15 Core Features of an HRIS

Hope you are still not managing your organization’s operations manually. I mean, still using sticky notes, spreadsheets, or paper forms to organize your employee data and manage organizational operations. Many companies today have switched to using HR systems.

Using an HR system could be of significant benefit to your organization. An HR system enables you to automate HR and organizational tasks like onboarding, payroll, and performance management among others. You also carry out tasks from one source making it effective.

Choosing a system that will ease tasks in your organization is not a simple decision. You need to understand the features a system is offering. You should consider the exact features that your organization needs before you make a decision. HR systems nowadays enable you to choose and pick the features you need. In this post, I highlight some features that you might choose from. 

Information Database

An HR Information System’s central role is to store your worker’s information and keep it organized for reference. Continuous storage of data enables easy manipulation of data for analysis and reporting with ease to make decisions.

Despite securing your data, the system has search functions that enable easy access to data. You also forget about using paper forms and hard copy files and switch to online forms and folders.

Moreover, the use of online forms reduces the process of data entry saving time and cost. Integrity on data analysis is improved and this ensures you are consistent since you improve productivity. This makes HRIS vital to your company. 

Payroll Tools 

Managing payroll can be complicated. An HR system enables you to keep your employee data integrated with a payroll system. This is very helpful when scheduling payments or making changes in payroll information. Not only do you keep track of wages, but the system also enables you to do direct deposits, get ledger reports, and more.

Automated payroll saves your time and reduces errors you might commit manually. The system also keeps the process transparent between you and your workers. 

Self Service Portal

Advanced systems offer self-service features to your employees. A self-service portal enables your workers to update their personal information, submit a request on leaves, view their schedules, and communicate with team members.

It’s even better for self-service portals that are accessible through a mobile app. This is because your workers can access it from any location making it convenient. I don’t think anyone wants to go through bulk data on absent days to evaluate vacation requests.  

Performance Analysis

Doing performance assessments using paperwork can be a challenge. When using a system, you get reports on performance ratings of your workers in short intervals. In this system, information on your workers’ performance is generated automatically.

To measure performance, you set goals to be achieved by your workers and evaluate those goals. You easily identify your top talent and best-skilled workers. You also know the strengths of each of your workers. With such information, for sure you will make better decisions that will improve your business performance.

Succession Planning

To plan for succession is to develop your employees for open job positions in the future. Developing your employee reduces turnover. The succession planning tool automatically organizes a hierarchy list based on the performance of your workers.

You don’t have to spend time drawing graphs and looking for vast employee information. If a worker leaves your company, this tool is used to identify the best talent for that position. You also use the report on succession in giving promotions. 


Once you get a report on the performance of your workers, the underachievers should be put in a development plan. This tool allows you to record training and learning plans. Why? To follow on their progress. You also create training programs with ease.

In addition, your organization remains competitive when you improve the skills of your workers. In the systems, you find categories of courses, their trainers and match them to your workers according to their field. 


Recruiting is an important HR task that can be time-consuming. An HR system simplifies the process. It enables posting jobs on social media and other company websites. It then uses analytics and artificial intelligence to filter through the applicant’s information and identify the most qualified according to requirements.

From tracking applicants, you also use the system in planning for interviews before you hire. Hiring using a system is based on data. This helps you find, hire and keep the top talent. 


Coming up with a good onboarding strategy for your organization is not simple. Onboarding a new worker is important for the worker to get used to the new working environment.

Onboarding when done properly enlightens the new workers on their duties. An HR system automates all onboarding processes. It sends emails and notifications to new employees automatically before their first day at work.

Through the self-service feature, your new workers get access to your organization’s information easily. They also get engaged through training videos. It is cost-effective as it will handle a large number of workers in less time. 

Benefits Management

Benefits include any other payments on top of salary. Compensating your employees plays a significant role in retaining, keeping them satisfied, and acquiring top talents. Appreciating your workers motivates them and motivated employees to work harder.

Using a system to manage benefits reduces errors and saves time. Also, through the self-service portals, your workers can comment on the benefit they want and view their compensation details.  

Time Tracking

Do you still use spreadsheets? An HR system contains tools for tracking time and scheduling. The feature lets your workers sign in and out of work allowing you to know the exact time they arrived and left.

Most importantly, it enables you to create and edit shifts, notify workers of their schedules and monitor employee activity when at work. Automated scheduling ensures the running smoothly of operations and the right person is working at the right time. 


An HR system helps you track key metrics about your workforce. HR reports help you analyze and compare data, for instance, on reasons behind employee turnover or how long it takes to make a new hire.

Furthermore, keeping track of helpful data like performance and attendance shows how your workers are contributing to organizational goals. It can help you make better decisions on your business and save time and money. 


The HR system is digitalized to enable your workers the documents you send them to sign using a signature pad. Each of your workers creates a unique digital signature. These digital signatures speed up operations like hiring and onboarding in your organization.

Also, you don’t have to be present in a certain location to sign a document. For new generation workers, it makes a good first impression. 

HR Letters

Creation of HR letters such as offer, warning, or termination letters using the HR system is only done once. And then use that one template to generate others with just one click. Letters act as proof of official activities in the company. 


An HR system has an inbuilt feature for designing surveys. The tool helps in the easy creation of many surveys. It enables you to use surveys to gain the information you need.

Surveys are good for doing assessments and getting opinions. You analyze strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats. You use questions to know what is working and what needs to change in achieving your organizational objectives.   


Taking care of your employees in one way is ensuring their well-being. You use an HR system to help you sponsor wellness programs for your workers. Health benefits improve your employees’ behavior in reducing health risks at work.

Self-service portals educate your workers on the control measures to take that promote a healthy work environment. So, an employee’s health relates to their job experience and satisfaction, therefore a well-designed health strategy increases productivity and retention of workers.    

15 Core Features of an HRIS

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15 Core Features of an HRIS

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15 Core Features of an HRIS

15 Core Features of an HRIS
15 Core Features of an HRIS

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15 Core Features of an HRIS

15 Core Features of an HRIS

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15 Core Features of an HRIS