15 Best Time Tracking Software

15 Best Time Tracking Software

Do you still use paper timesheets? Or do your workers manually enter working hours into a spreadsheet that you must review? You should take advantage of time management tools so as not to miss out. Join the digital era.

Tracking time helps you and your team improve efficiency and get more things done. You also save your company time and money. You get more accurate results when tracking working time than when estimating. Software for tracking time helps you capture accurate work hours, monitor the performance of employees, set deadlines for projects, and give enough attention to each task.

Not only do you track and record working hours but you can also view the progress of a project and spot issues affecting productivity. With time tracking software, you can ensure that tasks and projects are finished on time. In this article, I will share some top time tracking software, their features, and the benefit they bring to your organization. 

List of Time Tracking Software

  1. nTask

nTask is a project management tool suitable for all businesses. It contains everything you wish to find in time tracking software. Its interface is simple and you can create multiple workflows to include all your tasks and projects. You get well-designed weekly timesheets where you manually enter hours used in tasks and projects.

Not only yourself but your workers too can track the progress of their tasks. Once, your workers complete their worksheet, they submit it to you for approval. You then send back approved timesheets to your workers. The platform allows sending of emails to clients and team members directly to their email inbox. However, nTask doesn’t offer invoice tracking and no integrations. 

  • Everhour

Everhour platform offer features for managing projects and tasks. It has an inbuilt digital timer that records hours spent on projects and tasks. Your team members log into the platform to track the progress of their work. The platform has a live dashboard used in viewing project timelines so you can trace which worker failed to meet the deadline.

Reporting features are available, and you can sort reports based on time and order of importance. For each task, you can assign due dates for easy analysis. You can access this platform via a website, meaning you can use it on a mobile device. 

  • Harvest

Harvest software offers you a feature for tracking expenses and hours spent on tasks and projects. In this platform, you monitor and update work hours weekly. Your workers can enter daily work hours manually or use the platform’s to-do list button.

Another thing, Harvest allows you to add expenses to projects to track budget changes in the course of the projects. Harvest integrates well to Forecast. Forecast helps you create a map of all projects and tasks assigned to members. You get to know how long a project will take to finish. Notifications on new reports are automated so you can closely monitor projects. However, the platform lacks a calendar and their mobile app has fewer features. 

  • Tsheets

Tsheets software is based in the cloud and contains advanced features for tracking time. In this platform, your workers log in to sign in and out of work hours on daily basis. It allows you to customize tracking of time to match the requirements of your business.

Tsheets contains a mobile app to sign in and out from any location, and you can also track the locations of your workers. The platform gives you time reports that are easy to understand. You get reports on projects and payroll. For notifications, you get time alerts via email or SMS for easier management of your workers’ time.

The Who’s Working feature allows live tracking of what a worker is working on and their location. It allows integration with other tools. However, their user interface is less friendly and formats of reporting cannot be customized. 

  • Hubstaff

Hubstaff software contains excellent features like screen recording, automated payrolls, and location tracking. With Hubstaff, tracking time is made faster. Your workers enter hours used in tasks and projects either manually or digitally. In the dashboard, you can view your entire team’s activity. Its display is split to show recent activity, a budget of a project, number of projects, number of workers, and total working hours.

Once done tracking hours, the platform automatically generates reports. It has advanced monitoring where you can track time spent by team members on websites during work. You access this platform via a website and it allows integration to other tools. However, it is expensive for large teams. 

  • Time Doctor

Time Doctor tracking time tool helps you get more done daily in your organization. It provides you with analytics of how time is spent during work. The platform is easy to use. It enables you to create projects, add tasks and start doing them.

The platform records time used on tasks, takes screenshots, records websites and applications accessed. Reporting features give you detailed reports on daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. It allows integration with other tools to enhance functions. However, it lacks invoice tracking and payroll processing. 

