15 Best HR Analytics Software

15 Best HR Analytics Software

HR Analytics Software, analyzing your workforce is crucial for future planning. To analyze, you collect data on your workforce and use it to make informed decisions on your organization. Do you still use basic tools to analyze data? I mean, like spreadsheets to track and analyze workforce data? You have to oversee multiple spreadsheets no more.

Nowadays, there are analytic tools to help you simplify the tracking and analyzing of employee data. These tools are also known as Workforce Analytics Software. Analytics software applies statistics to employee data so you can improve how you manage your workforce. Workforce analytics can help you make informed decisions when hiring, managing performance, planning on succession, and more.

Analytics software uses artificial intelligence to analyze your entire workforce. This way, you get better predictive insights and identify where improvement is needed. In this post, I will share some analytics software, their features, and how they benefit you. 

List of HR Analytics Software 

  1. BambooHR

BambooHR software is based in the cloud and can be used in small and mid-size businesses. This software offers not only workforce data analytics but also other benefits. These benefits include tracking applicants, processing payroll, administering benefits, engaging employees, tracking time, and others. With all this, you can easily manage all aspects of your employee lifecycle.

You improve the hiring process, onboarding, compensating employees, and developing a company culture. The software allows for customization and integration to other tools. They also provide a mobile app to enable you to recruit from any location. You get user support while pricing is based on the number of your workers plus an implementation fee. 

  • Bizneo HR

Bizneo HR platform is based in the cloud and is suitable for all businesses. It helps you simplify processes related to managing documents, tracking attendance, recruiting, and more. Your workers get a self-service portal where they update their information, request leaves, and track objectives. With this platform, you monitor daily working hours and leaves among your entire workshop.

To manage documents, the platform enables you to create folders, upload files and search for documents. The Platform complies with General Data Protection Regulation guidelines. Moreover, you improve your company structure and how you distribute tasks. Features for the survey allow you to identify your employees’ learning needs. Support is offered via email, phone, and live chat.   

  • Paylocity

Paylocity software is based in the cloud and can be used in a business of any size. It helps you in managing payroll and other core functions in your organization. It has features for processing payroll, giving benefits, managing time and talent, tracking applicants, and analyzing the workforce. Paylocity automates processes so you don’t use spreadsheets or payroll calculators.

Their payroll processing service also includes filling taxes, so you stay tax compliant. Your workers get a self-service portal so they can access the company and their personal information. To ease management, Paylocity offers edited templates, customized checklists, and powerful reporting. It also has a mobile app for flexibility.

  • Sage HR

Sage HR platform is based in the cloud. It has features for receiving feedback, managing workforce and performance, and tracking attendance. Repetitive tasks are automated in this platform. Your workers can request leaves from this platform directly without the need of sending an email. A self-service portal is available for your workers to update their information and safeguard it. Key data, for example, tasks, goals, leaves, and expenses are displayed in the dashboard. They also have a mobile app. With Sage HR, you access all options with few clicks. 

  • Personio

Personio software is based on the web and is suitable for small and medium businesses. The platform helps you in managing employee data, approving leaves, processing payroll, recruiting, tracking performance, and more. It was crested aiming to help you in the recruitment process and tracking workers. This is made possible by combining features like job posting, candidate sourcing, onboarding, time tracker, email, and document storage.

In this platform, you post jobs to many job boards. The system automatically saves a candidate’s information enabling sharing between team members and sending emails to the applicant. In Personio, you collect and manage employee data, automate payroll processing, calculate benefits, approve leave requests, and track attendance. Tracking performance is individualized. 

  • Factorial

Factorial software is based in the cloud and is suitable for small businesses. Its key features are for managing leaves, documents, and more. In this platform, your workers can request leaves, while you can accept or reject their requests directly. Another thing, you monitor compensations and plan on different compensation to your workers. Your workers get a self-service portal to access their information and check payments. Communication between you and your team members is also enabled. You can integrate Factorial to other tools and you get customer support via email and phone. 

