage interactions with clients, store data and generate sales reports.

Moreover, you can also schedule meetings with clients and assign tasks. This platform offers you client information thus you send invoices direct to the client’s email address. The sales dashboard available in the software enables you to view all sales transactions. 

14. Award Force

Award Force is a platform to assist non-profit organizations manages scholarships, grants, and more. It has a centralized dashboard that enables you to track fees and monitoring candidate activities.

Features in Award Force include payment processing, notifications for new information, tracking all assigned allocations, auditing, managing content available, and others.

Award force integrates with other software and application. You are offered assistance via phone calls, emails, and other online platforms. Award force charges you annually depending on starter and pro packages.

15. Skeeled

Skeeled assists you in employee profiling and hiring. It has features that assist in talent search, cooperation, communication, automation of processes, and tracking of progress.

Through an artificial intelligence engine, the system automates recruitment by generating a shortlist of qualified applicants. Members comment on candidates, rate profiles, and give assessments through its collaboration tool.

In this platform, you assign roles to members and set up a recruiting team too. Their centralized portal enables tracking of employees’ progress and you get timely feedback from the members. They provide support and assistance to you via phone and live chat. Charges are $299 every month. 

16. Bryq

Bryq is a Talent Intelligence Platform. This platform was created to remove biases and wrong decisions that result from traditional management processes.

Bryq was created on the realization that amazing talent is overlooked and biases slip through retarding ideal hiring and talent nurturing. Bryq software helps you achieve the needed competitive advantage in the evolving markets.

17. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking management solution you use in businesses to monitor productivity. Its features offer time tracking, website monitoring, and payment management. As a user, you enter the time spent on each project and calculate your working hours.

Furthermore, the software also assists you to track time spent on all activities including chats, meetings, calls, internet usage, and other activities. Recording employee working hours helps you ease the generation of payslips.

This platform integrates with other project management and accounting software. Customers receive assistance through email, phone, live chat, and online help desk. Time Doctor charges you $2.99 per user every month. 

18. Synchroteam

Synchroteam is software that manages businesses in the field service industry like cleaning, construction, and electrical services.

Features available include contact management and work dispatch order management. You are allowed to assign jobs to employees based on their location, availability, and qualification requirements. This platform gives you a live view of work in the field for capturing specific job requirements.

In addition, Synchroteam helps you manage bills, invoices, and inventory. It integrates well with other systems and websites. You are assisted via email, phone, and online networks. Their services are charged at $22 per month. 

19. SalesScreen

You use SalesScreen platform to manage sales performance in all businesses to help improve employee focus, motivation, and productivity.

It has a recognition module enabling you to recognize and reward employees. A customizable dashboard allows you to get data in good time, set goals, analyze results and foretell consequences.

SalesScreen features include a centralized database, fellow workers recognition, step tracking, data visualization, and others. Its leaderboard highlights top performers, shows achievements and rewards to employees.

Additionally, It also integrates with other software and you get support through email and other online measures. Charges are given on request.

20. Discuss.io

Discuss.io is a video platform you use in all small and large businesses to communicate with customers. This platform helps you collect feedback fast without delay and share market insights.

Features available include chatting, commenting, worker cooperation, and reporting. Professionals use this platform to create different roles like an observer, prepare guide questions and manage many participants. Live video enables you to organize interviews and record the sessions for later reference.

In addition, a video recording also enables you to hold multiple sessions at the same moment which are shared among team members.

You get assisted via email and phone calls while charges are given upon your request.  

20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

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20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

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20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software
20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

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20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software

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20 Best Online HR Information System (HRIS) Software