List Of Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA


In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial to choose a marketable degree course that offers great career prospects and ample opportunities for growth. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the most marketable degree courses in the USA for aspiring students. By exploring various fields of study and their demand in the job market, individuals can make informed decisions about their academic pursuits and set themselves up for success in their chosen career paths. I would suggest to always do a survey of the marketable degree courses to study in USA before you even think of enrolling.

Here is a list of marketable degree courses to study in USA:

I. Engineering and Technology Degrees

Engineering and technology fields continue to be in high demand, with rapid advancements in various industries requiring skilled professionals. The following degree courses are particularly sought after:

A. Computer Science and Engineering

The digital age we live in has created a strong demand for computer science and engineering professionals. Graduates in this field are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop innovative software, design complex algorithms, and solve technological challenges.

B. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering remains a prominent degree course due to its wide-ranging applications. As a mechanical engineer, individuals work on designing and developing machinery, ensuring its efficiency, and contributing to the advancements in robotics and automation.

C. Electrical Engineering

The field of electrical engineering is crucial in the modern world, encompassing the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Graduates in this field find numerous opportunities to work in areas such as power generation, telecommunications, and renewable energy.

D. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering plays a vital role in shaping our physical environment. It involves the design and construction of infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, roads, and water supply systems. With ongoing urbanization and infrastructure projects, civil engineers are in high demand.

E. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is an exciting field that focuses on the development and design of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and other related technologies. As advancements in the aerospace industry continue to soar, so does the demand for qualified aerospace engineers.

F. Biomedical Engineering

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, biomedical engineering combines engineering principles with medical sciences to design and develop medical devices, prosthetics, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools. This interdisciplinary field offers promising career prospects.

II. Business and Management Degrees

Business and management degrees equip individuals with versatile skills that are highly valued across industries. The following degree courses demonstrate significant demand in the job market:

A. Finance

A degree in finance opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, including investment banking, financial analysis, and corporate finance. Financial expertise is constantly sought after by businesses and individuals alike, ensuring a stable job market for finance graduates.

B. Marketing

In the world of ever-growing competition, marketing professionals are essential for businesses to thrive. A degree in marketing equips individuals with the skills necessary to navigate market trends, develop effective advertising campaigns, and drive business growth.

C. Business Administration

A degree in business administration offers a versatile foundation for individuals aspiring to work in management roles across various industries. The curriculum typically covers subjects such as accounting, economics, organizational behavior, and strategic planning.

D. International Business

Globalization has made international business knowledge incredibly valuable. With a degree in international business, individuals gain insights into the complexities of global trade, international political economy, and cross-cultural management, making them attractive candidates for multinational companies.

E. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial spirit is highly celebrated in today’s business world. With a degree in entrepreneurship, individuals learn how to identify market opportunities, develop innovative business models, and navigate the challenges of starting and running a successful venture.

F. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a critical aspect of business operations, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services from production to consumer. Graduates in this field play key roles in logistics, procurement, distribution, and inventory management, attracting high demand from industries worldwide.

III. Healthcare Degrees

The healthcare industry continues to expand and evolve, offering a range of rewarding career opportunities. The following degree courses show remarkable demand in the job market:

A. Medicine

The field of medicine is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and in-demand careers. Medical professionals save lives, alleviate suffering, and contribute to medical research and advancements. Pursuing a degree in medicine requires dedication and perseverance but provides immense personal and professional satisfaction.

B. Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession that provides essential care to patients and supports doctors in various healthcare settings. The demand for qualified nurses remains high, and with specialized education, nurses can explore diverse career paths such as pediatric nursing, critical care nursing, and community health nursing.

C. Pharmacy

Pharmacists play a crucial role in the healthcare system, ensuring the safe and effective use of medications. With a degree in pharmacy, individuals can pursue careers in community or hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical research, and drug development.

D. Dentistry

A career in dentistry offers the opportunity to help individuals maintain oral health by diagnosing and treating various dental conditions. With the growing emphasis on preventive dentistry and cosmetic procedures, dentists are in high demand, ensuring a stable and rewarding career.

E. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on helping individuals recover from injuries, improve mobility, and manage chronic conditions. As the population ages and awareness of the importance of rehabilitation increases, the demand for skilled physical therapists continues to grow.

F. Public Health

Public health professionals work to improve the overall health and well-being of communities. With a degree in public health, individuals can pursue careers in healthcare policy, epidemiology, health education, and health administration. The ongoing global health challenges highlight the importance of this field.

IV. Science and Research Degrees

Scientific research and innovation are at the forefront of advancements in various fields. The following degree courses are in demand for those interested in pursuing careers in research:

A. Biology

The study of biology encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including molecular biology, genetics, and ecology. Biologists contribute to various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, environmental conservation, and pharmaceutical research.

B. Chemistry

Chemistry plays a fundamental role in understanding matter and its transformations. Graduates in chemistry have opportunities in research and development, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and materials science.

C. Physics

Physics involves the study of matter, energy, and their interactions. From theoretical research to applied physics, graduates in this field contribute to technological advancements, renewable energy development, and scientific breakthroughs.

D. Environmental Science

With growing concerns about climate change and environmental conservation, the demand for environmental scientists is on the rise. This interdisciplinary field focuses on understanding environmental challenges and developing sustainable solutions.

E. Neuroscience

Neuroscience explores the intricacies of the human brain and the nervous system. This rapidly evolving field offers opportunities for research and advancements in understanding neurological disorders, cognitive processes, and brain function.

F. Biotechnology

Biotechnology combines biological principles and technological advancements to develop useful products and processes. Graduates in this field contribute to breakthroughs in healthcare, agriculture, and industrial applications.

V. Creative Arts Degrees

For those interested in expressing their creativity and making a mark in the arts industry, the following degrees offer exciting career opportunities:

A. Film and Media Studies

Film and media studies provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the cultural, artistic, and social significance of films and media. Graduates can explore careers in film production, screenwriting, film criticism, and media management.

B. Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a critical role in visual communication. With a degree in graphic design, individuals develop the skills necessary to create visually appealing designs, branding elements, and digital graphics.

C. Fashion Design

The fashion industry is known for its dynamism and creativity. Pursuing a degree in fashion design allows individuals to explore their artistic flair while learning about fashion trends, garment construction, and textile design.

D. Interior Design

Interior design focuses on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. With a degree in interior design, individuals can pursue careers in residential and commercial design, set design, and furniture design.

E. Animation

Animation is a captivating field that combines technology and creativity. Animators create visually stunning graphics and bring characters to life, contributing to industries such as film, gaming, and advertising.

F. Music Production

With the digitalization of music, the demand for skilled music producers has grown. A degree in music production equips individuals with the technical skills necessary to record, mix, and produce music across various genres.


In summary, this article has provided an extensive overview of marketable degree courses in the USA across various disciplines. By considering personal interests, skills, and the demand in the job market, individuals can make informed decisions about their educational pursuits. Remember, choosing a degree course should align with one’s passions and aspirations, ensuring a fulfilling and successful career journey.


To address common queries regarding marketable degree courses, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions:

A. What factors should be considered when choosing a marketable degree course?

When choosing a marketable degree course, factors such as personal interests, long-term career prospects, industry demand, and individual aptitude should be considered. It’s crucial to select a field that aligns with one’s passions and has promising career growth.

B. Are there any scholarships available for international students in these courses?

Many universities and organizations offer scholarships specifically targeted towards international students pursuing marketable degree courses. Researching scholarship opportunities and reaching out to university financial aid offices can provide useful information on available funding options.

C. What is the average salary range for graduates in these marketable degree courses?

The average salary range for graduates in marketable degree courses can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, job position, and industry. However, graduates in these fields generally have competitive starting salaries, with the potential for significant growth as they gain experience and expertise.

D. How can one increase their chances of success in their chosen field after graduation?

To increase chances of success in a chosen field after graduation, individuals should consider gaining practical experience through internships, networking with professionals in the industry, and continuously developing their skills through ongoing learning and professional development opportunities. A proactive and dedicated approach to personal and career growth can significantly impact future success.

Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

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Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

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Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

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Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA

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Marketable Degree Courses To Study in USA