15 Best Video Interviewing Software

15 Best Video Interviewing Software

Video Interviewing Software, with the onset of Covid-19, many things changed in the job market. Employees had to start working from home. Likewise, recruiting is being conducted using online video interviews.

A video interview is where a candidate and an employer use software to connect one on one. The software is known as a video interviewing tool or software. A video interview is fast and can be conducted from various locations. Tools for video interviewing enable you to reach talent throughout the world.

You can either conduct live videos or record questions for candidates. Other aspects of interviewing are also offered. These include interview schedules, reminders, and examining a candidate. However, choosing the right video interviewing software can be a tricky process. In this post, I will provide you a list of some of the best video interviewing software and their features. 

List of Video Interviewing Software

  1. Skeeled

Skeeled software is for tracking applicants and assists with profiling and recruiting. You pre-record applicants to see them before inviting them for an interview in person. This way you avoid losing time with candidates that are not fit. Its features allow assessing talents, communicating, tracking progress, and automating processes. Skeeled is powered by artificial intelligence.

In this platform, you automate workflows and shortlist candidates based on qualification. Its cooperation feature allows your team members to comment on and rate the applicants. Tracking of candidate’s progress is enabled on a portal where team members also send their feedback. You also can customize templates to send emails to applicants. Support is via a phone or live chat. 

  • TestGorrila

TestGorrila offers you video interviewing tools and more. Its features help you, screen applicants, without bias and are more efficient. It enables you to create customized video questions and ask for responses from candidates.

As a manager, you create many assessment questions and send invitation links to applicants via email. Tracking the progress of your candidate is enabled through detailed performance reports. You can integrate the platform with others and support is offered via live chat and an inquiry form. 

  • Discuss.io

Discuss.io is a video platform that helps you plan and share quality conversations on research. It enables you to converse with customers, collect their feedback, and share insights on the market. Its features enable live video interviewing, interaction with team members, translating different languages, and are mobile-enabled.

Live video enables you to organize interviews, invite candidates and record the interview sessions. Preparing customized questions and creating roles like translators are also enabled. You can access it via a mobile device or computer and support is offered via phone and email. 

  • InterviewBuddy

InterviewBuddy is video interviewing software based in the cloud. This platform helps ease the recruiting process through assessments and interviews. The platform allows you to customize according to requirements while establishing a brand identity for applicants. Other features enable scheduling, reporting, and keeping records. In addition, it allows you to associate with team members for feedback. Assistance is offered via phone, email, and other online media. 

  • ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter platform is based on the web, which helps simplify the process of recruiting. You post jobs to many job boards with a single click. It has a simple interface from where you manage your applicants. ZipRecruiter integrates social media recruiting.

You can post a job to social networks like Facebook. To expose your job advertisement more, this platform allows posting a job in several cities. Interviews are conducted online. Your team members can participate in rating the applicants. You can create branded job pages and customized emails. 

  • Breezy

Breezy platform offers you functions like sourcing applicants, parsing resumes, and video interviewing among others. It has a phone app that enables you to do a task fast. Career pages are customizable and the interface too so you can arrange applicants the way you want. You connect with candidates via email to schedule the interviews. Breezy integrates with other platforms to enable you to post open jobs to many job boards. 

  • Kira Talent

Kira Talent software helps education institutes manage admissions and assessments of applicants. In this platform, you assess candidates for traits like communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, and more. Its tools include video and written tests and reviewing on request.

It allows integration to other platforms. You get assisted in creating customized questions for the tests. It has features for analyzing and reporting. You get annual reports on your usage, feedback from candidates, and tips on how to better conduct practices. 

  • eSkill

eSkill software lets you send tests before employment and video interview your applicants. This is to examine the fitness of the job before deciding to hire. You get access to a test library where you can prepare customized tests. You can also create your questions to examine how the applicants will perform. It enables you to set up group interviews where subject experts rate candidates’ responses. Integration with other platforms is enabled and customer support is via email, phone, or live chat.

  • Spark Hire

 Spark Hire is a platform for video interviewing with options for pre-recording interviews or doing live interviews. Its other features allow you to customize your brand, conduct video interviews, and share interviews with team members for more ratings. It enables you to customize welcome videos for candidates. Interviews are recorded for future reference. Spark Hire has a mobile app to enable you to conduct interviews fast from any location. 

  1. Jobsoid

Jobsoid software helps you search and hire candidates. This platform improves engagement through personalized emails and text messages. Features enable you to do video sourcing of candidates, customize your brand, automate message replies, manage tasks and analyze to give reports. On this platform, you can post open job positions to many job boards and career pages. It allows you to schedule interviews for several candidates, sends invitations and reminders via email, and get their feedback. It is enabled on a mobile device and customer support is via email and phone. 

  1. Odro

Odro software is a powerful recruiting tool with video interviewing. It helps you get more talent and reduce the time used in hiring. In Odro, you get tools for video interviewing and marketing from one source. The platform is attractive and enables you to easily edit videos and share them in minutes. The platform simplifies your hiring process through video shortlisting and advanced analytics. 

  1. HR Avatar

HR Avatar is software for sending tests before employment to enable you to make a hiring decision. You use this software to examine aspects of potential fit for a job and the knowledge base of candidates. The platform creates the tests or you can customize your own. Once done, candidates send you the test with results so you can decide if they fit the job. 

  1. Vectera

Vectera software is for managing meetings. It helps you simplify processes like scheduling appointments, holding video conferences, and managing communication. In this platform, you create video rooms for clients, interact with team members, share documents and record all that. It allows you to customize the interface to identify with your brand. Screen sharing enables you to discuss presentations and give demos. Other features include a video recorder, audio recorder, multiple browsing, and more. 

  1. VidCruiter

VidCruiter software is for video interviewing. It offers you pre-recorded or live interviewing in any hiring scenario. This platform enables conducting of video interviews to evaluate candidates. You decide on the questions you will ask a candidate and give them the option of recording their answers before sending them to you. Its workflow is well structured to help you keep the process uniform in case of multiple candidates. The platform also has features for branding your company, chatting during interviews, and recording interviews. You can access the platform on a mobile device and you get support is via phone and email. 

  1. Vervoe

Vervoe software helps you manage to hire and screening processes via video interviewing and testing for skills among others. This platform lets you customize the display to use a company logo and colors that identify with your brand. You get a library of assessments which you use to create customized tests to examine applicant skills. You get features for editing documents, recording audio, building tests, tracking the progress of candidates, and more. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence to automatically rank candidates according to their performance. You can integrate Vervoe with other platforms and customer support is offered via online media.           

Video Interviewing Software

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Video Interviewing Software

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Video Interviewing Software

Video Interviewing Software

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Video Interviewing Software

Video Interviewing Software

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Video Interviewing Software