15 Best Benefits Administration Software

15 Best Benefits Administration Software

Proper benefits administration is part of planning for your workforce. It ensures your workers remain motivated and healthy, and it shows them that you care for them. You inspire long-term loyalty from them when you administer benefits in a transparent way.

Benefits administration software allows you to manage benefits in a transparent and flexible way. The software helps you organize employee benefits. These benefits include health and dental benefits, retirement plans, and paid leaves among others.

Using the software, you evaluate and plan your employee benefits based on your company size, budget, and needs. With a self-service portal, your workers can easily view, manage and select the benefits of their choice. The software helps you identify benefits that are valuable to your workers and reduces overall cost.

The software also helps you stay compliant with local regulations. Selecting benefits software for your organization is not an easy task. In this post, I will highlight some benefits administration software you can check out. 

List of Benefits Administration Software

  1. PLEXIS Payer Platforms

PLEXIS Payer Platforms software is designed to help you manage processes related to benefits administration. Your workers get a self-service health care portal that allows them to manage their personal information. Its key features include an employee database, disability insurance administration, and deduction management. The platform contains adjudication features that automatically capture claims in time optimizing expenses and productivity. The system ensures you comply with regulations, prevent claims and improve cooperation between team members. It also integrates with other business tools and pricing is given on request. 

  • Workterra

Workterra software is for benefits administration and is easy to use and can be customized fully. It is created to simplify benefits administration. Workterra is best for its flexibility, reporting features, and simple user experience. Through a self-service portal, your workers can view benefits and learning materials, and upload documents to this platform. From the dashboard, it enables you to manage tasks, communication tools, reports, and more. It integrates with other tools and allows you to access the platform via a mobile device. They also offer customer supports to ensure all your needs are met. 

  • ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now software is for managing HR, payroll, talent, and benefits while ensuring compliance. It enables you to process payrolls, file taxes, manage performances and benefits, acquires talents, manage time and analyze workforce data, and more. It has an inbuilt database and automates processes to reduce manual procedures. Your workers get a self-service portal and the platform allows access using a mobile device. You get additional features for compliance with regulations. The platform also allows integration to other tools to help in unique needs. 

  • Gusto

Gusto software offers you tools to help you in onboarding, managing payroll and benefits, and engaging your workers. The platform is easy to use and provides expert guidance when you’re purchasing health insurance for the first time, you need help with ads, life insurance, and benefits. It contains payroll features that automate the processing of payrolls and filling of taxes which is transparent to all team members. The platform helps you find health insurance and other benefits for your workers. You get support from experts who ensure you provide your team with benefits the need to stay healthy, happy, and engaged at work. 

  • Paycor

Paycor software is created to help you make a difference in managing your workforce. It modernizes processes like recruiting, onboarding, training, and compensating. You end up retaining your workers. The platform saves you time in doing processes, and it has powerful analytics features to give you insights into your business. With this software, you can store all your employee data in one source and understand your business deeper. It offers you expert advice on all processes and recommendations to processes. You also get customer support. 

  • BambooHR

BambooHR software manages all aspects of the employee lifecycle. It offers you a feature for tracking applicants and time, processing payrolls, administering benefits, engaging workers, reminding workers, and analyzing workforce data. With the software, you can improve the hiring process, onboarding, compensating, and analyzing your workers’ data. You develop a great company culture. The software allows you to customize their services and you can access the platform using a mobile device. Customer support is also offered. 

  • Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex software is based on the web and their service is dedicated to helping you with HR needs. It helps you in screening applicants, onboarding, managing costs, and payments, scheduling, and complying. To track employee information on time, the software allows you to customize employee profiles. They offer a mobile app that allows you to access all the information you need on the go no matter your location. You get customized customer service which is available for 24 hours. Experts guide you through all processes like benefits administration and processing payrolls. 

  • Rippling

Rippling software simplifies managing your workers’ payroll and benefits. In one system, it brings together your company operations and employee data. It automates your company processes. For example, in onboarding, you just click a button to set up new hire’s payroll, health insurance, and more in a short time. It integrates with other tools like Office 365. 

  • Workday HCM

Workday HCM software is based in the cloud and helps you in planning your workforce, analyzing and executing plans. From one system, you get tools for managing HR and talent, processing payroll, training, and analyzing your workforce. Additional features enable managing compensations and benefits and tracking time and attendance. Educational institutions get features for doing admissions, managing curriculum, recording, and advising on finances. Support is offered via email and online media, and charges are per month. 

  1. UKG Ready

UKG Ready software helps manage employee lifecycle by providing a connected worker experience. It is easy to use and delivers a personalized experience by combining talent, payroll, and time management. The software saves your time, increases team efficiency, and helps you comply with regulations. It is designed to help you drive better outcomes in your business, improve effectiveness and create a connected experience for workers. The software helps you focus on your workers and create a culture that is people-centered. 

  1. Zenefits

Zenefits software is designed to suit small and medium-sized businesses. The platform offers features for managing HR, administering benefits, processing payrolls, tracking the well-being and performance of workers. It enables integration with other apps and services to simplify HR processes. They have three packages for pricing; Essentials, Growth and Zen. 

  1. Branch

Branch software is for tracking time and production. It is created for companies with multiple shifts. It enables tracking of hourly work, viewing schedules, planning shifts, assigning tasks, and communication between team members. You get a mobile app for tracking schedules, messaging workers, and swapping shifts. Your workers get notifications on new activities and changes and can also request time-offs or shift changes. It has additional features for digital scheduling, tracking locations, and a time clock. Integration to other tools is enabled and support is offered via phone and email. 

  1. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM software is for managing your workforce. It manages payroll and benefits, talents and documents, and analyzes workforce data. With this platform, you use worker experience to find the right employees, create work schedules, train workers, process payments and benefits, and comply with regulations. The platform has a simple interface. It offers many solutions in one source eliminating the need to duplicate data and manual data entry. It allows you to use less time in training workers so you gain more returns. 

  1. APS

APS software provides payroll and tax compliance services. Despite payroll, the software also manages attendance, hiring, onboarding, and compliance. Workforce data once entered into the software is available for everyone. You can access this platform using a computer or mobile device. This platform is suitable for a midsize business. These include churches, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Customer support is offered via phone and email. 

  1. Paycom

Paycom software is helpful in managing the entire employee lifecycle in one source. It has everything you need from recruitment to retirement. It offers your workers a self-service portal that they use to request time off, clock in and out, process payroll, and update their personal data, and more. In this software, you use employee experience to manage payroll.   

Benefits Administration Software

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Benefits Administration Software

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Benefits Administration Software

Benefits Administration Software

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Benefits Administration Software

Benefits Administration Software

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Benefits Administration Software