15 Best Corporate Learning Management Systems

15 Best Corporate Learning Management Systems

Are you looking forward to finding the best and easiest way to manage employees’ training and user information? Well, the LMS (Learning Management System) is the best system to help you achieve this goal. Alongside onboarding new candidates into your company, LMS will also make it easy for your company to provide online programs as well as online courses to learners or employees.

In addition to that, instructors in your company will easily highlight their skills for learners when they want. It is a flexible system. LMS automates a lot of tasks and also saves you time and resources. In this post, I will share some of the best LMS that your company can acquire.

List of Learning Management Systems

  1. Skyprep

Skyprep software is an award-winning system that is recognized, for customer support, by industrial experts. You will use it in your organizations to create all online programs, especially learning programs. Skyprep has an intuitive platform that will help you create these programs with ease. You will also use this software to onboard new candidates as well as training your customers on the products that you produce. The good thing about Skyprep is that it’s affordable. Its pricing ranges from only $199 to $499 monthly.

  • proProfs LMS

This is the easiest cloud LMS in the world. You should use it to deploy training programs like HR or compliance. proProfs LMS has amazing features. It has a pool of courses (100 plus) and templates that you could use for training. You can easily customize these resources with branding. proProfs also has well-designed quizzes that you should use to assess employees or learners in your company to keep them engaged. proProfs is very cheap. Its pricing starts from $2 monthly and has a free plan for 15 days.

  • Tovuti

Tovuti will help you create unique courses like SCORM compliance, and also increase interaction between your employees and customers. You will also be able to monitor employees’ progress. Tovuti has a dashboard designed to help you improve the employees’ training experience. You should also use Tovuti to schedule seminars or other events using its in-built management. Tovuti pricing is around $700 monthly.

  • Litmos

You will have to use Litmos software if you need to increase performance internally and externally. Litmos is unique. You can use its course builder to create content in multiple formats and a module form. Whenever it comes to E-commerce, you should use Litmos to maintain programs and update notifications. Litmos will motivate your customers through gamification and also its leader boards. Litmos can hold approximately 3500 customers. It’s pricing ranges from $6 to $2500 with a free 15-day trial.

  • Edmodo

Edmodo will help your learners and customers to interact and connect since it’s the largest network for learning. Edmodo also offers a free account (administrator account) which will be created by your customers to help in learning programs with ease. Edmodo will award your customers for good scores whenever they complete an assessment. This will motivate them to stick to your company. With Edmodo, your customers will also be able to personalize and customize the app to their liking. This means that Edmodo is flexible. It’s pricing ranges from $1 to $2500 yearly. 

  • Schoology

This software has instructional tools that will be used by instructors in your company to design assignments very fast. Just like Tovuti, Schoology also has SCORM compliance, automated grading systems, and also curriculum management. Again, for you to develop and also distribute learning materials, you will have to use Schoology. It is very flexible and customers can learn and gain experience using this platform. Schoology pricing goes for $10 monthly.

  • Blackboard

If you are looking forward to having a good employee portfolio, blackboard is the right software to help you get there. Blackboard will also provide advanced cloud profiles for employees in your organization. Some of the best features of blackboard include; group management, good program enrolment, and also a good retention center. Blackboard can hold approximately 16000 customers. Its pricing is around $2500 paid yearly.

  • Docebo

This is the best software for you to use during the onboarding process. You will easily teach and monitor new candidates using Docebo software. In addition to that, Docebo will enhance growth among your customers while they learn. Some of its features include gamification, localization, and customization. Docebo has a relatively high performance and your customers will be able to import and also create any course they want quickly and with ease. Docebo’s pricing is $10 for every customer. 

  • eFront 

eFront is a secure system that you should have. It has many innovative processes of learning to help your employees and customers. This system can even control course programs for you more effectively compared to any other software. eFront is content friendly, has assignments, and also the HTML5. It is also flexible. Though eFront is relatively expensive, it’s worth having this software since it has almost all the required features in one package. It’s pricing ranges from $750 to $2000 monthly.

  1. Canvas

You should use the Canvas system in your company if you want to give your customers the freedom to do what they fancy. Some of the features of canvas include; LTI integration as well as the RSS support for good learning outcomes. This will benefit your company a lot. An added advantage is that, with Canvas, you can use external integration too. Customers who like using Facebook or even Google will be comfortable with canvas since it supports these integrations. Canvas pricing is $22.50 for every user paid yearly. 

  1. iSpring

Your company will require a final boost when it comes to competing with other organizations. iSpring will help you and your users to automate as well as practice the best delivery. It saves time and still gives quality outcomes. With iSpring, your employee/learners will not require to be in a classroom to learn since they can easily do that online. This means that it’s also flexible. iSpring is not expensive. It’s pricing ranges from $2.82 to $3.66 monthly for every user.

  1. Mindflash

You should use Mindflash when launching any programs in your organization. Your company will be lucky to have it. It has the ultimate solution for huge programs. Just like iSpring, Mindflash is also flexible and will trains your employees online. Also, you can use Mindflash to onboard new candidates into your organization. Its e-learning platform will help you train your employees from home or in the field. It also has compliance training. Mindflash pricing is at $3500 per year. 

  1. Talent LMS

This is another system that will help you create an instinctive learning experience in your company for your employees. Talent LMS has strong programs that are flexible. It also has a strong course branding that you can use to teach employees in your organization. Talent LMS will help you access e-commerce notifications with ease and also provide exam engines for your company. Again, in case of any issues, you will get instant help from the talent LMS team very quickly. Talent LMS pricing ranges from $29 to $349 monthly.

  1. Trainual 

Your company will use Trainual to document and also organize all policies and procedures. Trainual will also aid in onboarding since it is fast. You should have Trainual to help you transfer knowledge easily and train your employees. Trainual will also help your organization to increase accountability. Its pricing is approximately $99 to $149 monthly.

  1. Moodle

Moodle will help your company by providing tutors as well as administrators. It will offer several programs that are so dynamic hence your employees will be able to learn with it anywhere they fancy. Moodle has security updates to ensure that your data is safe as secure. With Moodle, you can create several courses thus expanding your learning platform for your employees and customers. Its pricing ranges from $80 to $500 yearly. That is relatively affordable.

Corporate Learning Management Systems

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Corporate Learning Management Systems

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Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate Learning Management Systems

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Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate Learning Management Systems

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Corporate Learning Management Systems