What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

As a human resource manager, you use Human Capital Management (HCM) software to ease employee management. To manage employees is to analyze their performance and attendance, and to usher in new employees in the organization.

HCM’s software offer features that assist you in managing tasks such as overseeing employee’s performance and training. The software contains recruitment tools and also boosts employee experience and engagement.

To manage human capital, you carry out practices that acquire, plan and improve the workforce. This post shares some top HCM software available in the market with a brief description.

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1. Uzio

Uzio platform is best for your small or medium-sized businesses. Uzio offers you onboarding features for employees, automation of your HR, and easy step approvals. Uzio ensures you comply with state and federal laws all the time. The software also lets you choose what software to use so you don’t have to pay for what you do not use.

One limitation is that you cannot use it if you are not within US. It has a one-in-all package that charges you a compulsory $30 and an additional $10 per employee per month.

This package includes onboarding and off-boarding features, payment and tax management, time tracking, and more. You also get offered a free trial for 30 days. For every feature, you pay $4 per person each month.

2. Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud helps you improve human resource operations that require a help desk and talent acquisition. It is a good solution for engaging your employees. It also integrates with other applications and technology adapters.

When using though, you cannot use the payroll management tool if you have workers around the world. This is because this feature is only available in some countries. Oracle HCM charges you starting at $13 per user per month and offers you a free trial.

3. Sage People

Sage People software has the best-rated system for HR and employee management. Its features help you excel in implementations, automation, and streamlining of operations.

Their tools are lovely and easy to use. However, the design should be updated as it is outdated. Their charge starts at $10 per month for every user and also offers you a free demo. 

4. SAP SuccessFactors

In Data Processing, SAP means Systems, Applications, and Products. It has been in use since 1972. You use its tool SuccessFactors to ease challenges in workforce administration and management.

Its only problem is that training in this software is very bulky as it has a lot of things to explore. You get charged fairly and prices are flexible starting from $8 per person monthly. You also get a free trial.

5. ADP WorkforceNow

ADP WorkforceNow develops for your business solutions and also other HR tools. This has been the case for nearly 70 years. The software integrates easily with other business applications and the best HR systems.

However, there are critics of terminated documents and reports appearing despite prior removal. This requires correction. This software charges you starting from $10 per user monthly. You get a free trial. 

6. Workday

Workday offers you solutions in finance, human resources, and planning capital management. You will notice that the layout of this platform is clean and modern. You can use the new interface even in a mobile app.

However, in this software, you don’t interact with equity data, and you might get disconnected depending on your experience level. Workday charges you per year starting at $100 per employee. You also get a free trial. 

7. Rippling

Rippling is more suitable to use in smaller businesses. You use rippling to handle new hires, deductions, time, and changes in employees.

You get charged fairly for features without time limitations. Limitations with the tool are inefficient reporting features and limited data visibility. In rippling, you are charged starting from $7 monthly per user and you are also given a free trial. 

8. Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM allows you to engage with all other employees on one platform. You can automate HR transactions and this software is usable on any device. This tool’s features give picture data for small companies.

Its payroll management is rated highly and you can use it in all sizes of organizations. This tool is limited to small companies. It should be expanded to work in large organizations. Vibe HCM charges you upon request and also offers you a free trial.

9. Ascentis

You can Ascentis in medium and large organizations. Its features include workers management, talent management, and online payment system, recruiting, and time tracking solutions. It is easily accessible and you get customer assistance quickly.

Additionally ,you can customize the interface appearance to your preferred layout. The only tool limiting this software is its talent management. It is not as friendly as the other HR tools. You are offered a free demo and pricing is done upon request. 

10. Viventium

Viventium software makes it possible to engage with your team. Its features allow you to track applicants, introduce them to the organization, and manage time, attendance, and payroll. You use a friendly layout and get updates in time to capture change.

Moreover, you get ready customer service and enough training materials. The only problem is that reporting is not flexible enough. There is room for modification to ease the management of reports. Like most tools, it offers you a free trial while pricing is done upon request. 

11. eXo Platform

You use eXo platform in all sizes of organizations. You use it in companies to improve workers’ communication and boost teamwork. It helps you connect and engage with your team on one platform. Its features include user profiles. This helps improve social networking.

Its chat application helps you interact with others, comment, and share content. Working together enhances the faster reaching of the organization’s goals. It has document management features that allow you to share information in one click.

It also integrates well with other applications. Trials are available for free and you are charged starting at $5 per user monthly. 

12. Infor

Infor is a platform that helps you enhance labor and performance management. You implement plans on the workforce. It allows you to engage with employees and analyze their skills basing on the industry. Other than managing employees, its features also track time and attendance and gives work schedules.

It integrates with other technology tools and ensures you comply with all regulations. It also enables you to access employee data easily and at any time. But it doesn’t have a friendly interface. Infor charges you an annual license fee of $200. Each user is charged $100.

13. StarGarden HCM

StarGarden is human management software that offers you an integrated payroll system. This eases the struggle of having to choose each tool separately. Their services reach you from everywhere in the world. This software enhances compliance with laws through a tax maintenance service.

In case you need support, they are available any time the whole day. You get automated workflows and you can customize the dashboard to suit your needs. Data is secure in this platform as it is stored in the cloud. The software though has complex reporting means that should be improved. 

14. Kronos Workforce Ready

This software is for small and mid-size businesses. Kronos software helps you manage your entire workforce. This is through combining workforce management and HCM. You can integrate this tool with HR, payroll, and talent management.

This software gives updates and analyses workers to help you make better decisions. It eases use by using a universal interface and is also accessible via a mobile phone.

However, some people anyway find it complex to use. Data is stored in the cloud making it secure. Support is offered throughout the day and you get a free trial. Price is affordable which begins at $6 per employee per month. 

15. HoneybeeBase

You use HoneybeeBase platform in small businesses. The software helps you track attendance, schedule tasks for employees, and more. You can use it in browsers on desktops and mobile devices. It sends you timely notifications on starting and ending of shifts by workers.

You receive notifications via email or web notifications. Employees can send vacation requests to management for approval in this tool. It has a built-in teamwork feature that allows you to share files and documents with other employees.

Their support group offers your assistance through phone or email. It also integrates with other management systems. You get services on subscriptions which charge starting $47 per month. You also try out the software freely. 

What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

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What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?
What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

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What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?

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What are the 15 best HCM Software Vendors ?