Top 15 Priorities for HR Leaders

Top 15 Priorities for HR Leaders

           With the onset of the covid 19 pandemic, the workforce had to be restructured into a remote working structure. To add, there are new models of business and advances in technology that are changing our work processes.

Your company must adopt the new cultures to survive for long. As an HR leader, you must be on the frontline to reenroll policies and programs that align with the performance of your organization. Your priorities must reflect the challenges facing the market and the opportunities arising.

This will ensure your business grows and it achieves sustainability. Since your duties will change, you must also upskill yourself to prepare for taking your organization to the next level. In this post, I will share with you some of the top priorities you must have as an HR leader.


As your company shifts toward digitization and automation of processes, you must upgrade the skills and abilities of your workers. To upgrade your workforce, you have to partner with other business leaders, understand the current business strategy and upskill your workers where required. You motivate your employees by introducing to them opportunities to develop their skills. Talents in your company must align with customer needs.

Technological Advances

Human Resource Systems are becoming an integral part of operations. You need to upskill your professionals. Your market knowledge must be updated to identify new software or tools that ease processes. Another thing, ensure you understand the trends and ability of your organization when implementing initiatives that grow the company. This helps you in making certain strategic decisions. Identify skill gaps and address them to expand your workforce through training.

Talent Gaps and Digital Business

With digitization, most organizations don’t have a clear strategy on how to transform their business to digital. Many companies don’t have the digital skills that are required to drive digital transformation. As a leader, you should be a driver and advice on digital transformation. You can become an expert in digital business or appoint an employee with digital skills and refine their skills. Reviewing HR strategies should be continuous due to the ever-changing market needs.   

Employee Experience

As an HR leader, improving your employee experience should be your concern. It includes helping employees find purpose in work and promoting the development of their careers. Shaping your workforce improves employee experience and retention. Work analytics removes biases and motivates workers to work together. Another thing that would improve employee experience is addressing issues with gender differences and remote workers.

Employee Wellbeing

Stress is evident among workers as they are struggling to meet the demands of life and work. Challenges are everywhere from the pandemic, working remotely and in masks, reduced work hours, racial violence among others. You should make it a priority to promote the health and well-being of your workers. For instance, initiating programs that develop positive relationships.    

Diversity and Inclusion

Companies are hiring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to help them adopt new and better ways of executing more inclusive businesses. The aim is to help shape a welcoming culture for all people. This way, companies are embracing diversity from the workforce, partners, and customers. This is good for business since a cohesive culture boosts employee performance. As a leader, your role is to promote a positive and inclusive culture for everyone.

Future Leaders

The current and future strengths of leaders should be a priority. Talent gaps are not the only roadblocks to developments but also gaps in the leadership hierarchy. Potential leaders from different departments lack exposure and mentors to support their career development. You should network and provide mentoring opportunities to young potential leaders. This includes connecting them to leaders who are willing and able to support their growth.

Future Talent

Gaps in skills are progressing while reskilling your workforce without a plan will only increase challenges. To train and develop your employees is not just for their personal growth, but, to also scale your business in the ever-changing market. You should implement a learning approach that focuses on developing current and future skills. Your current employees will stay engaged to work and you will attract top talents to work in your organization.

Data Metrics

The future of HR is in data analytics. There is a need for your team to understand and practice using data in making decisions. Data analysis skills will enable your organization to identify market trends early and have an advantage over your competitors. Your data analytics must align with your organizational objectives and help you achieve these objectives. Using data will help you demonstrate the relationship between HR decisions and outcomes in business.


Adaptability is being able to adjust to new conditions. Employers want to understand whether a candidate can work under certain changes or cope with work pressure. As an HR leader, you must embrace adaptability to survive certain times. You must adapt to the changing circumstances.

Flexible Workforce

The onset of the pandemic was marked by the sudden move of employees from office to work remotely. As a leader, you must decide how to enable workers to work remotely, how to bring them back to the workplace, and the safety measures to keep in the workplace. Employees will continue to want flexibility at work. Organizations that allow flexibility, their workforce performs highly.

Data Privacy

If your organization is using data storage systems and tools, you must ensure that you comply with the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to keep the data safe. As a leader, you have to review the impact of data protection and identify risks prevailing.

Cyber Security

With many people reorganizing and working from home, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation. There are continued threats like social engineering, ransomware attacks, and SIM swapping. Cybercriminals are utilizing the gaps between processes and technology in the chain of supply. They are exploiting the vulnerability of network and IT infrastructure.

Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) includes an employee’s salary, holiday payment, HR policies, culture, and values of the organization. As an HR leader, planning the EVP well is crucial to retain employee loyalty and a positive work environment. The pandemic caused a decrease in organizational commitment and employee loyalty. Your skilled workers may be receiving attractive offers from your competitors.

Organizational Agility

Your business today must become agile. Advances in technology are reducing the lifespan of old skills and changing requirements in talent. As a leader, to be agile is to encourage a business mindset that focuses on solving problems and thrives on teamwork. Experiment and try the new ways of working even though you might fail. Change is constant and learning never ends so you should learn from your mistakes to increase efficiency in the future.   

Priorities for HR Leaders

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Priorities for HR Leaders

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Priorities for HR Leaders

Priorities for HR Leaders

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Priorities for HR Leaders

Priorities for HR Leaders

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Priorities for HR Leaders