What is an HRIS?

      HRIS is a management system or software you use to easily manage your employees’ data. As a manager, you use this system to gather and store data on your employees.

All processes of managing workers are covered in this system. The processes include recruiting, training, tracking performance, managing payments, and more. It is a system that incorporates all your HR activities into information technology enabling you to improve and stay organized.

You can track all employee data in one source. Employee data include the date of birth, gender, contacts, department, wages, schedules, time offs, and more. This allows you to make accurate reports that can be used in making business decisions and recognizing trends. The systems are also called Human Capital Management (HCM) systems. In this post, am exploring the functions and benefits of HRIS. 

Benefits of an HRIS 

Mainly, these systems hold an employee database and it enables you to store data in the cloud. You can use HRIS to support operations in your company whether it’s small or large. Benefits are plenty when you implement HRIS, they include:

  • Keeping Records.

You enter all data on employees in this system. With updated data entries, you can keep track of any changes related to workers. You can access employee data easily from a single source. Saving such bulky data in the cloud saves you the cost you could have spent on storage. 

  • Orderliness

 Since you collect, track and update information easily, searching any piece of data you need makes it faster and in seconds. Another thing, you forget about using paper forms, files and folders, and cabinets. It also improves how you perform your operations since you get more organized than in using paperwork. Errors that are related to bulky paperwork in payroll payments and employee databases are reduced.  

  • Compliance

In storing your employee data safely and securely, you are supposed to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. For reasons to comply, you should collect some data from your workers. This data includes information that can identify a worker in case of misbehaviors like theft or fraud, also in case of accidents, your close family or friend who can be notified. You will also need to collect data on a worker’s identification for the tax office. When storing this data it is necessary to comply with the requirements of GDPR.

  • Efficiency 

Imagine storing each of your employee’s data in paperwork, how long will it take you to find the right folder and the right sheet of one employee? Having all your workers’ information in one place not only helps with accuracy but also saves you a lot of time. An HRIS makes you perform many operations faster and in an easier way. Tracking accounts and balances, the system also does automatically. And once you set up the system, you don’t have to keep setting it up; you only track your data. 

  • Strategies on HR

Since you spend less time doing HR operations, you get valuable time to improve your skills. You end up coming with HR initiatives that improve the performance of your business. In addition to improving productivity, you improve retaining of best workers and monitoring the people. You become the best and do excellent in tracking all essential data, and you get enough time to do other stuff. 

  • Employee Experience

For your employees, a system offers them the ability to self-service. You enable your workers to manage their activities. You enable your worker to request time off, and they can check each other’s contact information, the system also has an app for onboarding a new worker quickly. Although some systems offer this service at a fee. However, the systems improve the experience of your workers. Giving your workers self-service options increases their engagement in the job.  

  • Convenience

HRIS is very convenient and easy to use. You can put together reports quickly almost in seconds. With only a few clicks, cumbersome and also simple procedures are done. Distributing new reports and policies to employees also becomes easy and fast. In case your company has different locations, cooperation between workers is improved. 

HRIS functions

HRIS does all functions of HR. These functions include:

  • Onboarding and Tracking Applicants. These systems assist you in handling your needs in recruiting workers. It matches open jobs to suitable applicants by tracking their information and resumes and also guides you in the hiring process. Also, it enables you to reach a large number of candidates to hire from. 
  • Automated Payroll. The system automates the process in which you pay your employees. The information you enter into the system about an employee combines with the schedules, attendance, and work hours to create payment orders at the end of the month. 
  • Managing Benefits. Giving benefits to your employees is very important. Your system tracks employee compensations for you. In advanced systems with self-service models, your workers can even select the benefit they want themselves.  
  • Inspecting Time and Attendance. The systems have features where people check in to work through a fingerprint or a card that is synced to the system. You can notice any issues with lateness easily. This is especially important if you have different shifts in your organization. It helps track shift changes easily. You get all data on how your workers arrived and departed work. 
  • Training Workers. To manage your workers is to train them. You can track the qualifications and skills of your employees and finding an available course for them. You integrate your system into a Learning Management System. It offers you courses and e-learning for your workers to develop their skills.   
  • Managing Performance. Knowing how your employees are performing is very crucial. The system generates ratings on the performance of your employees regularly. Managing people and their performance gets easier when it’s easier to track them. You get to know who to keep in your company and who to let go of. 
  • Planning on Succession. The system enables you to find replacements for available positions by creating a talent hierarchy. Ratings developed by your system show you the best talents in your company. It removes the strain of finding out who to promote to a higher open position rather than hiring from outside the organization.   
  • Reporting and Analyzing. Giving reports is however a rare feature only available in advanced systems. You get automated reports on your workers’ attendance, performance, hours spent at work, and more. You get more analyzed reports to assist with your decision-making. Spotting a pattern will be made easier and you can know how to make your organization successful by spotting issues earlier. 
  • Self-service to workers. Each of your workers can manage their data. For instance, a person can request leave. Then after you approve it, the system atomically saves it and tracks it for payroll purposes. 

Using HRIS proves more beneficial to everyone in your company, no matter the price charged. But of course, you should use a system that is suitable for your company. Install a system that is appropriate according to your number of employees and will cost you less. There are basic systems for small organizations and also advanced systems for large organizations. 


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