  • IBM Talent Management

IBM Talent Management platform is based in the cloud and fits all businesses. It helps you acquire workers, evaluate them and develop their skills. Its key features are onboarding, training, receiving feedback, and reporting. In this platform, you organize open jobs, track applicants and rate them based on performance. It has a feature on career coaching to help your workers obtain career guidance and skills. Through personalized conversations from the candidate assistant feature, you can align jobs to applicants. In managing recruitment, you monitor, sort, and evaluate applicants. You get customer support via email and phone. 

  • Ascender Payroll and HCM

Ascender platform is made to find, hire, and onboard the right candidates. Its key features allow for career development, social media sharing, analyzing candidate information, onboarding among others. This platform gives you insights on trends and employee analytics on performance. Processing payroll is enabled and your workers can access payroll information online.

Features like online timesheets and more help you automate tracking time and attendance. Additional features allow you to plan your workforce, manage training and development, track performance and engage socially. With Ascender, your business will comply with federal reporting standards. 

  • intelliHR

intelliHR software is for aligning, managing, and enabling your workers. It has inbuilt employee performance and engagement tools. This platform helps you create a culture with continuous feedback, empower your workers by enabling their performance, and get insights on your workers. You store all employee data in one place and onboard new workers fast. Managing performance and employee reviews are automated.

Employee feedback is continuous and you set, align, track and celebrate objectives. The platform ensures you comply with all requirements and you develop and protect your company culture. It also is customizable to fit your requirement. With this platform, you empower your workers to be strategic and enable them to make decisions based on data. 

  1. PayScale Suite

PayScale Suite is software used to compensate workers accurately. You get data and services to help you identify fair rates in the market for budgeting and hiring. With PayScale, you pay your workers the right amount, retain workers, hire new talents, and set figures for benchmarking. You prepare comprehensive databases on salary and use the displayed data to make decisions. This platform matches processes and standardizes data to ensure it’s accurate. To build business strategies, you use the platform to analyze data that is fresh in the market. 

  1. Wrapbook

Wrapbook is a payroll tool suitable for use in the entertainment industry. You hire and manage workers while complying with regulations in the industry. Your team members can create their profiles and add details like images and preferred method of payment. Wrapbook enables you to use electronic signatures in paperwork.

Tax filing is automatic and you can set up union payments. You get inbuilt tools for viewing expenses, approving payments, receiving notifications, and maintaining one source of database. You can integrate Wrapbook to other tools and support is offered via email and online media. 

  1. BizRun

BizRun platform’s features enable timekeeping, managing leaves, keeping employee records, giving compensations, planning your workforce, and employee self-service. Workers get to interact on a live chat while performing daily tasks. BizRun automates processes like reviewing and approving leaves, and onboarding among others.

Tracking and managing important information and dates on training and licensing is enabled. You can customize the platform and you get numerous reporting. This platform can be accessed on a computer or mobile phone, and pricing is according to the number of employees. 

  1. Emply

Emply software is used in hiring. It is created to provide you with an overview of jobs and talents when hiring. You then collect candidate information for possible hires. Tracking the progress of projects in your company is automated in this platform.

You get a tool for searching and screening candidates and it also enables sending of multiple messages to potential candidates at once. Your team members are enabled to collaborate while your company retains its brand identity. Emply also allows integration to other tools to export data.

  1. Gem

Gem is a modern platform for recruiting and tracking candidates. This platform gives you predictive analytics to help in recruiting and decision-making. Candidate sourcing is automated. Additional features include search functions, notes, due dates, diversity tracking, and more. You can use Gem in large hiring situations like campus recruiting and events. You can also use Gem in measuring returns on your investment. Support is offered via live chat and other online media. 

  1. PlanSource

PlanSource platform is based in the cloud and is suitable for all businesses. Its features enable you to shop for benefits, enroll, bill and comply with regulations. It allows to use on a computer or mobile phone, or any device that is internet enabled. Your workers can shop for insurance or enroll for benefits at their convenience. The platform keeps a record of benefits and transactions and manages payroll. This platform offers other professional services like sourcing benefits, employee communications, contact centers, and more. The platform helps you comply with rules and regulations.       

HR Analytics Software

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HR Analytics Software

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HR Analytics Software

HR Analytics Software

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HR Analytics Software

HR Analytics Software

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