  • TimeCamp

TimeCamp software helps you track attendances and employee working hours. You get all information on absence and holidays taken. Generating invoices for customers is enabled too. You get displayed reports on the time spent on tasks and projects. You monitor employee activities including computer usage and offline activities. It allows integration to other tools and has a mobile app so you can access the platform from any location. However, some of their features are not simple to use and the mobile app has limited features. 

  • Toggl

Toggl software is based in the cloud. You use Toggl in generating timesheets and reports. Its features enable monitoring of the progress of projects and hours used in work. Your workers can set up different projects in this software. Reports generated can be sent via email to relevant authorities. Toggl enables use when offline, you can use it even if you are not connected to the internet. It easily integrates with other tools and allows use on a mobile device. However, setting up this software is complicated and doesn’t allow the customization of reports. 

  • Timely

Timely platform has automatic time tracking. You keep track of time spent on tasks and the cost incurred. Monitoring your team’s performance and activities can be done in real-time. The platform enables creating of customized reports and sharing them. In addition, you can create multiple teams based on performance and monitor all of them. Using artificial intelligence, this platform groups your work together based on previous patterns and edits. Customization of the fields is allowed, renaming the entries and re-assigning tags. Features for sending invoices and payments are also available. To save time, reminders are automatically sent via email or SMS. Integration To other tools is accepted and they have a mobile app. However, creating appointments for clients is complicated. 

  1. BigTime

BigTime platform helps you track and save time. Moreover, you track expenses, allocate resources, and generate invoices for clients. You can use electronic signatures when submitting timesheets for reviewing and approvals. Tracking expenses is made easy as you can scan receipts using a phone and upload them to digital reports. There are inbuilt reporting tools that enable customizing of reports for analytics. Since you can view available workers and those assigned tasks, the allocation of resources is effective and simple. It allows integration and has a mobile app. However, their mobile app has limited features. 

  1. RescueTime

RescueTime platform offers an automatic tracking time feature. With RescueTime, manual time entry is a thing of the past. This platform generates customized daily schedules, data on productivity, and trends of work to help you save time. You can block websites that distract you at work using this software to make the best use of available working time. You get weekly reports on your working habits to improve and get more things done. It allows integration with other tools to increase productivity. However, advanced time tracking features are not available and it cannot set up projects. 

  1. Tick

Tick software helps you simplify the tracking of time used in projects. With this software, you get things done without distraction. You use multiple timers in tracking multiple tasks and a single timer that assess the time taken to complete a project and all tasks. For each task you complete, you get feedback on the budget used to help keep you on track. Using completed time entries, you can set new time intervals for later use. With their budget feedback feature, you identify the budget for each completed task and track the time left to complete a task. The platform can be accessed on a computer or mobile device. However, you don’t get reporting features. 

  1. FocusMe

FocusMe time tracking platform allows you to set up different work-focused times and break reminders as per the project. In this platform, you can create multiple plans for setting up work a week in advance. They offer a special feature that you use to block distractions like websites while accessing useful tools. With FocusMe your workers can time themselves on tasks and projects. During work, it allows you to view usage statistics for apps and websites. It can be accessed using a computer or a mobile device. This software lacks a reporting feature. 

  1. Timeneye

Timeneye platform is for tracking time. Their user interface is neat and simple. Automatic as well as manual timers are available. Report generating and sharing are enabled while tracking time used in projects. Project progress is monitored together with the time each worker uses to complete a task. You can integrate this tool easily with other tools for managing projects. You can access this platform using a computer or a mobile device. However, their mobile app lack some features. 

  1. My Hours

My Hours software is for tracking time and invoicing. It is easy to use and allows you to set rates per hour and generate reports to send to clients. The reports help you identify time-consuming activities that require your attention. Not only do you monitor the time used in tasks, but you also manage the budget to control cost and make better choices. The platform filters your data to generate accurate reports. However, reports on budgets and sending invoices are available under a paid plan, and the platform doesn’t allow integration to other tools.       

Time Tracking Software

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Time Tracking Software

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Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

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Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

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Time Tracking Software