5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

Are you wondering which skills a human resource manager should have to ensure the organization is running smoothly? Here I will share my personal experience and the skills that I believe that every human resource manager should have.

It is through having effective skills that can enable the employee and employer to run the business smoothly as well as to attain their goals more effectively.

List of top 5 essential skills that a human resource manager should have.

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Ethical Skills
  3. Analytical Skills
  4. Agility Skills
  5. Problem Solving Skill

1. Communication skills

This is due to the fact that a human resource manager does interact with different people on a daily basis. Besides, a human resource manager is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s policies are clear to the stakeholders and employees.

I believe having both written and verbal communication skills is necessary for a human resource manager. Being transparent and honest as a human resource manager requires a clear communication approach.

For example, when an organization plans to change its management, it is essential to communicate about these changes way before the implementation stage. This can help the organization prepare the employees mentally and thus reduce any potential for resistance to change.

Apart from communicating effectively with the employees, there are times when a manager will have to explain clearly to potential stakeholders, partners, customers or clients about their mission or objectives. When in such a position, I have realized it is always crucial to keep the communication as clear as possible and, as a manager, to adopt listening skills.

In the past years, I have been doing all I can to adopt honest and transparent communication as much as I can. Because it is through being honest that employees can trust you back as a human resource manager. Building such trust and transparency can help the organization to boost its productivity.

2. Ethical skills

As a human resource manager, you will always find yourself being capable of accessing employees’ sensitive information, be it of their personal life or professional life.

Also, when it comes to handling issues related to employee complaints, layoffs, or discipline, here a human resource manager should incorporate ethical skills with a lot of discretion.

In the past, I have conducted many recruitments as well as interviews, in which the job applicants share personal information. This happens many times during the recruitment and selection process.

Therefore, it is the duty of the human resource managers to ensure that all the information shared during the recruitment and selection process is kept confidential.

And this sensitive information should be kept confidential at all costs. Disclosing a job applicant’s information to a third party is illegal, and it can be avoided by ensuring that the human resource managers do have ethical skills.

Failure to handle some issues with care and with dignity can reduce trust among the employees and the managers. Besides, this can also lead to legal percussions as it is the duty of the human resource manager to ensure that all employee-sensitive information is kept confidential.

Therefore, I believe that human resource managers should have and practice ethics in the workplace. Ethical skills are important as they can help the organization in boosting its engagement with employees, which in return can lead to increased productivity.

3. Analytical skills

In my observation, I believe many organizations are embracing technology to ensure that their operations are running more effectively and efficiently. This goes without saying that a human resource manager should have good analytical skills, which can help tap impactful ideas or data that can assist in comprehending the cost and the best time of hiring.

Additionally, by using analytical skills, a human resource manager can analyze the reviews or feedback from the employees, more specifically when a survey is done to determine an impact of a certain change.

Through these skills, a manager can be able to identify the trends that can lead to employee turnover. Having these skills of analyzing data can help the human resource manager avoid actions that can result in bad reviews, thus protecting the organization’s image.

4. Agility Skills

Throughout my HR career, I have experienced many scenarios where employees leave the organization with notice. In such situations, as a manager, you should be able to adjust and find a solution very quickly.

As the organization’s operations have to keep running, any form of disruption or changes in the workplace should not be seen as a threat using a human resource manager lens.

This means that a human resource manager should be able to respond effectively when there is an unexpected change in the workplace.

The question that puzzles many is, how can HR manager ensure that the business is running when there are disruptions/ unexpected changes?  This is where a human resource manager should always practice internal talent mobility. This means that staff training and career development should be a culture or a norm of the organization.

When employees acquire more skills, career growth, it means that whenever there is a change, they can be able to adapt to those new changes. It is through career development that can help the workers to be ready in case there are any changes to be made in the future.

Therefore, a human resource manager should have agility skills. In order to help the organization always keep running in case there are unexpected changes, be it on business requirements or any other form of disruptive change.

5. Problem Solving Skills

As a human resource manager, I do encounter unexpected issues. The burning question is, how do you cope up with unexpected problems? Will you just sit down and wait for others to come up with a solution?

A human resource manager should lead by example; whenever there is a problem, he or she should be able to adjust fast and come up with a solution.

In order for an organization to report high productivity, it means there must be strong and effective teamwork. There will always be issues among the team members; thus how to solve these problems should be of high priority. This cannot be achieved without proper problem-solving skills.

In a nutshell,  any human resource manager should always have the above-explained skills. It is through the help of such skills that can help the organization to report a high-profit margin.

Besides, this cannot be attained if there is no strong employee engagement. Therefore, human resource managers should always sharpen their skills to ensure that the organization’s operations run smoothly throughout the years.

5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

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5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

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5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager
5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

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5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager

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5 Essential Administrative Skills of a Human Resource Manager