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A nursing resume should include the following sections and information:

  1. Contact information: Start with your name, professional title, email address, phone number, and location.
  2. Professional summary or objective: A brief statement that highlights your nursing experience, expertise, and career goals.
  3. Licenses and certifications: List all your nursing licenses, certifications, and credentials.
  4. Education: Include your nursing degree, any relevant coursework, and the name and location of the institution where you studied.
  5. Clinical experience: List your work experience as a nurse, including your job title, employer, dates of employment, and a description of your duties and accomplishments.
  6. Clinical skills: List the clinical skills and procedures you are proficient in, such as medication administration, wound care, and patient assessments.
  7. Professional affiliations: List any professional organizations you belong to, including the dates of membership and any leadership roles you have held.
  8. Awards and honors: Highlight any awards or recognition you have received, such as Nurse of the Year or the Florence Nightingale Award.
  9. Continuing education: List any courses, conferences, or workshops you have attended to further your nursing education and knowledge.
  10. References: Include the names and contact information of professional references who can speak to your nursing skills and qualifications.

Remember to tailor your nursing resume to the specific job you are applying for and to keep it concise and easy to read. A well-crafted nursing resume can help you stand out to potential employers and land the nursing job you want.