15 Best Recruitment Marketing Platforms

15 Best Recruitment Marketing Platforms

           Nowadays, candidates have control over the job process. They decide which companies to work for and the roles to take. This makes it extra hard to find and convince the top talents to work in your organization. To recruit nowadays, you don’t just source candidates but you use marketing strategies to build relationships with candidates. You have to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert quality candidates. This helps you grow a talent pipeline and meet your hiring objectives. 

A recruitment marketing software is designed to help you market your company’s jobs to attract candidates and convert them into new hires. The software contains features for marketing recruitments like social media recruiting, job distributing tools, and candidate relationship management.

You use a marketing platform to advertise open jobs, engage with potential candidates, and submit applications. They also offer additional features for identifying candidates at events like campus events. But which platform suits your organization? In this post, I will list some top platforms to help you make the right choice. 

List of Recruitment Marketing Platforms

  1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit platform is for tracking applicants. Additional features include parsing resumes and scheduling interviews. Posting jobs to job boards is automated and it allows for customization of career pages. It enables the communication between team members to improve productivity. Customized pages allow you to extend candidate reach by using popular job boards and social media to source candidates. Your workers get self-service portals to set up their profiles and apply for jobs. Zoho allows integration to Google tools. 

  • Jobvite

Jobvite software is based in the cloud and is for tracking applicants. It enables you to manage the entire hiring process. This includes sending out job offers, distributing jobs, screening and interviewing candidates. It enables the customization of career pages for candidates. You get additional tools for onboarding and compliance. Tools for managing customer relations and marketing jobs allow you to build a talent line of candidates. 

  • Workable

Workable platform is for tracking applicants and more. Using Artificial intelligence and integrations provides you with complete tools for hiring. Since hiring starts with finding candidates, the platform contains customized job descriptions and marketing jobs to job boards. It allows you to customize the career pages. AI is used in sourcing candidates to identify the best candidates that fit the job. To add, it also allows communication between team members, planning for interviews, and tracking performance. It reduces the time you use to hire by automating sending of letters and approvals. You get reports for reviewing the hiring process to plan for a strategy. 

  • Crelate

Crelate platform is for tracking applicants and managing customer relations. The interface, enables you to find, attract and retain talent. Despite tracking applicants, the platform also offers tools for parsing resumes, posting jobs to job boards, tracking company activities, communication between team members, managing opportunities, and analyzing workforce data. It allows integration to other tools and has a mobile app so you can work from anywhere and anytime. 

  • Recruitee

Recruitee platform is for tracking applicants and managing the recruitment process. It helps you manage many applications and grow your organization. The platform has features for branding your company, posting many jobs, tracking and sourcing applicants, and more. Using this platform, you automate workflows and schedule emails. It allows you to create a hiring strategy with features for referring employees and representing customers. The platform allows integration to other tools and has a mobile app. 

  • Firefish

Firefish Software is for marketing recruitments. It is created to help you connect and recruit candidates. From the dashboard, you can post job advertisements using social network channels and websites. Sending job alerts is automated and engaging with candidates is through emails and text messages. In the platform, you can also view schedules, performance indicators, and potential candidates. With the system, you store employee data following regulations. It allows integration to other tools and support is via phone and email.

  • Freshteam

Freshteam platform helps you source, screen, interview, and hire candidates. Using this platform, you generate and send job offers via email. You can continue to view the available interviewers, send notifications to candidates and receive feedback from your team members. Additional features include tools for engaging workers, cooperation between team members, a search function, online forms, and more. With the software, you can manage your workflow and it allows you to customize questions for applications. Customer support is offered via phone and email and pricing is based on monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager platform helps you simplify the hiring and onboarding process. You use the platform to post jobs and engage with quality candidates. You post jobs on many job boards and also social media channels. The platform allows you to review and share applicant information. You get additional features for filtering candidates using ratings, skills, and keywords or all together combined. For communication, the platform integrates with email providers like Gmail and Outlook. The platform is web-based so can be accessed using a computer or a mobile device. 

  • SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters platform is for hiring with features for sourcing and tracking applicants. Their user interface is friendly and easy to use. The platform allows you to post jobs, apply for open positions, review or remove an applicant with just a few clicks. Since the platform is based on the web, you can access it via a browser using a computer or a mobile phone. You get additional features for team collaboration enabling you to evaluate and hire applicants as a team. 

  1. JobAdder

JobAdder platform allows you to manage job orders, match candidates to jobs and track the progress of candidates. The software enables you to post job advertisements to many job boards and social media channels. Communication to candidates is via email, SMS, and phone. Features for managing tasks enable you to manage tasks and set reminders for the completion of tasks. Additional features are for parsing resumes and searching for candidates. It allows you to customize workflows and you also get online timesheets. You can access this platform using any internet-enabled device. It also allows integrations. 

  1. talentReef

talentReef platform is for managing recruitment and talents. It helps you simplify the recruitment process. The platform tracks applicants and has social recruiting so that candidates can apply for jobs posted online. Onboarding features help new hires set up and catch up quickly. Using the platform, you filter suitable candidates and add potential candidates to a talent pool. This software also helps you identify areas of excellence and those for improvement among your workers. With their training tools, you can assign training to help your workers better perform at their job. Customer support is offered via email, phone, or other online measures. 

  1. Teamtailor

Teamtailor software helps you attract more candidates, nurture their talents, and make better decisions when hiring. Their career page is easily built and attractive to attract the best talent. The platform allows candidates to subscribe to job alerts for special roles. Despite managing the entire recruitment process, you also can schedule and track activities, plan for interviews and write notes about applicants. The analytics tool helps you make decisions based on data so you can achieve your objectives. With this platform, you gain a complete view of your recruitment process and stay in control.


VIVAHR software simplifies posting of jobs, managing of candidates, cooperation between team members, and reporting. It allows you to post jobs on over 50 job boards. The platform allows you to add a career page easily to post open job positions in time. You can integrate VIVAHR platform to other tools like Gmail and more. Customer support is offered via live chat, email, and phone. You get a free version and charges are either monthly or yearly. 

  1. skeeled

skeeled software helps you in profiling and recruiting candidates. Its key features are for assessing talent, cooperating, communicating, tracking progress, and automating processes. Using artificial intelligence, you shortlist candidates based on their qualifications. Using the cooperation feature, your team members can comment and rate the candidates, and send feedback. It also allows you to track the progress of candidates. The system allows for customization and sending of personalized emails to candidates. Customer support is extended via live chat and phone.

  1. Avature

Avature software is for tracking applicants and can be customized to manage candidate information and training. It has features to help you schedule interviews using a calendar. You share interview details with candidates using email. You get additional features for screening and assessing candidates online. Screening and assessing tools allow you to collect feedback from hiring teams and create profiles for candidates. Sending offer letters to chosen candidates is automated. It has inbuilt reporting features to give you reports on performance, cost, and time used in hiring. Support is given via phone. 

Recruitment Marketing Platforms

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Recruitment Marketing Platforms

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Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Recruitment Marketing Platforms

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Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Recruitment Marketing Platforms

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Recruitment Marketing Platforms